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Nikolai had never lived in the country before and was full of excitement when his stepfather decided to move to the little village of Nikolsk in Sibera He liked animals and secretly longed for a horse of his own but as his stepfather was a shop keeper and not a farmer there was little chance of his having one Then he met Yakub known to all the villagers as Yakub the Tartar an artist and story teller but above all a man who knew about horses It was Yakub who helped Nikolai to realize his ambition and taught him to ride Through him Nikolai made friends with the village boys and shared with them the excitements of fairs horse races and all the yearly festivals But the time came for Nikolai to go away to school in the town and it was while he and Yakub were driving to the far off railway station tht they had one of their strangest adventures

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    i liked this better when i thought it was translated from the russian i'm such a snob it was written in english in the 50s however it remains a sweetly personal tale of pre revolution boyhood in a siberian village which is worth the price of admission