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Every novel in this collection is your passport to a romantic tour of the United States through time honored favorites by America's First Lady of romance fiction Each of the fifty novels is set in a different state researched by Janet and her husband Bill For the Daileys it was an odyssey of discovery For you it's the journey of a lifetime Your tour of desire begins with this story set in Oklahoma

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    Six White Horses is the story of Patty and MorganOur h is a tomboy and a rodeo star who helps her grandfather run their ranch She was always infatuated with OM the hero from Land of Enchantment and utterly heartbroken when he got married Even looking at him makes her tear up That does not stop the H a fellow rancher from taunting her and reminding her of her unreuited love Ofcourse they enter a long battle of wills filled with denial banter and drama during which they somehow fall in love with each other The confession happens at the very end after looooads of yearning PhewExhausting plot which was average at the very bestSafe255

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    Ok so I started this years ago and never finished it because the MC's got on my nerves Patty the heroine started off in the first chapter by crying her eyes out over the H from Land Of Enchantment That was just too annoying Patty was so obsessed with Lije LOE's hero and and was eating herself up with jealousy because he'd married a gorgeous model I really had little patience for Patty's self pity party Patty had no self esteem and everything she had done in the recent years had all been because of Lije She had become a trick rider in the Rodeo Circuit just because it had given her a chance to always be near to her precious Lije I know Lije is hot I loved him in LOE but there's this other hottie Morgan the H in this novel and Patty keeps fighting with him and insulting him He keeps insulting her too That level of snark wasn't for me but I kept reading for a little while until I got to the part where Morgan and Patty are in a bar with Diana and Lije and other people from the circuitI got fed up with both MC's because Patty kept mooning over Lije's hunky good looks and casting jealous glances at the bombshell blonde Diana Then Patty almost had an inner meltdown after Lije tells everyone how proud he is that he is going to be a daddy Morgan makes me want to kick him in his teeth when he whispers to poor plain Patty that she's just a freckle faced little Annie Oakley while Lije's wife is the goddess Diana Wtf ? I loved Diana from LOE and yes she was fabulously beautiful but I didn't want to read about the heroine in this novel being belittled because she's a plain mouse compared to the other woman It irritated me And Morgan is supposed to this H who has felt a secret love for Patty all these years I guess maybe Morgan was trying to be cruel to be kind since he was jealous of Patty's obsession with a married Lije but I couldn't keep reading this story after this point I just gave up A part of my giving up also has to do with the fact that I get bored reading about plain heroines and wallflowers in regency romances I prefer BOTH my MC's to be very attractive Yeah superficiality is a little flaw of mine

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    This is like the western version of Pride and Prejudice Never could figure out how to pronounce one of the side characters names Lije

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    Da ualche anno Patty King gira da una città all'altra del Texas in compagnia del nonno presentando nei rodei il suo numero di alta acrobazia con sei cavalli bianchi Il rodeo è tutta la sua vita e Tom Lee Masters uno dei cowboy più bravi l'idolo della sua infanzia il suo a segreto E un brutto giorno lo ritrova sposato con un'altra Povera Patty Come farà a vincere il dolore e l'angoscia? Come farà a sopportare la compassione altrui e soprattutto gli assidui sarcasmi di Morgan Kincaid l'organizzatore che non le da tregua? Rialzando orgogliosa la testa Patty s'impenna come un impetuoso purosangue oppure morde il freno ma non si lascia domare

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    A domineering hero is no hero at allI cannot seem to enjoy this book enough to finish reading it I find the hero to be domineering at best Manhandling women is not okay in real life why would it be okay in a book The end true love does not justify the means Manhandling disrespect forcing affection on an unwilling participant etc If my husband had treated me like that we would not be married If I saw my son behave that way we would be having a very serious conversation about how people are to be treated I am sad that a book I looked forward to reading disappointed me so greatly

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    I rolled my eyes through the first half of the book but once they arrived in Oklahoma and I learned a little about the rodeo circuit and the history of Oklahoma I actually enjoyed the story Did you know that Oklahoma City is the only state capital with an oil well underneath? Makes sense but I didn’t know it So it was melodramatic but the small historical details made it tolerablethere's on my blog