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Erica Gallo is described by her friends as the “promiscuous one” Although they seem to disapprove of the numerous guys she has boasted about they like to live vicariously through her making the small sometimes boring town of Noel a little bit exciting at times But things aren't always as they seem when Erica finds herself in a string of lies and cover ups Is there something she is trying to cover up? Is she dealing with an addiction too strong to combat? The four friends seem to all be going in different directions While her best friend Alex is blinded by the “perfect love” Erica’s double life may tear their friendship to the ground Can she juggle her best friend and her forbidden love?

10 thoughts on “Forbidden (On the Banks of Lake St. Clare, #2)

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    I loved this book I thought I knew the story after the first book but this one shocked me I can't wait for the third book