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Twenty two year old Corbin Kraus is adjusting to a new life in the big city He’s working a dead end job living in a fleabag apartment and nursing the wounds from being dumped by his girlfriend That is until his world is turned upside down by a mysterious stranger in a strange landan incubusNow his newest lover isn’t only a man but also an ancient Sumerian demon god Although Corbin thinks he could get used to the mysterious Litu in his life he’s not interested in casual sex The thing is sex demons are big on one night stands but not so much on long term commitments With everything in the mortal and demon worlds pulling Corbin and Litu apart can they possibly find lasting love? Or is the very nature of their relationship doomed from the start? Even as they vow to overcome these obstacles another menace arrives a fellow incubus Enlil who whisks Litu away to the demon dimension a pocket of space far removed from the human world and from Corbin Corbin is determined to save his lover and he enlists the help of some new friends to take him to the demon dimension and mount a rescue attempt

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    Man oh man this book this book Okay first let me say that I did not hate it I thought it had an interesting premise I liked the plot It had a lot of fantasy taboo elements which can be fun And it had so much potential that I found myself wanting to finishHOWEVER the book needs A LOT of work It reads like fan fiction which I happen to like but it was the negative aspects of fan fiction There were spelling and grammar mistakes The flow of the story was very choppy It read like individually placed scenes instead of a woven narrative The dialogue was juvenile and limited The story’s characters were also pretty flat One of the MCs has been alive for decades yet he had no dynamics or intrigue The connection forged between the two MCs was not really illustrated You have to fill in a lot of the blanks and just assume with the relationship The sex scenes were also boring One of the MCs is a sex demon yet the scene scenes read like the Clear Eyes guy during a sex education video very un sexy The author has a good imagination some cool ideas but the execution was VERY poor A beta reader and editor were desperately needed I wish I could have gotten hold of this before it printed I would have whipped it into shape because the most upsetting thing about this book is that it could have been amazing But could have been doesn’t cut it so I can’t recommend