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Professor Fiona Reid feels it is now too late for the life she would have wished I want so much than this dusty book jacket I've allowed myself to become She accepts the offer to take a group to Italy as their courier Kale McBride a successful outgoing writer of lesbian fiction is a member of the group I do miss being part of a couplethe relationship but it's hard as you get older to meet women who interest you intellectually and sexually Or find women interested in you Will Fiona find the courage to admit her sexuality?

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    I thought I had the love of my life Kale Will I ever be true to myself and find the love of my life Fiona How big of a deal is age when you find the love of your life? Old age is mentioned uite a bit throughout the read some have thought too much What I like is the positive attitude about aging It is a slow moving story but the story makes you think about love relationships and aging In my opinion that is a good thing

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    I actually really liked this book I lost sleep over it it started a bit slow but I felt myself becoming curious as Fiona and Kale became interested in each other Some of the choice in dialog made me stop for moments of introspection

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    If I never read the word ‘gesticulated’ again it will be too soon

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    Good readA coming of age love story between older women was a delight to read The ending seemed a little rushed and abruptly ended but it is a book I would recommend

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    Very well written book Lovely characters This was a book I just devoured

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    If you want a really slow paced meandering love story this book is for youFor me well it was not for me It was exceptionally slow paced and there wasn't even romantic tension to make the slow pace enjoyable We were told that the two characters were falling for each other but I never really felt it They both seemed kind of awkward and wrapped up in themselves and I couldn't see what the spark between them wasThe whole book was a case of telling rather than showing We were told they felt sadlonelyconflictedetc but we weren't really shown them living those emotions I didn't really understand the motivation behind a lot of their actions other than what I was explicitly told about it Actually one of the few emotions that was shown and which came through loud and clear was Fiona's sense of discomfort with nearly all the situations she found herself in throughout the course of the book Usually when I'm reading I have a clear image of the characters in my head but not so for Fiona and Kale I was told a lot about them but I never really felt like I met them In fact the only lasting image in my head is of Fiona's much maligned orange tent dress And the ending was view spoiler a bit unbelievable to me When she finally got the courage to come out to her family they started out denouncing her as a sinner against God and calling lesbianism unnatural Within hours though they were standing up for her to her caricature of an annoying person sister in law Irene and sueeing over how much they enjoyed hanging out with her lover Kale What? Whiplash much? I mean I'm very happy that these two women got a happy ending but the whole book was kind of unbelievable hide spoiler

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    35 stars bit of a slow startSo I actually tried to start reading this a couple times but ended up uitting on the first page a couple times but I was finally in a mood to just sit and read this and I made it through the book in a couple days I kind of liked that the first two chapters were straight up character introductions the first dedicated to our Professor and the second to our Writer That didn't leave a whole lot of room for wondering about the characters' actions through the rest of the book in a good way insight into people's motives is my favorite thing about reading That being said the first 50 75% of the book was pretty slow but it was kind of nice for a romance to set such a solid foundation for the lead characters especially given that this is a later in life romance The slow part managed to stay just this side of boring and once the tour ended I was genuinely engaged and curious about where the rest of the story was going There was decent character growth without unbelievable personality flips just a late bloomer finding self acceptance and well two ladies seizing the day sorry I had to I would recommend this to patient people looking for a sweet romance and those who need hope for later in life romanceJust a heads up there is about a 20 year age gap between the love interests Maydecember romances aren't usually my cup of tea but it worked in this story so don't let that be a deal breaker just be aware

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    Nice story if a bit draggy in places but what really made me want to give it only 2 stars was the lack of editing I realise that self publishing is a perfectly valid way of getting your work out to the public Possibly even the preferable method especially for new writers and those in less popular genres Butit's really no excuse for not editing Or perhaps it's fairer to say Word is not an editor I didn't notice any egregious misspellings so the word processor did it's duty but it can't be expected to have a function for I don't think that word means what you think it means Or one for Wow you've used the metaphor to death Want to try something different? Nor can it deal with Waitwhat? You say you've hardly spoken and never heard her laugh when just 10 pages ago you had a conversation that ended in mutual laughter? And last but not least no word processor will ever be able to explain why Nicki left poor Ellen in Italy and came home with some stranger named HelenAll of which is to say I enjoyed it I'm happy to have read it but it could have been much better

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    At its best Carpe Diem is a sweet leisurely romance and a lovely character study of two women escaping the circumscribed lives into which fear age grief and expectations threaten to bind them In its middling bits it's a pleasant wish fulfillment storyAt its worst it can be awkwardly writtenI particularly wish the author had let Fiona speak for herself a bit For example we are assured that Kale enjoys Fiona's wit and subtle sense of humor but we must take it on faith as those conversations happen largely off stage Indeed for all the time we spend hopping in and out of Fiona's head she remains peculiarly vague in many waysIt's also a pity that despite a generally precise command of language the text is so very riddled with bizarre auto correct substitutions I'm still guessing what some of the words were meant to have beenYet for all my grumbling I got caught up in Carpe Diem and I cared what became of the characters One might argue that that's what really matters

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    The story of 2 elderly woman’s Fiona 50 and Kale 70 who falling in love together get me to the point to say age is just a number on a paper The characters Fiona the academic lady and Kale the author are well written by the author The story is romantic and full of love The description in this book of places in Italy made me feeling I was in that country Just beautiful I visited Italy often but never saw the places what was describe in this story Tuscany is on my list one dayI really love this book the author wrote a nice romantic story that made me laugh very often but to be honest 2 times my eyes became wet Especially the coming of Fiona on christmas and the not understanding family It was a fight but later Kale came to support her This won’t be the last book of this author I’ve read I give 5 stars fort he book