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Essie can tell from the moment she lays eyes on Harriet Abbott this is a woman who has taken a wrong turn in life Why else would an educated well dressed clearly upper crust girl end up in the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory setting sleeves for six dollars a day? As the unlikely friendship between Essie and Harriet grows so does the weight of the uestion hanging between them Who is lost? And who will be found?

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    This is a hard book for me to rate The prose was engaging I liked the set up with 16 year old Essie working in the sweatshop in NY lower East side turn off the century I liked the relationship between Essie and Harriet I just thought that this book never really went deep enough I wanted much out of it The story itself was a complete downer and yes I get that this was a uasi historical novel and all but this was pretty grim I've left funerals feeling upbeat than I did when I finished this book last night So I'm going with two stars

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    I've always been drawn to stories about the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire in NYC March 26 1911 that killed 141 people mostly seamstress girls I don't know why Maybe a previous life?Jacueline Davies has written a historical fiction that interweaves this tragedy with another tragedy at the time for which I was unaware On January 26 1911 The New York Times reported on the disappearance of a Dorothy Harriet Camille Arnold the daughter of a wealthy family and niece of a former Supreme Court justice Although the story was reported on this date the family had mysteriously waited six weeks to report the disappearance to police This story was mysterious from the beginning and received a lot of press none stating that Miss Arnold had been located until April 1921 when the then head of The Bureau of Missing Persons in NYC reported that the police had solved the caseThe main character of the story works at Triangle but the storyline does not concentrate on her job Instead readers are lead through the tragedy of her family using flashbacks It is difficult in the beginning to follow the story; however once you get the rhythm you can't wait for the next flashback With a surprise ending I'm certain that the author meant for the tension to rise but I figured out the surprise rather early In spite of this I truly enjoyed the book that depicts the life of immigrants in NYC in the early 20th century and gives you an excellent feel of NYC at the time The author expertly presents a plausible interaction between a fictional character and a real one She also does an awesome job pointing out the contrasts between the disparate lives of a young immigrant woman with a woman from a rich and well connected family that is timelessAlthough this book is considered Young Adult fiction just like almost all YA Fiction it is an excellent read for all ages especially those with an intense interest in historyI give this 4 Stars

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    I think it must be terrible to be lost but so much worse to be forgotten p 230 LostThere’s no chance in forgetting the characters in Jacueline Davies’s Lost so vivid and true are their voices Like the recent tragedy of 911 the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire of 1911 is now burned into my consciousness as if with a hot brand Seventeen year old Essie Rosenfeld lives on the lower east side of Manhattan in 1911 She has been taking care of her irrepressible fierce bad rabbit of a younger sister Zelda ever since Zelda was born Their mother a grieving widow just can’t cope But now Essie needs to work at the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory and can’t be around as much for Zelda There she meets Harriet Abbott the new girl who strikes Essie as different somehow not one of the immigrants like Essie and the other girls who work themselves to the bone for starvation wages because they mustAn immediate friendship with Harriet confirms Essie’s suspicions Harriet is harboring big secrets; it turns out Essie is too Who is Harriet really? Like Grace Brown in Jennifer Donnelly’s A Northern Light the mystery of Dorothy Harriet Camille Arnold in Lost is based on true events and a real life person and adds depth and suspense to a story already rich in character history language and dialog Davies weaves these stories together in alternating chapters one of which is printed on ’stained’ paper evoking the tenement walls of Essie’s home The stories come together in a riveting and devastating climax that accurately portrays the hardships of that time and place But in the end the story is really one of hope and the resilience of the human spirit

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    This is THE best book of all time Before i didn't really have a favorite book i just had lots that i thought were my favorites That was before this book The detail is incredible the charachters are amazing and the setting is great overall this book is a must read and should be on everybodys to read list This book beats any book of the twilight series and i loved them all so its not like im saying anything is better its even better than the host and i think that if i had to choose a fav before i read the book Lost it would have to be that one; i LOVE that book but Lost still beats it it beats any book in the hunger games series so far and yes i love those too ; i have never read a better book in my life It's like a puzzle the you read the you understand I stayed up until like two in the morning reading and i couldnt stop crying for the last three chapters the only word i can come up with that thouroly describes this book is Wow there is no better word oh and maybe 'oh my god' or 'i cant belive it' but mostly just 'wow' the ending is incredible; there couldn't be a perfect ending to that book It does not matter what kind of books you like you'll like this one trust me Everyone needs to read this so please check it out at your local library or get it at a bookstore or something my message is just read it

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    One of my Comp 102 classes is working with oral histories taken from survivors of the 1911 Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire for their current researchwriting project My favorite university librarian a history buff has been great about sending me articles and other information to share with the students This week she loaned me Davies's excellent YA novel I read it in two evenings Davies intertwines two stories from the turn of the last century the disappearance of the daughter of a wealthy family and the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire I was disappointed that the union strikes played no role in the novel the narrator only mentions them once at the end and really only in passing as I believe the workers' uest for better working conditions preceding the tragedy make it all the outrageous and alarmingI'll be sending copies of this to several young readers though as it is well written and creates a thoughtful portrait of the life of a young factory worker

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    Excellent story about friendship and loss The author hooks you right away and then keeps your interest with a cleverly woven tale based on two independent true stories from the early 1900s Flash back chapters in present tense alternate with the meat of the story written in past tense to give a sense that the main character is reliving those flashbacks

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    This book captivated me I could hardly put it down When I first picked it up i was like maybe I won't read this I finished it a day read the first half in the morning and second half at night This book is horrifyingly good I loved every second of it

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    A truly ambitious impressive novel I admire Jackie's ability to create an unreliable narrator who captures our sympathies Well done neighbor

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    Title Author Publication DateLost Jacueline Davies 2009 Genre Young Adult Historical FictionFormat Book print 256 pagesPlot summary“In 1911 New York sixteen year old Essie Rosenfeld must stop taking care of her irrepressible six year old sister when she goes to work at the Triangle Waist Company where she befriends a missing heiress who is in hiding from her family and who seems to understand the feelings of heartache and grief that Essie is trying desperately to escape” NoveListConsiderations or precautions for readers advisory This novel shows readers how the main character Essie accepts or doesn't accept the loss of her younger sister and retells how two historical events could have happenedReview citation“Davies weaves two historic events—the disappearance of a wealthy heiress escaping family scandal and the catastrophic Triangle Shirtwaist fire of 1911 graphically depicted—into a lively tale of striving unspeakable loss and an eventual life affirming resolution” Anne O’Malley BooklistSection source used to find the material YALSA Best Books for Young Adults 2010 Best Books for Young Adults2012 to 2013 Rosie Nominees Eliot Rosewater Indiana High School Book AwardsRecommended age Grades 8 and up

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    Historical fiction family friendship deathgrief New York in the early 1900s poverty factory workThis is a beautifully written book that has sections that flash back in time between each chapter Essie is denyinggrieving the loss of her sister as she works as a seamstrees in the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory A new colleaguefriend Harriet Abbott is going through a similar situation I think what I most liked about this book is that the author Jacueline Davies wove actual historical events into this story She obviously did extensive researchA couple of golden lines It turns out my father was rightA good writer can write any where p 88Grief is like that You smash up against it and it rips all the outer parts of you away You're left naked in front of everybody p 71I like the way he asks me that what I think Most grownups don't Mama never does Mrs Pelz never does My teachers at school never did when I used to go to school They didn't want to know what I thought The just wanted to know what I knew There's a big difference p 61One note I do not think this is a multicultural book just because there is a sprinkling of Yiddish wordsexpressions throughout It is a historical fiction book