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Olav lives the lonely life of a fixerWhen you 'fix' people for a living terminally it’s hard to get close to anyoneNow he’s finally met the woman of his dreamsBut there are two problemsShe’s his boss’s wifeAnd Olav’s just been hired to kill her

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    More Nordic Noir I came across this article about the origin of Scandinavian noir review We go into the mind of a killer – a hired hit man Yet he’s a ‘caring’ kind of guy He visited a victim of one of his robberies in the hospital He won’t get involved in prostitution because he tells us he can’t beat up women and ‘falls in love too easily’ In fact he’s still kind of in love with a prostitute who can’t hear or speak and walks with a limp Our anti hero speculates “I don’t know what these things have to do with each other but it’s a bit like once you start getting bad cards they just keep coming” He gives us his philosophical insights but always adds “but what do I know” Our hit man has his own bad cards problem He’s dyslexic although he manages to read a lot and he’s terrible at math so he can’t get into drug dealing either He was dealt bad cards with a brutal father and an alcoholic mother He made a big mistake on his latest job for hire So I don’t give away plot I’ll put it this way he killed the wrong person and the person he killed was a relative of his boss Now he knows his boss will have him killed And the boss realizes that because his hit man knows he will have him killed the hit man will have to kill his boss I think this falls into the category of “Great minds think alike” So the boss loads up with bodyguards There are good lines that come from the perspective of the perverse world he lives in“You shouldn’t believe everything you believe”“She was everything he wished he didn’t want”A good story set in Oslo and a fairly short read essentially a novella A bit of gore The author is best known for his dozen police procedurals following detective Harry Hole although this book is not one of them I liked the Harry Hole novel The Snowman Photo of a strret scenein Oslo from runvelgr on pinterestcom The author from guardiancouk

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    Can someone explain to me what happened in this story?

