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Milo Marchetti an unstoppable but damaged Canadian hero of the Afghanistan War pursues the love of the unattainable feisty Adara Nasim the daughter of Mohammed the patriarch of the criminal Nasim family of Trieste Italy While Milo fights for the woman he comes to love Adara has to struggle with her deepening need for Milo and the obligation to her father to marry a man of his choice Can Milo overcome Adara’s degenerate brother’s attempt to have him arrested by the police for prostitute murders and protect Adara from being killed by the rival Mazzola family? Can he escape the death threat of his former boss in military intelligence and eliminate Adara’s intended husband a radical criminal Muslim? Will religious differences be too big a hurdle for Adara and Milo to overcome and will the powerful sexual distraction of another love interest for Milo end his interest in Adara? Worst of all will Milo’s shocking discovery about Adara prevent Milo from marrying her and becoming head of the Nasim family?

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    Blood Rain in Trieste is a thriller written by George Henry and published in 2015 by Creativia I saw the book available on at a discounted price last month and picked it up I'd definitely recommend keeping an eye out for future discounts or heading to the site to grab a copy now What a roller coaster of emotions battles and intense dramaI am a freuent thriller reader but it's usually psychological or medical I've read a few international ones mostly series about various historical time periods that I love but this was a new kind for me The story mostly takes place in Italy but there are American Canadian and Afghani components that created a much larger cultural and religious read than I've devoured before Not a worry I found it all easy to follow and uick to suck me inMilo is a former well I'll let you be the judge of how former his job really is hit man His Muslim wife was murdered His Canadian CIA euivalent boss seems to be responsible A lookalike shows up begging for his help And that's just the beginning Milo's life explodes in the dirty and wealthy streets of Trieste where he beds hookers murders mafia folks falls in love gets injured and learns many secrets of the underworld not Hell although it certainly could feel like it at some points Author Henry has a powerful voice in his protagonist one who I loved in many scenes and wanted to sucker punch for being stupid in others But that's real life we don't always make the right decisions And talking about real life while I'm sure some people might experience similar things to Milo this was about as far removed from my cozy little world as one could get But I loved itGeorge Henry is a new author to me I'll read his work again He's created memorable characters and settings He's unfolded layers of drama where no one stays on one side forever there are secret allies promises and vengeance that must be fulfilled Just when you think you know who's behind it all or which character is double crossing another one of the nuts in this cast releases a flame thrower and readers you better watch out You won't see it coming but it makes sense when it glides past you and singes the hair off your arms If you don't have any maybe just your shirt sleeveThis is the kind of book that is consuming While a few sections were overly detailed the majority was a perfect balance of dialog and narrative that kept me coming back for My favorite scenes had to be between Mohammed and Milo There is a tension not unlike father and son but of two men who could kill each other or promise to protect one another forever at given times There is anger but respect admiration but pain love but frustration The author has done a phenomenal job at creating the tentative bond between these two characters then tossed Mohammed's greedy and sinning children in the mixTake a chance on this new author especially if you like a raw sometimes explicit but tasteful and challenging read full of spider webs and multi level dimension

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    Sounds like shades of Casablanca and Bogie made a trip to Trieste Italy and ran into Hawaii Five OMilo Marchetta is a musician a club ownerin walks a dame only this one wants to hire him to commit a murderMobsters hookers money laundering murder and bullies What could you ask for? Small men acting big Walking a line between life and death The characters are not prim and proper I love flawed characters but these characters are past flawed They are desperate twisted individuals the dregs of humanityMilo has a big mouth and a penchant for putting his foot in it or should I say someone else’s foot Flawedhe is twisted broken As he gets his ass and a bunch of other things kickedI can’t help but laugh Even when he tries to do something good it craps on him He’s so friggin’ damaged I don’t know how he’s still aliveForbidden lovethe ultimate pricedeathThere is so much going on double cross triple cross revenge betrayal murderdon’t look away You might miss somethingThis was heavy slow reading for me It felt like work like I was studying for school Normally this would be right up my alley so I wonder was I having an off day? You’ll need to judge for yourselfSee at fundinmental

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    Blood Rain in Trieste starts out with a bang and ends with an even bigger one Talk about nitty gritty gory and nasty George Henry has a certain style to his writing that is different from any that I’ve read He’s very descriptive with an in your face attitude that shines through every page which is perfectly necessary for the main character Milo Milo is a nasty nasty man In some ways he’s comical in some he’s raunchy and a bit sexist and in some he’s an utter mess with his priorities completely out of whack I feel like I had a love hate relationship with him He’s very twisted and is constantly crossing lines that he shouldn’t He’s a killer to the core and although he claims to be retired as a hit man all it takes is a big enough dollar amount thrown at him by an irresistible woman to make him uestion his retirement statusMilo isn’t exactly a well rounded man yet he does have his toes dipped into uite the variety of waters He’s a veteran Which is really what drew my in The war scene’s are awesome a club owner and a widower and he’s in debt to his ears Although I wasn’t really big on his take on the women who pass through the club and his life I did enjoy the way he consistently referred to his late wife The love he had for her is very clear and the part her death played in the dynamics of the story as a whole is geniusThis book is packed with double crossing betrayal and the twistiest of turns It isn’t the type of story that you can guess what is coming which is awesome I like to be surprised and shocked in a thiller and that is exactly what I got with Blood Rain in Trieste I definitely recommend the read and I’ll absolutely be diving in to of George Henry’s work in the near future

