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Interested in Criminal Profiling? Designed to let you dive straight into this fascinating topic Criminal Profiling An Introductory Guide is based on a series of classes from an undergraduate program in forensic psychology The guide provides clear and concise information on central issues such as the origins of criminal profiling FBI profiling methodology and limitations; and whether becoming a profiler is a realistic career path If you are interested in criminal profiling and would like to learn Criminal Profiling An Introductory Guide is the perfect place to start

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    AwesomeFab read really liked it would highly recommended this to any first year psychology student as it covers a lot

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    Full review at they say introductory they really mean it as this book is really short I had uite a surprise when I got it through the mail as it was all of 46 pages Nevertheless it provided what it advertised It told of the origins of criminal profiling used in identifying a bomber and the applications of criminal profiling Jack the Ripper's profile was also used as an example The applications of criminal profiling were given including producing a geographical profile improving interrogation techniues and helping in prosecution Finally it also discusses whether pursing being a criminal profiler was a viable career option It is really hard to become one and competition is stiff If you still wanted to pursue it after knowing how difficult it is to become a criminal profiler this book tells you ways to be one in the US and in the UKWhile informative and simple to understand it is still much too concise for my liking It had barely satisfied my curiosity about this subject and I hope to know

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    A fascinating though all too fleeting glimpse at the science of criminal profiling It’s very tempting to call it an art when in fact it’s a very careful analysis formed from study experience and that all important factor we’re always hearing about data Webb gives us a very brief history of profiling which may not be uite what you imagine and an array of links to further sources to read on this highly popularised subject Profiling is very much part of the current day zeitgeist and not only in the pursuit of criminals Ask your employer even online retailers you freuentThe disappointing truth is that you’re likely to become a profiler for facebook or than for a law enforcement agency but hey it’s a highly transferrable skill and one well worth studying and reading about This book is a good start for ‘keeping it real’ and it’s nicely written too

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    Very glad I decided to pick this book up The book is very short which is a shame because it's really good and wish it could be longer Now if you have watched the show Criminal Minds andor are interested in Criminal Profiling I recommend this book especially if you are new to this subject and field This book was straightforward and very easy to understand Excellent for beginnersA big highlight for me is that towards the end the author explains how you can become a profiler or get into the special unit of the FBI Overall highly recommend this book

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    I misunderstood what this book was when I purchased it for my Kindle it is a VERY BRIEF glimpse into the origins and process of profiling 46 pages brief But it is a comprehensive enough commentary to determine whether or not a person would want to peruse academic publications concerning the subjectAlthough I found it only ok I am very interested in checking out this author's other publications as I think he is extremely informed on the subject

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    Interesting book fascinating information and not to mention a uick read My only fault with it lies with the writing style The author is definitely well informed and educated on the subject matter just trips a little conveying it in writing

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    Very interestingThis book held my attention through out the whole book It was a fast read and I really learned a lot If this subject interest you I would recommend reading this one because it is a great introduction to profiling

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    This is an absolutely great book Drives you into the world of Crime Profiling and Analysis So amazing

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    While the topic of the book is intriguing the book is very poorly written with typos and mistakes throughout It seems as though it was never read by an editor before publishing

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    Amazing short and sweet reference for further investigation for both an array of subjects as a broad matter and specific interests alike