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Following on from Veronica Henry's bestselling THE BEACH HUTA glorious summer novel featuring the lives and loves of the people who own a beautiful row of Beach Huts on Everdene SandsSummer appeared from nowhere that year in Everdene; and for those lucky enough to own one of the beach huts this was the summer of their dreams For Elodie returning to Everdene means reawakening the memories of one summer fifty years ago A summer when everything changed Vince and his brother are struggling to come to terms with the death of their father but they have very different ways of coping And for Jenna determined to put the past behind her the opportunity to become the 'Ice Cream Girl' once again might just turn her life around But this summer is not all sunshine and surf as secrets unfold and some lives are changed forever

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    This was the second book in the series about The Beach Hut and it was lovely to read It was as good as the first one if not better You don’t have to read the first one to enjoy this one as they are stand alone novels and there are different characters in both of themI love reading Veronica Henry’s books as they are such a good read I’ve only read a few so I’m hoping to read all that she’s written

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    A little bit boring in places and hard to follow as it jumps about between the characters Sorry to all the fans but I wouldn't want to read another in a hurry

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    I tried it was ok but and povs showed up Out of thin air and I never got to know them I do not mind many povs but I could not remember anyone or care

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    It was lovely to be able to return to the gorgeous setting of Everdene in this seuel to The Beach Hut The chapters were all from different people's perspectives all which had a link to a Beach Hut on Everdene for the summer Some characters we only really saw once or twice but a couple recurred uite a bit and I became uite involved in their lives Elodie's life was very interesting and I also loved the idea of the new seafood restaurant being opened This was a very enjoyable book and incredibly fast to read

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    A good little book which tells the tales of the lives of a number of beach hut owners in the North Devon resort of Everdene Elodie who spent many happy childhood days at the Grey House on top of the cliffs longs to be back in Everdene despite all the heartbreaking memories of her despicabley money orientated family Vince and his brother Chris are trying to come to terms with a family tragedyJenna now a reformed character gets her dream business and puts the past behind herTim and Rachel try to patch up a marriage that seems to be finished but can they do it?And lots great characters and their life stories Every character true to life and coping with every day problemsAn easy enjoyable read

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    What a delightful collection of little insights into the lives of the various characters The village was brought to life so well I felt I had been there in person

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    This book is a great read It's lively yet calm interesting a beautiful story and much I can't wait to read of Veronica Henry's books

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    Veronica Henry is a Chick Lit author that’s been around ages but I’ve only read her last book A Night On The Orient Express which was super enjoyable So I was very excited when I read about her new novel The Beach Hut Next Door I know she released a novel a couple of years back called The Beach Hut and I figured she’d done another set of stories about the fantastic Everdene Beach Huts but I can’t say for definite as I haven’t read the first book and I can’t locate it on my TBR shelf I’m SURE I had it but oh well I wasn’t sure if The Beach Hut Next Door was going to be a series of short stories all self contained or if they were inter linking but I was very excited to find out and it’s the most wonderful Summer readThe Beach Hut Next Door is a very clever novel Despite wondering if the stories were inter linking or stand alones they’re actually a bit of both Every story follows nicely with all the rest and the novel flows just like an actual novel would believe it or not despite the short story nature of the chapters It’s really really clever A really uirky excellent way of doing things and I was super impressed I don’t read many short stories normally because I hanker for than I’m given and it’s tough to be introduced to characters for such a short time and not see them again especially in a 300 page novel but I liked that characters popped up again it gave the novel a much rounded feel to not simply discard the characters once their chapter had finished Super super cleverI literally dream of going to Everdene and buying my very own beach hut It sounds PERFECT Right on the beach with the sound of the waves lapping you to sleep every night painted in beautiful ice cream colours and so many different personalities that you can’t help but make friends Sigh I have never wished for a place to be a reality as much as I do the Everdene Beach Huts It’s such a delighful setting with such delightful characters I enjoyed Elodie’s story even though it didn’t seem as if it was going anywhere at first She actually has uite the tale and I thought she handled herself with aplomb considering the events Vince was probably my favourite characters I loved his rugged ways and the fact he was a fisherman although I was VERY happy I couldn’t smell him – yuk and I liked his drive and his ambition helped along by his annoying friend Murphy Then there was Jenna and her ice cream van – I loved her little story and the only thing that could have heightened my reading experience would have been for of Jenna She was as sweet as the ice cream she servedVeronica Henry is such a great storyteller weaving plenty of characters into her new novel and making us care for them even if we only know them a short while The Beach Hut Next Door is the perfect Summer read and I’m uite glad Veronica came back to her beautiful Beach Huts for another go around – I for one could read another book all about the beach huts and the characters I met during The Beach Hut Next Door I felt like I clicked with them immediately and I was uite sad to say goodbye although it was a very very good goodbye with everything wrapped up very nicely and neatly and even a uick look once again at Tim and Rachel a couple who only appear very briefly but who made uite the impact That’s the wonder of Veronica’s new novel – you’ll meet so many wonderful people and love them all

