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From the time the little penguin crawls out of his cracked egg cradled on his father’s feet until the day when he goes off to live at sea alone he is a majestic figure in an extraordinary setting—the emperor of Antarctica He faces natural predators and the struggles of survival in a challenging climate Then one day he cradles his own little penguin on his feet Jonathan London’s moving text is perfectly matched with Julie Olson’s vibrant and adorable artwork in pencil watercolor and digital media

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    uite a very fascinating life story of a baby penguinI thought that this was pretty cool story for kids ages 0 8 and or in grades 1 3 of what type of life an Emperor Penguin's life might be like with great illustrations too What I did not like personally was the the tiny print that one had to tap than once to enlarge the print to make it much easier on one's eyes and for some to get it to do this or to turn any pages it can get some children with handicaps very very frustrated which then makes reading it not much fun at all Think of how you would feel if you were such a small handicapped childok? But I would recommend this for others who may find it an amazing puzzle challenge for four starsI received this ebook for free using KU and in return here is my honest review Great work otherwise Jonathan By Sunny

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    Pretty illustrationsThe story is OK but the illustrations are really nice and carry the book The illustrations alone make it worth the economic price that I paid for it

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    InformativeNot much for a story but I did learn a couple things and the artwork is beautiful It was okay

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    Interesting little story about penguins It was a bedtime for my daughter