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    Nesbo's as usual exhausting the reader with his over the top imagery blood bath ery badassery and every other kind of assery unimaginable out there Who would imagine getting chatty with their victim since the murder happens right before Christmas? A dyslexic killer enamoured with romance and philosophy Some cartoonish opposition so that we would have something to look forward plotwise Fantastically dysfunctional familial ties Picturesue everything The protagonist misses out on university even though he's shown as better read than average even for his dyslexia Why? He just can't not with him feeling his father's toxic shadow So he just makes up romance for himself almost at random and ultimately does himself no favours Makes one think about the 'extra' people who by some really bad luck get over the board of the world of socicety of everything The ones who are outsiders due to a bunch of things bad parenting some disability some crack across their soul that prevents them from from something from anything Starts hilarious and then turns sad all the way being gruesome I wonder what's it with JN that his characters are always so very entertainingly messed up? I don’t know why but the old man who was behind the counter of the post office when we went in was in a big hurry to develop psychological problems c Yeah right Why would he bother?Life seems simple when you’re sufficiently ill cThe snow was dancing like cotton wool in the light of the street lamps Aimlessly unable to decide whether it wanted to fall up or down just letting itself be driven by the hellish ice cold wind that was sweeping in from the great darkness covering the Oslo fjord Together they swirled wind and snow round and round in the darkness between the warehouses on the uayside that were all shut for the night Until the wind got fed up and dumped its dance partner beside the wall And there the dry windswept snow was settling around the shoes of the man I had just shot in the chest and neck c Picturesue much?We made love I was scared she would disappear It was like holding moonlight Just as soft Just as impossible cIt had been just like I had dreamed it would be And hadn’t believed it could be I was so tired that I had to get some sleep But so happy that I didn’t want to Because when I fell asleep this world this world that I had never much cared for until now would cease to exist for a while And according to that Hume guy the fact that I had until now woken up every morning in the same body into the same world where what had happened had actually happened was no guarantee that the same thing would happen again tomorrow morning For the first time in my life closing my eyes felt like a gamble cI don’t actually know a lot about snow—or much else for that matter—but I’ve read that snow crystals formed when it’s really cold are completely different from wet snow heavy flakes or the crunchy stuff cEither way the snow under him made me think of a king’s robe all purple and lined with ermine like the drawings in the book of Norwegian folk tales my mother used to read to me She liked fairy tales and kings That’s probably why she named me after a king cAs I walked home I imagined a snowman rising up from the snowdrift one with clearly visible veins of blood under its deathly pale skin of ice cHere are four things I can’t be used for Driving a getaway car I can’t be used in robberies And I can’t work with drugs that’s number three Okay Last one Prostitution And stalactites grow faster than I can write cThe problem’s that I have a weak sensitive nature as my mum once put it I suppose she saw herself in me Like her I’m the sort of person who’s just looking for someone to submit to Religion a big brother figure a boss I can’t do math either c it’s a bit like once you start getting bad cards they just keep coming cI thought it best to give her a gentle start just hand jobs She stood there in floods of tears while Pine yelled at her Maybe he thought she’d hear him if he shouted loud enough cI said I’d smash his nose into his brain To be honest I’m not sure there was much left of either of them cEvery so often I suppose we all need to feel that we’re living up to our parents cI don’t have to drive and I mostly kill the sort of men who deserve it and the numbers aren’t exactly hard to keep track of Not right now anyway c in a market run by charlatans idiots and amateurs even a distinctly average man could end up king of the castle c I was thinking I usually try to avoid doing that It’s not an area where I see any hope of improvement with practice and experience has taught me that it rarely leads to anything good cSometimes good news is so improbably good that it’s bad cI liked looking in on other people Always had done cYou’ve only been there until now because there hasn’t been anyone else You filled a vacuum that I never used to know existed c a man doesn’t get that fucking turned on by you laughing loudly and shrilly in that way deaf people do because he’s managed to write “What lovely eyes you’ve got” with four separate spelling mistakes cI had all the time in the world I liked waiting I liked the time between making the decision and carrying it out They were the only minutes hours days of my admittedly short life when I was someone I was someone’s destiny cYou know someone’s okay if they can ignore things they can’t do anything about and move on Wish I was like that c“It’s complicated”“We’ve got plenty of time And as you can see I haven’t got a television” cThe fact that he called me lad instead of my name may have been because he didn’t know it or didn’t want to show me any respect by using it or else saw no reason to let me know how much—if anything—he knew about me I guessed the last of the three cMy mother was so weak That was why she had to put up with than even the strongest person could have handled cMy father said I was studying to become an idiot my father used to ask what I thought I was going to do with all that reading If I thought I was better than he and the rest of the family They’d managed fine doing honest work They never tried to put on airs by learning fancy words and getting lost in stories When I was sixteen I asked why he didn’t try doing a bit of honest work himself He beat me black and blue Said he was raising a kid and that was enough work for one day cI sat there on the shore looking out over the sparkling surface thinking that this is what we leave behind a few ripples in water there for a while and then gone As if they’d never been there As if we had never been here c“You shouldn’t believe everything you believe Brynhildsen” c“Listen I’m someone who has chosen to earn their daily bread killing other people I’m inclined to give people a bit of leeway when it comes to their actions and decisions” c I walked out of the church and I breathed in the raw cold winter air that still tastes of sea salt even when ice has settled on the fjord cAnd why did that thought pop up just then? Maybe because it suddenly felt like time was waiting for something again another sueezed second a spring coiled tight cThe snowman was properly done Adorned with a hat a blank stone grin and stick arms that seemed to want to embrace the whole of this rotten world and all the crazy shit that happened in it cLoose change counts as money cShe was his own humiliation And the best the most human the most beautiful thing he knew c

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    A hit man with a heartA Norwegian hit man to be exact From the best selling author of the fabulously well to do Harry Hole series Jo “I can write like Mickey Spillane when I want to” Nesbo his 2014 fast paced novella translated into Murican by Neil Smith is a fun departure from his Hole mystery writingNot a Scandinavian murder mystery but most definitely still Nordic Noir This is a dark and gritty journey into underworld Oslo Set in the late 70s Nesbo leads us into the shadowy world of Norsk crime as a hit man gets his signals crossed and gets sideways of some heroin dealers We meet a walrus mustachioed kingpin named The Fisherman and a host of sinister and thuggish characters and ne’er do wellsActually Nesbo channels his inner Jim Thompson and comes up with a cold pulp fiction with some attention grabbing twists and turnsNot for everyone perhaps but for fans of Nesbo and for crime pulp fiction readers

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    This was my first Nesbø book so I didn't know what to expect It's a fast read but it felt like a first draft of a novella rather than a completed work Blood on Snow is the story of a fixer named Olav which means he's a contract killer Olav has a dry sense of humor and says killing is the only thing he's good at To sum up let's put it like this I'm no good at driving slowly I'm way too soft I fall in love far too easily I lose my head when I get angry and I'm bad at math I've read a bit but I don't really know much and certainly nothing anyone would find useful And stalactites grow faster than I can writeOne day Olav is asked to kill the wife of a powerful crime boss But things take an unusual turn when Olav falls in love with the woman he's supposed to kill Meanwhile Olav senses that the boss is now trying to fix him There is going to be a lot of bloodshed before the story endsI thought Olav's narration was amusing and I was entertained by the plot even though I saw the twists coming But the book felt meaningless This story passed through my fingers as lightly as falling snow and I will forget it as soon as it touches the ground