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    When I received The Beach Hut Next Door I couldn’t wait to read it from reading the blurb and looking at the cover I knew I was going to be in for a summery read This is the second book that features Everdene; however you do not have to have read the previous book ‘The Beach Hut’ in order to enjoy this one After reading this one though you may find yourself wanting to read ‘The Beach Hut’ to find out where it all began The story is based around The Beach Huts of Everdene this summer the owners are back and we follow the lives of some of them I really enjoyed this book; however there are many characters in the story and at times I was forgetting who was who and having to go back through the story to find out what that character had previously did This was a shame as the writing was wonderful; it flowed well and was smooth I just felt that there were too many characters in the story and some of them seemed unnecessary Jane is an ice cream girl she wants to invest in her future and decided that buying a traditional van would be the way to go we follow her as she tries to secure a loan for it and I was hoping to find out about her and follow her story a bit; we however leave her to move onto another character Although we do return to visit her I felt that the level of information was lacking after the initial introduction to her You may remember her if you have read Henry’s short story ‘A Sea Change’ it was nice to have a familiar character return My favourite character in the book has to be Elodie she grew up in Everdene living in Grey House she has spent many years away due to a secret that was exposed to her about her family After many years she feels the time has come to return Through the book we realise what had happened in Elodie’s life and how it has become since she left Everdene I really enjoyed reading about Elodie she was by far my faviourte character I felt that I grew up along with her as I read the book Another of my favourite characters were Rachel and Tim They have recently separated but although they have shared everything they had while they were together neither one of them can come to terms with selling their beach hut So they decide they want to keep it between them and sharing it for half the year each Although the book is wrapped up in the theme of Everdene and the beach huts the stories are very separate and almost read as short stories which was nice There were many other characters in the book though and I didn’t think these were needed I would have been uite happy to have read about my three favourite characters Overall I really enjoyed this book and the reason I haven’t given it 5 is just down to the amount of characters in the book I thought the writing was wonderful smooth and engaging I am looking forward to reading other books by Henry I would like to thank the publisher for sending this in exchange for an honest review

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    I was beyond excited when I found out Veronica Henry was releasing a second book based on the little seaside town of Everdene and the inhabitants of the beach huts along along the stretch of coast In the first book Henry wove together lots of individual stories which evoked a real sense of community and seaside atmosphere and although all the stories stood separately she tied them all back together and left me wanting In this second book about life in the Beach Huts we don't unfortunately revisit any of the original characters from the first book instead we are introduced to new stories Again they span all generations and walks of life Elodie who at seventy is buying a home in Everdene but for whom the house holds memories of her childhood We are taken back with her to the days of her youth and follow her story to date and it is to this we keep returning alongside Henry's other characters We have Jeanne a young unemployed entrepreneur trying to start her own business two fisherman brothers coping with their fathers death an ex convict arriving to take up residence as an artist a London high flyer finding a new life after leaving her job and a divorced couple trying to find a way to move on whilst still co owning their hut Again this book just evoked such wonderful feelings of life in the sleepy seaside town each time I see a beach hut now it makes me think of these books and I long to stay in one like a recluse claiming some me time alongside the beach and the elements Henry doesn't link the characters as closely as she did in the first book their stories link but perhaps not so closely as previously This didn't detract from the enjoyment of the story and each one draws you in and makes them feel fulfilling Each is given enough focus to tell their tale and to allow you as a reader to become emotionally invested in their wellbeing This for me was one of the must have books this summer it was perfectly timed as a release and I love that for people who haven't managed to book a foreign break but have managed a break in the UK seaside this might just be the book to take with you Henry continues to deliver amazing books full of heart and emotion and she has again proved faultless