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The Sun’s Coming Up Like A Big Bald Head Photographs by Norman Reedus is a limited edition collector’s volume This provocative collection redefines our daily encounters Through his penetrating imagery Reedus takes us on what proves to be a hauntingly intimate journey through the dark and sublime

10 thoughts on “The Sun’s Coming Up… Like A Big Bald Head

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    This book and the incredible art it contains is a way of seeing the world through Normans eyes Although that could be said with almost any artist but for me at least when I first opened this book and started to examine every photo it was taken aback by the imagery It was hauntingly beautiful and throughout the book it was a mixture of brutal honesty gritty passion and some silliness that he is known for But it was all incredibly real and deep Looking through this book was almost like looking through my mind in book form It is truly remarkable Congratulations Mr Reedus I hope to someday see one of your galleries

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    I managed to snag a copy of this one at Reedus' opening for his exhibition at the Voila Gallery here in LA in November I own a LOT of photograph collectionartbooks and this one is definitely one of my favorites It's brutal it's sexy it's honest and it's silly It's got everything I love in aesthetics I can't wait for another collection like this one to come out

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    Love NR's style Great mix of subjects Some gritty and some touching esp the shots he did with his son

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    Crazy funny and grossjust what you would expect from Norman Reedus

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    What a beautiful emotional roller coaster Each image has a darkness to it that is haunting yet you only resist moving in closer for a moment The pictures pull you in The stories that the eyes and gestures tell in the photographs keep you guessing Some images full of color or smiles yet others full of hidden identities or death feeling slightly ominous A collection of experiences including reflection fear happiness and possibility I truly enjoyed this collection I find myself coming back to it again and again

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    Personally I felt like this book is a commentary on how life is There are some moments that just make everything seem hopeless others that push you to your limit Everything is worth it for those precious times the little things that keep us going Maybe I'm looking into it a lot but it struck me on a deep level I even cried The compositions vary some images take over the two whole pages one that stands out is of a forest with rainbow leaves Others have a rectangular border enclosing the image in Good job Norman you made one of my favorite books of all

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    Simply Amazing im almost speechless WOWAs a photographer your aim is to get your viewer engaged interested and asking uestions about the photoThat's precisely what this book did for meNorman has a gift and i think the biggest compliment i think i can make is as someone who likes taking photos Norman Reedus inspires me to try and take better photosPity that the 2 page photos have the spine fold in them I would buy the book again if it was released in a double size

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    Norman Reedus' photography is as beautiful as it is haunting There are pictures that go from gory as all hell there's a woman covered in blood to adorable cue in pictures of a young Mingus to nature Georgia woods to photos that show off his life goofing around on TWD set Every picture tells a story within Norman's photographs I am so happy that I got to purchase this book and I cannot wait until he does another beside the fan art one

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    His photography work is simply amazing from some samples I've seen Norman always impresses me