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In this beautiful deeply moving poem Maya Angelou inspires us to embrace the peace and promise of Christmas so that hope and love can once again light up our holidays and the world “Angels and Mortals Believers and Nonbelievers look heavenward” she writes “and speak the word aloud Peace”Read by the poet at the lighting of the National Christmas Tree at the White House on December 1 2005 Maya Angelou’s celebration of the “Glad Season” is a radiant affirmation of the goodness of life and a beautiful holiday gift for people of all faiths From the Hardcover edition

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    I saw this was by Maya Angelou at the Library and scooped it up I love this I love the mixing of religions and races the art does and I enjoy the simple message we can use right now Peace It's about coming together and hearing the song we all long for PeaceThe kids were rather reactionless It did not strike a chord for them at least not in this time of Christmas It is a Christmas message and about this time of year when Peace is most possible It might not be about getting gifts and I'm glad they heard the message in this book so it can root in their hearts I think this will be a yearly book in our house

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    This is a special edition of Maya Angelou's poem which she wrote to celebrate Christmas The poem Amazing Peace was read by Maya Angelou at the lighting of the National Christmas tree near the White House in Washington DC in 2005 It is printed here divided into a picture book suitable for family reading The illustrations by Steve Johnson and Lou Fancher are unusual; oil on canvas rather than the standard illustrative techniue for children's books of watercolour The result is a rough texture with bold broad brush strokes almost impasto in places This reflects the harsh weather conditions and the raw feel of the poem uite well The pictures are uite uirky and stylised becoming full of character as the optimism floods into the poem Additionally there is a CD of Maya Angelou reading her poem attached to the inside cover This is a lovely extra She briefly explains the world events at the time which are referred to in the poem this climate of fear and apprehensionhate crouches breeding in dark corridorsand the severe weather crises to which the world had recently been subjected She explains that this poem was her response to them Thunder ebbs to silence and lightning sleeps uietly in the cornerhow to look beyond complexion and see communityHer voice is resonant and firm; this is a poem with a message Listening to Maya Angelou reading the poem initially this is the way the poem continues to feel on subseuent readings you can hear the poet's voiceIt is clearly by a Christian writer but is nevertheless an attempt at an all encompassing poem and one of warmth and great strengthPeace We look at our world and speak the word aloud Peace We look at each other then into ourselves And we say without shyness or apology or hesitationPeace My BrotherPeace My SisterPeace My Soul

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    “Into this climate of fear and apprehension Christmas enters The world is encouraged to come away from rancor Come the way of friendship” A lovely poem I read this hoping to find some of the holiday spirit and Maya Angelou did not disappoint This poem is for “angels and mortals believers and nonbelievers” and anyone who needs to find some peace in the season It reminds the reader of the humanity of the season and connectedness

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    We clap hands and welcome the Peace of ChristmasWe beckon this good season to wait a while with usWe Baptist and Buddhist Methodist and Muslim say comePeaceCome and fill us and our world with your majestyWe the Jew and the Jainist the Catholic and the ConfucianImplore you to stay a while with usSo we may learn by your shimmering lightHow to look beyond complexion and see community

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    Amazing Peace by Maya Angelou is aptly named not just because it reflects the content of the poem but also because amazing peace is what the words deliver to it's readerThis is one of the most beautiful poems that I have read and it spoke to my heart especially on this day when our country is so divided over election resultsI recommend everyone to read this and experience the message as I have Note There is also a children's picture book availableuotesStreaming lights of joy ringing bells of hope and singing carols of forgiveness high up in the bright airThe world is encouraged to come away from rancorCome the way of friendshipCome and fill us and our world with your majestyWe the Jew and the Jainism the Catholic and the ConfucianImplore you to stay awhile with usSo we may learn by your shimmering lightHow to look beyond complexion and see community

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    A lovely poem with beautiful illustrations

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    This poem was written as a celebration of peace and Christmas and read by Maya Angelou at the lighting of the Christmas Tree at the White House in 2005So I'm not really mixed on this poem but I have to say a few things1 Of course the poem sounds good because when words come together in a well written way they'll always sound good hopefully But that's not enough There is so much that a writer can do with form and language that can transform a poem from good to SPECTACULAR This poem falls short2 I think that because Maya Angelou's reputation as an activist along with her many publications as a poet and author has her held to a certain light she's able to write in simplistic terms and everyone will label it poetry andor good writing Though not bad I look for than just words on a page that sound nice when it comes to any form of writing especially poetry For me most of the poem is right there meaning I don't have to look beyond the surface for a greater meaning Yes it's essentially beautiful because it is an all inclusive poem for different religions and backgrounds and calls for world peace but that by itself is not enough for me when it comes to poetry I like to be surprised I like to feel the words flow through my veins bumping along the way causing my skin to protrude outward rhythmically as it makes its way to my heart So far Maya isn't cutting it for me I adore her for all she's done in her life and for the woman that she was But the poetry I've read so far save for the poems during my childhood that are very faint in my memory just haven't done it for me The same goes for her writing style in her memoir I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings though the content is powerful and heart wrenching

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    The ecumenism per se Baptist and Buddhist Methodist and Muslim Jew and Jainist Catholic and Confucian isn't what bothers me One can invite all to worship the Christ Child It was the lack of clarity regarding that exclusivity of the Christian gospel This line was particularly uestionable bordering on terrible At this Holy Instant we celebrate the Brith of Jesus Christ Into the great religions of the world The ambiguity of Into is troubling Jesus doesn't save people from their sins so much as he offers another interesting and eually valid option The true meaning of Christmas doesn't flatten all religious differences

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    Maya Angelou presents a festive or less religious and very well written homage on peace Amazing Peace is not really my cup of tea but I cannot imagine a better poem for a White House tree lighting ceremony 35

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    This is a beautiful book with lovely illustrations The version I read had a CD with the poem being read by Maya Angelou and it was even remarkable when read by her Listen to these remarkable wordsIt is loud nowLouder than the explosion of bombsWe tremble at the sound We are thrilledby its presenceIt is what we have hungered for Not just the absence of war But true PeaceA harmony of spirit a comfort of courtesiesSecurity for our beloveds and their belovedsTruly lovelyand so needed