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Jonathan Mayberry and Goran Parlov take you on a journeyinto the darkest territory A terrible plague has swept the Earth turning everyone—human hero villain god and monster—into sadistic cannibal predators As Spider Man the Hulk the Thing and other infected start a feeding frenzy the world falls in a wave of insatiable violence Now five years later one man stands against the hordes of monsters who hunt the night He is the Punisher and he has an endless supply of ammunition

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    Most of the world contracts a disease that turns them into cannibalistic savages The Punisher is immune and declares war on all costumed individuals Goran Parlov's art is just OK but the story is a lot of fun

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    In an alternate future mankind has been wiped out through a virus that turns everyone even superheroes into zombies Among the infected are Spider Man Hulk and all the Marvel greats except for one man Frank Castle the Punisher and he's bringing the pain to all of the zombie supesThis short 4 issue run is a pretty fun “what if?” romp Frank is at his ferocious best meting out death to the likes of Deadpool and Wolverine I did think that it was kind of a cop out though with how Thor and Hulk were dealt with two very powerful heroes that Frank wouldn’t be able to beat in any universe Also Cap and Wolverine? They wouldn't get taken down so easily eitherSo while it is Marvel Universe Vs Punisher Frank doesn't have the uphill struggle you'd imagine which leads to a slightly less inventive story than initially hoped for That said it's never boring and the artwork isn't bad It’s not Frank's best outing but it’s a good read nonetheless

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    At first glance and after reading the book description this book appears to have borrowed heavily from Marvel Zombies by Robert Kirkman and Sean Phillips It starts with a mysterious pathogen that infected the world’s superheroes and devolved them into cannibalistic killers This virus robs them of their minds and now they only live to eat human flesh The plot feels rehashed but Jonathan Maberry differentiates it In Marvel Zombies the virus is stellar in origin but here it is down to earth It is an engineered virus with weapon applications in the black market and it is the Punisher that is instrumental in exposing the world to it This however made him immune to the infection and now it is mission to hunt down these crazed heroes and put them down He is the only remaining “superhero” as the others have succumbed to this virusIn many ways it is a copy of a superior work but Maberry manages to make his mark because of his excellent character work Two characters come to mind; The Punisher and Deadpool The Punisher feels no remorse in dooming the world to virus he helped release but he aims to clean up his mess with the same efficiency he employed in assassinating criminals He reads like and feels like the Punisher developed in the regular Marvel comics He does not compromise with his enemies and his code The only good maniac is a dead maniacIf there is one character that would fit in this post apocalyptic setting it would be the psychotic Deadpool The virus could do so much to enhance much of Deadpool’s already active psychosis If any of his baser instincts is enhanced it’s his penchant for ultra violence and appetite for human flesh He’s a perfect foil for the Punisher and have already encountered many times before in this world only which no matter how many time the Punisher kills him he always comes back with his wisecracksThis was a fun read and the gritty art by Goran Parlov is appropriate for the post apocalyptic setting It is bereft of the humor that Marvel Zombies had and that is what makes it move away from its shadow This is the Punisher and his past team up with the teens from Riverdale notwithstanding he is a cold blooded killer only he kills criminals and in this story deranged cannibalistic superheroes

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    This was a fun little alterna verse a little reminiscent of Marvel Zombies a little reflection of Old Man Logan Frank is Frank the villains are extra bastardy and there's lots of grey in between for the real story Art's not great but the story and action are

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    Jonathan Maberry is the author of possible my all time favorite Horror novel series The Pine Deep Trilogy Therefore it stands to reason I would enjoy his comic work as well especially when he's writing my favorite comic book character The PunisherThis series puts the Punisher in a Walking Dead type scenario with the main difference being he's dealing with super hero zombies rather than the usual kind I liked the idea of the Punisher someone with no powers being a survivor while the superhumans were not It also added a great element of suspense as it takes the classic Lone Survivor story think I Am Legend and takes it to a wholenotherlevelIf you are a Punisher fan of course you will enjoy this but if you are a fan of horror comics in general particular Zombie comics then be sure to give this one a try Another great story from Mr Maberry

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    I really like this one and would love it if it was an ongoing series instead of just a one off The dark gritty artwork was perfect for the apocalyptic setting The only reason I didn't give his five stars is because it suffers from what I like to call unnecessary Deadpool syndrome I like the character Deadpool as much as the next guy but it has gotten to the point that not only does he have multiple books of his own but you can't open a Marvel comic without Deadpool being a prominent character in the story It's like Marvel has some sort of editorial mandate in place that Deadpool has to be in every comic

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    I love the Punisher Anyone who knows me knows this about me Jonathan Maberry managed to capture what it is I love about the Punisher in this series The lonliness The angst The hate The love The longing The depression Stoic Committed Unflinching A hopeless romantic in pursuit of vengence And ZOMBIES The entire Marvel Universe is infected and it is up to Frank to put things right and straight while protecting the innocent Well done sir My hats off to you I hope you write Punisher in the future brother

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    Okay I love Zombies I love the Punisher What happens when the Punisher meets the zombies? Only a thoroughly kick ass story Think of a Richard Matheson Punisher crossover storyline Short miniseries 4 issues but highly entertainingRead again during vacation 123 Still great I Am Legend starring The Punisher

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    A fun Punisher romp in which he takes out several Marvel big hitters thanks to a viral outbreak turning everyone into bloodthirsty cannibalsSome wonderful art here with shades of Conan and Evil Dead 2The ending caused a raised eyebrow but I guess it fits the character I was expecting something less abrupt though

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    An entertaining and very I Am Legend meets the Punisher kind of story