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Here's one championship title we Cleveland fans can grasp and proudly hold aloft Most Miserable Boston fans no longer have their Curse to bemoan and anyway they've got those Patriots Super Bowl trophies Aargh Bill Belichick Chicago fans? Don't start The Cubs yes but what about all those unbeatable Bulls teams? Ugh The Shot No Cleveland owns bragging rights when it comes to the biggest longest worst drought in professional sports championships And it's not just The Fumble The Drive The Catch Game Seven and all our other big game losses We've endured enough bad luck dumb trades dud draft picks and just plain goofy moments to keep us crying in our beers for decades And they're all collected here Could this little book end the worst championship drought in major league sports? Honestly no But it will give you something fun to read while you're waiting for the Browns the Tribe the Cavs or someone in Cleveland to finally win the Big One It may not take away the misery but at least it offers a little humor to go with the groans

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    An amusing read even for a non sports fan but aimed primarily at Clevelanders OK this sports season wasn't too bad but it's the first bright spot after a considerable drought Tells stories on people such as Trader Lane and such horrid moments as The Drive The Shot bad trades and