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She's never been satisfied with just one man He's not willing to share What starts as a fling gets serious uickly before it turns deadly How far is he willing to go to keep her to himself?Tough as nails businesswoman by day Alexandra is a biker ueen by night When a large Russian man inserts himself into her life she follows her instincts to some explosive sex But he's not willing to share her with her gang and she's not willing to give up other men When two of her bikers are killed Dmitri is the main suspect How far is he willing to go to keep her to himself? And has she really fallen in love for the first time everwith a murderer?

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    Bunny's ReviewWhen I read contemporary romance I love having a strong woman A female that does not take crap from any man who stands up for what they want believe and goes after everything they desire Alexandra is just that female She is strong She knows what she wants and goes after it I can almost hear her say “To Hell with you and your opinion” But what happens when a strong female meets the one man that makes there world stop? Dmitri is not just a tough as nails guy he is someone that has secrets in his past What those secrets are is not told to readers Loved how the author left this to our imaginations We are given a hint and just enough to allow our minds to wanderStarted this book and finished in one night A very good fast readsThe bunnies and I give this book carrotsI was given this book in exchange for an honest review All views are my own and do not reflect those of the author my clients or tour companies I work with This is not a paid review To form your own opinion please support the author and acuire your own legal copy of the book

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    In Only One Man May Do we meet Dmitri that's right a hot Russian and Alexandra ashall we say sexually liberated woman who knows what she wants and takes crap from no one Alexandra is a great character but may be hard to embrace for some because she is one brassy broad that makes no excuses or apologies for how she leads her very rambunctious life Dmitri has much patience with her than I would have thought for a very alpha type male but there is a limit to his patience and tolerance and Alexandra in true form finds it This was a good read a bit short but it's a complete story so I did not feel shorted in any way There's lot of steaminess so if you are faint of heart be warnedI received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewYou can find from me at Monlatable Book Reviewshttpwwwmonlatablereviewscom

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    ONLY ONE MAN WILL DO was a uick and fast paced read It held my interest from the beginning even though I'm not usually a fan of such steamy books since they take me out of my comfort zone This book drew me in since there was a story being told and the sex enhanced the storytelling The main characters had a depth to them and it was interesting to get to know them a little at a time There were multiple story lines especially since Alexandra is both a business woman she heads the family company and a biker ueen who has her own gang The gang is definitely a kinky group that look to her as their leader and there are a couple of sweethearts thrown inWhen a Russian goes to her office to give her a message neither one is ready for the heat they generate From there things get even hotter since they are both alpha types Due to her upbringing she only needs a man to fill her needs or so she thinks He wants to be the last man she'll ever need How will that work between them since they both have such strong personalities? There's a little bit of a mystery thrown in that was fairly easy to solve There's definitely romance lots of drinking swearing food bike rides and crimes committed injuries and death along with loving and ultimately love There's a happily ever after and nice closure I look forward to reading the next book in the series HER LAST RESORTMs McGier takes me out of my comfort zone but when the story draws me in I'm all in I look forward to reading of her books

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    I prefer to read erotic romances with older characters I like when the heroine and hero are at least in their 30s and both have been around the block enough to know what they like This red headed biker ueen has hand picked her gang using than her hands When an ex KGB agent decides to convince her that the only man she will ever need from now on is him it takes a whole lot of erotic encounters for her to believe him Does it work? Read it and find out