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Deadpool Kill the Marvel Universe | Antagonists So Deadpool goes after Hulk who easily kills him but thanks to his regeneration Deadpool comes back to life and kills Hulk when he returns to Bruce Banner's form when he's sleeping at dusk With this some family members of the victims of Deadpool decide to hire Taskmaster to stop Deadpool and prevent this killing for good However Deadpool continues its killing Green Goblin the Multiple com Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe was probably the most interesting of the DP spinoffs It’s also the most serious and bloody There’s even a parental advisory on the cover Basically Deadpool’s mind tells him that he needs to wipe out reality by killing off all the Marvel characters That’s not all though he even tries to kill the Marvel writers Awesome work by Cullen Bunn Read Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe Vol | Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe Vol Deadpool Killogy Parental Advisory and up Axel AlonsoEditor in Chief Kaare Kyle AndrewsCover Artist Cullen BunnWriter Dalibor TalajicPenciler Dalibor TalajicInker Lee LoughridgeColourist Joe SabinoLetterer Jordan D WhiteEditor Wade Wilson Earth uotes Wade Wilson Earth Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe Vol | Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe Release date August Cover date October Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe Release date August Cover date October Deadpool Kills The DC Universe Battles Comic Deadpool mutters as he continues to search and spectators laugh and cheer on Superman Ah ha Got it Deadpool exclaims as he puts on the ring Good for you Superman retorts as he casually Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe Free Online Read Acces PDF Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe Free Online Read back you to locate further world that you may not locate it previously Be every second taking into consideration new people who don't edit this book By taking the fine abet of reading PDF you can be wise to spend the time for reading other books And here after getting the soft fie of PDF and serving the join to provide you can Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe COMIC BOOK NEWS Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe เกิดสงครามบ้าคลั่งกลางเมืองของ ซุปเปอร์ฮีโร่ และวายร้ายจากมาร์เวล ทาสค์มาสเตอร์ตามไปต่อสู้กับเดดพลู ณ ที่อยู่ของแมน ธิง Marvel In Deadpool kills the Marvel Universe Yeah people who rip on Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe are really missing the main moral of the comic Your power isn't your healing factor Wolverine it's your popularity Even the progenitors of our universe are but mere play things to higher entities For comic book characters their lives actions and very purpose of existence are completely dictated by the god like entities beyond Why do people hate the Deadpool kills the And in Deadpool Kills Deadpool the Deadpool of the main series calls him out for that level points years ago It was mostly about plot armor level points years ago I enjoyed Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe series but I can understand why people would be annoyed by it That type of story I think has a tendency to portray characters as less competent or less serious Deadpool Wikipedia Deadpool is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel ComicsCreated by writer Fabian Nicieza and artistwriter Rob Liefeld the character first appeared in The New Mutants cover dated February Initially Deadpool was depicted as a supervillain when he made his first appearance in The New Mutants and later in issues of X Force but later evolved

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    35 stars You know what all those Better Psychopaths you were bragging about shoulda tried?A Gun That's not a spoilerThe title is a spoilerAfter all it doesn't say Deadpool Attempts to Kill the Marvel UniverseAnd really that about sums this one upProffessor X decides that it's time Wade got some 'help' and the X Men pack him off to the loony bin Unfortunately therapy has an unwanted side effect for Wilson He discovers that he's not as crazy as he thought and embarks on a killing spree to prove itThe whole thing revolves around Deadpool figuring out that he and the entire Marvel universe are comic book characters His grand plan is to end all their needless suffering at the hands of the writersSoPARENTAL ADVISORY WARNINGEveryone dies in increasingly inventive ways None of it's prettyAnd not much of it's funny eitherThere were a few really good lines in there most of it to do with how silly it is that all of these characters have escaped death over and over again Especially considering how relatively simple it would be to end them if someone really wanted to Did I like it?Well it was short and to the point Any longer and I probably wouldn't have been able to take much But this book isn't aimed at readers like me so there's no deducting points for thatIt wasn't badly written and I liked the way it poked fun of all the deaths and miraculous resurrections of this genre The ending was foreseeable but still a nice touchIf you enjoy the violent gory comics then this would probably be right up your alley If not steer clear of itAlso reviewed for TattooGirl Reads

