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An alternative cover for this ISBN can be found hereVera Perl the bright edgy heroine of Bigfoot Dreams is the star reporter of a sleazy supermarket tabloid At work she conjures up stories about UFO sightings miracle cures in garden vegetables evidence of life after death and the ever popular Bigfoot At home she contends with a precocious daughter and errant husband and her own fantasies It all works well enough it she doesn't think too deeply But then one day Vera discovers that one of the stories she's invented has turned out to be true in ways she never could have dreamed

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    This unusual novel follows Vera a single mother living in New York City and working at a tabloid called This Week Vera writes stories about outlandish creatures weird occurrences and the unbelievable She makes all the stories up Her brain is constantly thinking up lurid headlines for everything she observes and lately she has been dreaming about Bigfoot befriending her and letting her see where he lives One day the paper's photographer gives her a picture he took and Vera makes up a story about the picture choosing names and ages for the kids portayed names for the parents and a profession for the father And against all odds the match the family's true identity so the family is suing the paper and Vera's job is in jeopardyHer daughter Rosie is at the age where she is starting to be interested in boys as well as starting to not share everything with her motherVera's husband Lowell is a wanderer and dreamer and although they are still married and care about each other and Rosie he lives out in California so it is a surprise when he turns up one day He seems to slide effortlessly back into their lives but it is only temporaryThe issue with the story makes Vera look harder at her life her losses and her gains her skills and she takes advantage of a connection to the American Cryptobiological Society to explore her Bigfoot Dreams closely and come to terms with her reality

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    Not sure if I am going to make it through this one The description is hyperbolic in a way that feels tedious and untrustworthy It was lent to me by a friend who likes to read 80s fiction as a way of remembering the recent past While the cuckoo clocks telephones and typewriters are endearing I am not sure they make up for the unfocused voice of the author

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    This book has stuck with me all these years It's both lighthearted fun and deeply moving Our heroine who works for an Enuirer type rag is an independent strong woman who takes life by the horns or is she? For everyone who feels fiercely independent just to find out how interconnected and dependent we can be this is for you It's also for anyone who has a friend that would buy Pour a Pie 'just because'

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    Given as a suggestion to what's your favourite book as a writer? from the blurb it made me think oh wow what have I gotten myself into but it's a surprisingly good snapshot of a few weeks of someones life All of the emotion fantasies hopes and dreams of one person who just wants to see bigfoot

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    I have read and enjoyed one other Francine Prose novel but despite her wonderful gifts as a writer I just didn't feel this one worked as wellIt is built around a gimmick that is only partially successful Vera Perl works for This Week a supermarket tabloid whose internal motto is to make sure that no story it writes comes close to the truth It features lots of stories about werewolves yeti Bigfoot and Elvis sightings and Vera despite her early dreams of being a legitimate journalist has become one of the paper's mainstaysOne day the paper's photographer brings in a picture of kids selling lemonade in Brooklyn Vera makes up a story to go with it She invents names for the children and parents and says the water from their house is the fountain of youth and has created a sensation in the neighborhood The next thing she knows she is being summoned to a meeting with the editor and lawyers because it turns out every item she made up matches the facts the names of the kids and parents their address and even the father's occupation as a cardiologist When she goes to visit the family without telling the lawyers their home's yard is nothing but dirt because of the crowds of people who have begged water from them ever since the story appearedI won't tell you what happens to Vera as a result of this visit but it's not really the point of the book and that's where I think this noble effort failed Vera's feckless husband Lowell shows up in her life again and her 10 year old daughter Rosalie fascinated by dancing and Dungeons and Dragons seems to barely tolerate her Her retired father a lefty who fought in the Spanish Civil War wants her after all these years to get a real job and her best friend Louise turns out not to be the lifeline she had hoped It all ends up with Vera attending a meeting of the cryptobiologists scientists who study mythical creatures using the inductive method on the edge of the Grand CanyonI think Prose intended to create a poignant story about life's unexpected surprises and how to find real love and hope in the midst of often depressing events all built on this obviously fantastical premise and in the end it didn't uite work

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    My feelings toward this book are complicatedI didn't hate it But I never really looked forward to picking it up When I did actually pick up the book and start reading sometimes I'd become wrapped up in the character's inner thoughts as she tries to make sense of her life and other times my thoughts would wander as my eyes roamed over the words on the pageSo I guess I can say that I liked the bookVera writes for This Week one of those ridiculous magazines you find in the checkout line that are full of stories about aliens and Elvis and all kinds of nonsense Vera sees things that inspire a headline and she then writes a story to fit the headline One day her coworkerfriendsometimes lover gives her a photograph he snapped of a couple of children with a lemonade stand in their front yard Vera writes a story about two young children who discover the fountain of youth when their lemonade begins curing people The photograph is included with the story Unfortunately when Vera made up this story she happened to use the actual names of the children first and last and even gave the father in her story the same profession as the actual father of the children The family then sues the paper for ruining them Vera goes on to analyze her life and whether it was all coincidence or some sort of cosmic alignment that caused her to write this storyAnd it goes on and on and on

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    Once again Francine Prose works her typical blend of magic and tedium The story here is terrific a tale of a woman who writes “news” stories for a tabloid Vera gets fired after one of her stories turns out to be true a twist that gives Prose plenty of chances to keep the plot moving And when she’s telling her tale this is one of the best books I’ve read in months Unfortunately it freuently gets bogged down with a seemingly endless supply of characters who contribute little or nothing to the central drama Indeed considering the relatively low page count readers might be well advised to try to finish the entire thing in one or two sittings Otherwise it’s occasionally hard to remember which of Vera’s gaggle of neurotic friends has which neurosis With a little judicious editing this could have been an excellent novella with an intriguing plot and fascinating characters As it is there’s a great trip here You just have to put up with a lot of side tracks along the way

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    I did the dumbest thing I was going to Costco intending for the Photo Dept to transfer photos from my camera to a thumb drive so I could use them in a document I had to prepare It's always at least an hour for Costco to do anything like that so I brought this book with me so I could sit and read to while away the time But they could only print out the photos not transfer them to me by email or transfer them to my thumb drive So I left and went to the camera storeAnd somewhere along the way I lost the book I've been back to Costco it wasn't turned it So I guess it's gone to its new forever home I was at least halfway through and wondering how the story ends

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    I found this book in a box in the street free books it said It is always exciting to read unknown books and discover them The book is okay the protagonist's character is well written Crafting an imperfect character that acts as an asshole from time to time add complexity to the writing structure and it defines a good writer

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    interesting i was able to pick up on some themes and patterns so that was cool