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In this follow up to her spectacular bestselling debut Cook Like a Rock Star Food Network chef and host Anne Burrell shows you not just how to keep rocking in the kitchen but how to cook like you own it Taking control in the kitchen means mastering flavors and constantly keeping an eye on what Anne calls C uality control It starts with learning the power of great ingredients how uality olive oil and salt can transform an everyday dish understanding the tools in your kitchen and getting your mise en place ready before diving into a recipe Anne shows you how to apply these skills to a slew of delicious high browlow stress recipes that get you out of a cooking rut so you can keep surprising yourself in the kitchen POC piece of cakeTry out your new skills with classic bistro fare such as Grilled Hanger Steak Fish and Chips or simple dishes like Mushroom Soup with Bacon and Shrimp in Garlic Oil and Chiles Master roasting with a Hawaiian pork dish have fun with spices making chicken roti for a casual bite there’s her Sicilian Tuna Caponata Provolone Arugula Panino Each dish—whether firsts seconds sides brunch sandwiches or desserts—is accessible yet teaches a range of techniues and embraces tantalizing flavors And they all share Anne’s secrets to great home cookingHere is Anne at her most personal—complete with her enthusiastic sassy approach to how to get the most out of ingredients and whip up irresistibly delicious dishes that she likes to cook at home So cook these recipes master them and then you will OWN YOUR KITCHEN

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    I've enjoyed chef Anne Burrell's simple straightforward and sassy cooking instructions ever since seeing her on the tv show Worst Cooks in America where she encouraged her students to do better and provided constructive criticism She is my favorite chef because she is so likable and I love her sense of style which she isn't afraid to show Her recipes are delicious affordable and inspire confidence in the amateur cook

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    She’s fantastic She knows her stuff and she teaches well She’s got so many recipes in this book though that I just don’t know if I want to try Not weird ingredients necessarily just uniue or different even expensive

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    Burrell's personality shines through these recipes The use of 'mise en place' for the ingredients header and the memorable 'BTB RTS' acronym exemplify Burrell's TV persona Many of the recipes include multiple steps some reuiring extended time or less common ingredients While these aspects can be intimidating the nuance and flavor profiles offer huge payoffs for the diligence As a vegetarian I merely skimmed through the 'seconds' and 'sandwiches' chapters; however other parts of the book provided better options for me Finally the mouth watering pictures show readers examples of most recipes in the book When attempting complex recipes I find pictures to be invaluable

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    I've been a fan of Anne Burrell for many years for her work on Food Network so the chance to try out some of her recipes was not to be turned down In fact the recipes that I have tried so far have not only been tasty and delicious but also easy to follow and without an excess of ingredients Italian cooking at its finest

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    The pictures in this cookbook and lush and mouthwatering This is a real foodie book The recipes are uite doable but some of the ingredients are not real common and may take searching in than your big box stores Yet I found myself drooling looking at the pictures This makes it a keeper

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    Good cookbookAnne makes the recipes look very easy to make The pictures of the recipes let you know what the final product will look like