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    This had potential It did not reach it I was expecting the story to be executed better not trying to make puns here but the script wasn't tight enough the tale itself felt weak With a bit love and attention this could have been something darker twisted which captured Deadpool's personality a little better and his 'uirky' ualities We didn't even get to see anyone put up much of a fight It all felt stale Yes he breaks the Fourth Wall regularly but there's usually humour to it There was no humour in this there was no sympathising with him and there was nothing even remotely 'Hey that's pretty awesome' or 'I shouldn't be laughing but I am' Did everyone take a stupid day and decide not to think? It all felt too easy there was none of the fun that Deadpool is known for and really it was a bit boring It doesn't add anything to Deadpool or the Marvel Universe and it's not exactly memorable Just avoid it it will only annoy you

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    Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe Deadpool Killogy #1 Cullen Bunn Dalibor Talajić IllustratorCollecting Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe Again #1 5 The writer and artist of the original slaughterfest reunite Prepare for an all new all different tale of death and destruction starring the Merc With A Mouth You won't believe your eyes when Deadpool kills the entire Marvel Universeagain When the mercenary goes off with the big mouth to blow up the Fantastic Four Spider Man Wolverine the X Men and all the rest? Then it will be a bloody splatter slaughter festival

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    I get the impression that this is the sort of comic that you will either greatly dislike or love in spite of yourself Oddly enough I found myself in the latter camp It's the ultimate in gratuitous violence an entire series created simply to revel in Deadpool's ability to unleash terrifying levels of gory violence And also his tendency to be divorced from his reality and to lean heavily on the fourth wall In this case he's seeing beyond the fourth wall entirely and he's far cracked and violent than he's ever been beforeAnd believe it or not it's hugely entertaining It isn't a Deadpool style absurd laugh fest but there are definitely funny moments But mostly the appeal is the senseless violence which is absurdly enjoyable to read

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    I gotta tell you Deadpool I used to think you were funny but now you're simply annoying The Amazing Spider Man unknowingly speaking for me in dialogue straight from the book

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    35 starsDeadpool happens to be one of my favorite superheroes Though the story's ending was a bit anti climactic I fairly enjoyed it A fun short read

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    Bloody disturbing episodic and absolutely the most perfect Deadpool story that needed to be toldContrary to what many of the reviews say there is a distinct reason Wade sets on killing the entirety of the Marvel Universe He comes to fully realize that his life and the lives of everyone in the Marvel Universe exist only for the entertainment value of an outside observer UsIt's not random it's not pointless it's not about blood n guts though they are present in spades It's about finally ending the constant torment that the people in the Marvel Universe endure for nothing than our own entertainment Wade doesn't just want to break the fourth wall he wants to tear down every wall he seesIn this story the reader comes to realize that Wade's breaking of the fourth wall is far sinister disturbing and existential than most previous writers have implied He knows that the struggles the pain the deaths and rebirths are all the result of other human minds creating fiction He never says this on the nose but it's abundantly clear that he's ending the charade of the Marvel Universe and aiming to avenge the fact that he even exists to begin with We see the result of this realization as it dawns on Professor Xavier and it drives him into a catatonic stateTo Wade's twistedly correct mindset he's not actually killing anyone because none of his victims ever actually existed to begin with This story is the logical endpoint of Wade's capacity to see beyond the fourth wall and how someone with his history would respond to the full realization that he is only a work of fictionIt's very disappointing to see so many people completely miss the central point of this storyFans of the 90's Joe Kelly run will find a lot of the darkness they may have missed since the Daniel Way run began in 2008

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    It's stupid It knows it's stupid I can't give it a 1 star because it's fucking stupid I want tobut how could I? When Cullen obviously wrote this as it being stupid Holy hell though half the shit makes no sense Listen I'm not one of those guys who cares who can beat who Cap vs Spider man or Iron man vs Doom or whatever I don't care enough to get into big fights over dumb shit like that But this book disregards most people's powers and uses of their weapons and skills in order for Deadpool to drop one liners and brutally murder them Except it isn't funny and the deaths aren't creative What I liked Ummmm I guess Kitty prides maze of forever was neat idea I wanted of that andyeah that's about it What I didn't like Spider man death made no fucking sense Dude has spider sense Task Master wouldn't be defeated like that again makes no sense LOL at Sue being so dumb as to let herself get caught off guard X23 getting killed like that? Dumb Just fucking dumb If you're going to kill off our characters kill them off in CREATIVE ways that make sense Not this horse shit Yeah It's pretty awful I can't give it a 1 star though becausewait you know what Screw what I said Like Deadpool I break the rules A 15 Screw this

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    This is one of those rare comics you laugh and scream in rage at all at onceDang it Wade