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A dystopian novel by genre and a love story at heart Set in a society whose inhabitants are implanted with chips that render them virtually devoid of consciousness the story follows Adam the only citizen ever implanted with a faulty chip as he falls in love with the mysterious prisoner Solomon and becomes entangled in an intricate plot to free humanity from its own mental enslavementWhen Adam is displaced from his job for making a mistake something unprecedented in other chip wearers he is relocated to a new one in the city's temple a top secret research facility where the powerful leaders and council reside watching over the entire nation state with omniscient eyes He is greeted by a man named Melville Salinger who takes him to the top floor of the temple where he is to begin his new job as Solomon's caretaker Adam initially regards Solomon with fear and foreboding but still finds himself inexplicably drawn to his haunting eyes Melville informs him that Solomon was the child genius responsible for designing the chip but was later imprisoned after discovering the dangers of the chip and threatening to destroy it He has since remained their prisoner for the past seven years At the time Adam has no idea that he will eventually fall in love with the strange pitiful creature or risk his own life to save him

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    Mind control Sounds like some serious mindfuckingimage error