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    Just finished reading Blood Rain and I'm impressed A page turner of a book that keeps you gripped from start to finish and what a finish

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    Blood Rain In Trieste by George Henry is a foreboding suspensethriller focusing on the exploits of Milo Marchetti a veteran of Afghanistan whose troubled soul takes him along the Adriatic seacoast to the Italian city of Trieste His alcohol fueled sojourns along the nightclub strip end up crossing the path of Mohammed Nasim the head of a powerful Muslim clan Nasim hires Milo to act as a bodyguard for his daughter Adara Milo is distracted by her brother Zarrar a loose cannon whose exploits are creating conflict with rival gang boss Paolo Mazzola Making matters worse are the presence of Slavic gunslingers bent on avenging crimes committed against them by the Muslims during the Bosnian War of the Nineties Milo finds himself caught in the middle and the author weaves a web of intrigue that makes this a guaranteed page turnerThe plot thickens as Margaret Brooke of DIGOS Divisione Investigazioni Generali e Operazioni Speciali becomes involved in the action as Milica Kovacevic a victim of the Muslim insurgents in Serbia enters the picture with bad intentions Milo finds himself fascinated by Adara and grows resentful of her tangled relationship with Zarrar By crossing paths with Zarrar he finds himself on a trail of murder that soon turns him into a prime suspect Can he save Adara from underworld predators while avoiding the traps and pitfalls that await?Pick up a copy of Blood Rain In Trieste by George Henry and don’t miss out on this pulse pounding thriller

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    What an excellent read for thrill seekers A non stop action packed read Full review at

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    Great read It would make a terrific movie – providing the actors do George Henry’s characters justice And what an unlikely cast they are beginning with Milo a Canadian Military Intelligence officer turned musician and club owner who lives in Trieste where he meets Adara the feisty daughter of a Muslim crime boss at Milo’s club The action starts right there and then with a brawl involving Milo Adara and her dangerous and possessive brother she slaps Milo and throws a stiletto heel at him during the fray and culminates in a wedding scene that’s let’s just say is as much a departure from the beaten path as everything else in this bookThe prologue set in the mountains of Afghanistan pulled me into the story in double uick time with vivid scene painting one of the strengths of this writer George Henry is also a great story teller delivering not only the kind of suspense you expect in a good thriller but true to life characters among which are the madam of a brothel who’s a friend of Milo and a veteran local detective with a rather pragmatic view on crime Milo himself is no saint His heart is in the right place but like people in the real world he has flaws – his the result of deep inner wounds inflicted during his time of service in AfghanistanI hope Mr Henry plans on writing a seuel because I’m curious to know which direction Milo’s life will take after this action packed adventure in Trieste

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    Intense action packed thrill ride Well that was without doubt one of the most breathless roller coaster reads I've enjoyed in a long timeThe author has created a great 'hero' and I use the term l98sely6 in Milo Marchetti ex special agent killer for hire but only against the bad guys of the world To the outside world Milo is a guitar playing singing club owner in Trieste but under the respectable veneer lurks a pill popping almost psychopathic damaged man intent on seeking revenge against those he holds responsible for the death of his wifeWithout spoiling the story let me just say that there is enough action in the pages of this book to satisfy any reader Each page virtually bristles with danger death conspiracy and double dealingHow Milo stays alive from day to day is almost miraculous and despite his penchant for ladies of the night and his burning desire for revenge one can't help liking himCorrupt cops muslimChristian enmity left over from the Baljan wars all add to a heady mix of complex situations that at times will leave the reader gasping in amazementThis is a really great read so much so that I have just downloaded another of the author's books Definitely worth 5 stars from me

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    I am so glad I took a chance on this debut novel by George Henry Love and Death in Trieste is a non stop action thriller that kept me turning the pages into the wee hours In LDIT Milo Marchetti a Canadian war hero and sharp shooter has found some semblance of peace in Trieste where he manages a blues bar But Marchetti’s life is turned sideways when he falls for the wrong woman which puts him in the crosshairs of her powerful family their rivals and the local police Henry takes the reader on a roller coaster ride through Italy Croatia Bosnia and Slovenia The interesting detail he weaves into the story about the local sights food and people makes me want to go there myself and experience it firsthand Henry has created memorable characters and a multi layered story with twists and turns you won’t see coming Humour and sex are never far away LDIT would appeal to anyone who enjoys a fast paced thriller with international intrigue Think Jack Reacher in Europe with a wider angle on the bedroomI will definitely be reading from this author

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    Disclosure I purchased the trade paperback “Blood Rain in Trieste” from I do not know the author personally and have had only occasional encounters with him on the Goodreads site I had a brief communication with him about this self published book He informed me it had been rewritten and edited Since I had read the original I was curious as to what changes he had made The comments that follow are my own personal opinion I received NO compensation of any kind or from any one to provide this reviewI was very happy to see the revised version It is well written and edited The character develop was good and the story interesting I enjoyed the book even through it is not a genre I normally read I found it a little gory for my taste and the style reminded me of the Spillane novels of the fifties It was a fun read and I would recommend to readers who have no problem with sex and violence I did upgrade it to 4 stars