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Caldwell Institute has a way of breeding results An isolation experiment pitting the participants against each other until the point only one will emerge They are mere pawns in a millionaire’s amusement game Experiencing mental and physical challenges that go beyond what any normal human being should endure Greg Haynes is the new director at Caldwell and vows to make Iso Stasis Thirteen the best one yet He throws every horror imaginable at the participants making it a living nightmare for them as well as intense entertainment for the investors Isolated on an island the experiment is supposed to be under control But Haynes goes too far pushing the limits of science Things go awry when the biggest challenge becomes not only a threat to the participants but mankind as well It is a race against time as the participants investors and the institute work together to stop what could very well be the start of World War III if the Amoebas don’t destroy civilization first Amoeba is a stand alone epic novel in the Experiment Series It includes all five books of Iso Stasis Thirteen

10 thoughts on “Amoeba (The Experiments #2)

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    934 pages of slow and boring monotony caused me to go into a coma It wasn't exciting and it needed to be edited down in size in the worst type of way

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    OMG another excellent storyJackie has done it again Made me laugh hold me in suspense cry hold my breath and shriek She is a most excellent story teller grabbing g you from the first page to the last Why she's not writing for Hollywood I don't knowI wish i were her beta reader I'd clear up those few grammar and typo errors I have read every one of her books and enjoyed them all If you haven't yet you are really missing out

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    Oh Wow Wow WowThis story started with a bang and ended with even a bigger one It was intense and captivating The characters are great and the plot is awesome What a rollercoaster ride

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    2nd book in the iso stasis experiment seriesA must read for those that love mystery suspense romance syfy all rolled into one8 people in a isolated location for 6 months with elements creatures and all thrown at them Will they survive until the end and earn 100000 Or will they perish and become property of the company that runs itread to find out

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    Another great book from Jacueline Druga Never a dull moment exciting and to the very last page

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    Seuel to The Iso Stasis Experiment Just as good if not better than the first Must read