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The secret in her heart left no room for loveSince her husband's death in a fiery car crash six months earlier Shanna had thrown herself into her work by day and wild parties by night The truth was Shanna was afraid of being alone and even afraid of loveBut the impossibly arrogant American playboy Rick Dalmont wasn't taking no for an answer What's his relentless pursuit of her was than annoyingFor Rick seemed to know that the last months of her marriage had been far from happy and he was dangerously close to discovering the tragic reason why

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    Why 1 star? The plot is just too weird for words This has got to be one of the worst endings in HP land Talk about getting cheated out of a HEA Heroine wins the prize for annoying Extreme repetitiveness I love my deceased worthless husband I despise kind generous bit of a rake heroI could go on and on but I would recommend a skip on this one CM has written better HPs This just isn't one of them

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    They made love slowly savouring each moment as if it really would have to last them a lifetime Undying Love is the story of Shanna and LanceA pursuit romance with a widowed heroine and an obsessed hero The h has been mourning her husband since his death six months ago taking the blame of his philandering on her shortcomings She works as an editor for her family magazine which her brother runsHer mundane life is disrupted when famous billionaire and businessman Lance takes an interest in her She repeatedly rejects and pushes him away but he weasels his way into her life first by becoming her boss and soon her lover and soulmate There is lot of banter and pushing away from a guilt ridden h who believes herself to be in love with her ex but the possessive hero shatters her barriers down He also literally stalks her removing any OM he views as a threatI really really enjoyed this book If you like loyal and devoted yet slightly crazy heroes who fall for stubborn heroines this book would totally work for you The end was pleasing yet dramatic the angst was delicious but I swooned every time the hero declared his feelings for her I wish we got a detailed ending though because it went fade to black on a hopeful noteSafe455

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    275🌟The story was going to be a solid 4 stars for me the ending just changed it for me It was awful how it all just ended I couldn't believe it finished and felt pretty incomplete it felt half baked I definitely enjoyed the rest of book great shame the ending was so rushed

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    Ugh Enough said? No? The only reason I gave it three stars and not less is because I realised that the male character was so well developed otherwise I wouldn't have despised his behaviour so much That aside the story moves along with the lady Shanna being uninterested in the guy Rick He keeps chasing and forcing himself on her and she at no point shows any attraction or interest in him For goodness sake you'd think he'd get the hint Halfway through suddenly he loses interest this is his lightbulb moment and then she finds him sick and nurses him and winds up begging him not to leave What woman who claims to despise a man's behaviour would bring him home just because he's sick? She's in love with him obviously I wish Carole Mortimer had tied the story together a little better This one felt like a charlotte lamb stalkery book than a Carole Mortimer Nevertheless in the end love prevails and Shanna's somewhat lacklustre behaviour is explained and alls well that ends well It just looked like the last three or four pages told the story rather than the rest of the book

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    THIS IS ONE BEAUTIFUL STORY´They made love slowlysavouring each moment as if it really would have to last them a lifetimeAnd when the passion had been spent they remained as onestaying together like that as Shanna slept in Rick`s armsand Rick slowlypainfully watched the black of night turn into dawn`s morning lighthis hold on her never waveringas if he were willing her to live`Undying Love is a wonderful love story about the arrogant playboy Rick Dalmont falling head over heels in love with the one woman who have ever turned him downthe sharp businesswoman Shanna Logan who`s husband recently diedTheir story is so natural and so emotional and sodelightfulRick was an arrogant bastard from the startbut he grew uickly in my eyescuz we could all see his besotted love for herand i am happy for Shanna when she at LAST admitted that she loves himTheir undying love was beautiful and i just LOVE the two of themCarole Mortimer is the BEST

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    The ending was beyond crappy in this novel I mean talk about a rush job I couldn't get over it I did enjoy the rest of it though a lot

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    I hated Rick Really really hated him He was obnoxious cruel arrogant and seemed so damned disgusting unkind to Shanna She was no angel herself but being a new widow you understood and excused her reaction to Rick But there was so much at play It wasn’t until the last couple chapters of the book that the truth began to emerge And then I loved RickThis book left me with all the feels Didn’t think I would like it what I first started it but it was such compelling story that I couldn’t help be love it Worth the read

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    i was bored and had to skip pages to finish the book the heroine shanna was weird at best so rick definitely fell for her beauty which will not last in the long he shud have gone and got himself another woman she was too difficult for my tastes and seemed still in love wid the bastard perry ders nthg excusable about perry's awful behaviour yet she found excuses for him rick was worth than thousands of perry in gold

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    I hated that the book had abrupt ending and no epilogueI would have love to see the heroine get well and be married to the Hero

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    Well I didn't see that comingThe title suits the novel so much that It was a great bonusThe last chapter especially the last paragraph was so overwhelming I didn't help crying Plus the physical attraction which was merely a complementary part in their story in my opinion Their Controversies and uarrels then their compassion and affection afterwards When they fell in love with each other they were literally swept off their feet I weptI hope I will have love like that in my life undying love Well who wouldn't?