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Why does Radio Shack ask for your zip code? Is there a secret war between The Wizard of Oz midgets and Freaks' dwarves? Why are government agents searching Texas bars for a certain mechanical bull that seems to be linked to a pattern of violent tendencies? What secrets lurk behind the Golden Arches? Why is a brilliantly disturbed entomologist constructing the ultimate ant farm? Why is Sam Evenflow groggy and drugged clad in a cow costume chained in a slaughterhouse?Sam Evenfow is a laid back dude in dusty Rosebud Texas With his usual half baked bravado he stumbles into a PI persona and is hired by Noblerot—a newfangled Emu rancher—and cattle baron BloodlawEvenflow's over his head playing one against the other trapped in a bizarre range war between the two rancher's God given vision ofMeat and the American WestMeet a kaleidoscope of odd suspects the fetching proprietress of a Chihuahua kennel; a Vietnam veteran wracked by the flashbacks of other soldiers; Tiny Town a trailer park inhabited by the little people—cast members from Freaks and The Wizard of Oz; a posse of English wranglers patrolling for cattle rustlers that seem to be than human; a cowboy pitchman for a rugged Western cigarette brand who when the cameras stop is not what he seems to be; a Vietnamese boat refugee haunted by ancestral ghosts from the “forever war” who rev through the night on phantom scooters; the Mayor of Munchkin land on a murderous uest to possess a certain missing ruby slipper; an Amish hit man unraveling codes in his Book of Revelations that unveil a vast conspiracy a millennial ArmageddonThe trail leads Evenflow to the Carousel Club in Dallas where impresario Jack Ruby Jr conjures the secret to the greatest conspiracy of the twentieth centuryAll this and is revealed in the vast entertainment that is Rancho Dementia

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