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    This relatively slim novel is a stand alone from Jo Nesbo the creator of the great series featuring Norwegian homicide detective Harry Hole The protagonist is a contract killer named Olav who works for a crime boss in Oslo Olav is one of the best fixers in the business and approaches his work with a cold blooded efficiency until he is given the job of killing a woman who has taken a lover thus infuriating her husbandIn preparation for the hit Olav watches the woman for several days from an apartment across the street from hers and finds himself feeling sympathy and some affection for his target This doubtless violates virtually all of the guidelines in the Hitman's Handbook but of course it's great for the reader because of the conflict it creates in OlavThe story is narrated by Olav and the reader can't help but feel a tinge of sympathy for the guy in spite of his profession The choices that he makes will have significant conseuences for himself as well as for his targets and that's really all one can say about the plot without giving away significant developmentsOne can say that this book is up to the high standards that Nesbo has set in the Harry Hole series As always the characters are well drawn and the setting here Olso in the dead of winter is rendered very well The moral issues are also very interesting and this is a book that should appeal to any serious fan of crime fictionParenthetically I had the opportunity to hear Nesbo at a book event this week while he's touring for the new Harry Hole novel The Thirst He's a very interesting guy and it was a lot of fun listening to him talk about the origin of the series and about his own life as a writer If he makes it to your town he's definitely worth seeing

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    A surprisingly satisfying tale of a hitman with a human heart and the capacity to take risks out of love and an emerging sense of justice This stand alone novella from the author of the popular series about Norwegian detective Harry Hole gives you the interior view of the minimalist life of Olav who has the job as “fixer” for a powerful gangster in Oslo He acuired the position by default after inadeuacies in other positions such as pimp or getaway driver The few people he had to kill were not worth grieving over But this time his target is the beautiful young wife of his boss due to her infidelity In spying on her Olav can’t help feeling empathy and attraction for her His actions lead him inevitably to a deadly breach with his boss and has to seek recourse with his competitor in the heroin trade known as “The Fisherman” This has lots of atmospherics dialog and suspense brought out very effectively in the audiobook version read by Patti Smith

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    An enjoyable and very dark read with a sympathetic anti hero

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    My first experience with Jo Nesbo came about two years ago when I received his first Harry Hole novel The Bat as a gift Honestly I didn’t see what all the fuss was about I found that the story was all over the map like a dysfunctional GPS However when I heard he had recently released a stand alone thriller I thought I would give him another shot I’m glad I didBlood on Snow tells the story of Olav a “fixer” for a heroin dealer in Olso When a job goes awry Olav becomes his boss’ target Reaching out to his boss’ competitor Olav sets out to “fix” his former employer before fleeing Norway foreverWhile I usually love stories that meander sometimes a straightforward story with a simple plot can get the job done just as well as long as the writing does its job in sustaining my interest which Nesbo does in spades here when it comes to the novel’s protagonist and narrator OlavNesbo’s Olav is a simple man who longs for companionship but due to the nature of his work is unable to form a substantial relationship with anyone Throughout the course of the story you learn of his troubled childhood his battle with dyslexia accompanied by a limited education; effectively endearing him to the reader He’s a very sympathetic killer – a man whom the system has seemingly failed Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying he spends the whole two hundred pages whining and playing the poor me card but you definitely feel like he deserves betterBlood on Snow has inadvertently motivated me to revisit Nesbo’s signature Harry Hole series I’ve got to assume the series gets better as evidenced by how much I enjoyed this uick read The novel is no longer a stand alone as a seuel entitled “The Midnight Sun” is currently being writtenAlso posted Every Read Thing

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    This is the 1st book in the 'Blood on Snow' series by Jo NesboThe lead character Olav Johansen is a seasoned criminal with a sordid past and whose one success in life is as a 'fixer' He is employed by the drug baron Daniel Hoffmann to kill his wife Corina Hoffman who he suspects of adultery While casing the proposed crime Olav becomes infatuated by Corina and his plan changes when he witnesses the abusive lover and decides he is a deserving victim This decision has life threatening conseuences that spiral out of controlNot in the same league as the 'Harry Hole' series but proved a decent read