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Product strategy is the most important determinant of success for high technology companies It defines the products on which a company bases its business and shapes the way those products will win or lose against the competition Yet even in high technology companies very few executives understand how to conceive and shape successful product strategy Product Strategy for High Technology Companies shows how to formulate product strategies that lead to successful products This comprehensive guide covers everything high tech companies should consider in developing their strategies including timing technological change globalization product differentiation cost and price and contingency planning as well as marketing and financial considerations Product Strategy for High Technology Companies offers than strategic guidance Through than 250 examples you'll discover how product strategy has been used at such companies as Microsoft IBM Compa Computer Hewlett Packard and many others Through their trials errors and successes and through the book's expert insights you'll have a complete framework for building your own innovative competitive product strategy

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    The content is outdated

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    Pretty useful framework for separating out products and platforms

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    Usually technology based books have a short shelf life as the industry changes uickly however this is not the case with this book The framework offered in this book is still very much applicable to product strategyI highly recommend this book

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    Foundation for Product ManagersThis is a must read for any product manager It explains the basic strategic concepts behind successful products The book ties the concepts together into a process that is easy to understand

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    A ponderous text and most of the examples are a bit dated Useful as a review for the concept of producttechnology platform as a necessary underpining of product and competitve strategy Definitely no Drucker when it comes to writing style

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    Good to get ideas for product vision and strategy not the easiest read However worth your time if you are looking for framework and tools to use to set a strategy for your product