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Benny the cat is experiencing his very first Christmas He eagerly climbs the sparkling Christmas tree On the way up he meets new friends including a fuzzy reindeer a velvet mouse a musical bird and of course the lovely angel at the top But how will Benny make it back down the tree?

10 thoughts on “The Cat That Climbed the Christmas Tree

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    A cat is determined to get to the top of the Christmas tree but is afraid to go back down The angel atop the tree informs the cat that he does not belong up there This book promotes teamwork as all the tree decorations help the cat climb the tree

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    One of the books in my daughter's Christmas collection5 Stars For sentimental reasons

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    Who doesn't love adorable cuddly kittens even as they hang from your Christmas tree or ignore your express desires to explore wherever their tiny paws scamper? Already you have an idea that impending doom is coming to our kitten protagonist but can there also be a beautiful blessing as well if he reaches his goal? The story was full of beautiful descriptions that helped the reader to be conveyed to this family's ornaments and traditions Layering slowly one by one you get to unravel the tree and continue to follow your guide up into the branches as he gets to learn about the family in this intimate way The pictures were charming and although the little mouse ornament looked cartoonish it was with enough element that it wasn't a turn off The spirit of the curious kitten is caught amidst the brightness of Christmas and the beauty of the story is captured via the same illustrations All in all there is a beautiful Christmas story and lesson waiting to be read for those who enjoy their impish kittens

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    My kids would rate this with 5 stars It was my sister's favorite when she was a kid too They love the cat and the talking ornaments Their favorite part is when the cat sleds down the tree at the end

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    A magical fantasy Fun

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    Cute and funny story that shows a young cat why he shouldn't climb the Christmas tree The illustrations are colorful and cartoonish but some of the faces were a bit off putting Perhaps it's just me The narrative is short and combines a bit of The Nutcracker story with The Wonderful Wizard of OzThis is not a story from my own childhood so I found it to be entirely forgettable

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    My youngest cat Nokley climbed the shelves and threw this book to the floor It seemed appropriate to read it to him 😹Shockingly he actually say at my feet and listened He even looked at the pages when I turned the book around to show him the pictures If it can keep the attention of my baby it clearly deserves fine stars

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    Benny a mischievous cat goes on a long adventure to meet the angel at the top of the tree but chaos ensues with each step to the top My cat loving preschooler enjoyed giggling at Benny's ascent though lost interest towards the end

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    Definitely one of James's favorites but the plot is a littleannoying and the illustrations are a little sappy Cute enough to do the job

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    I like the angel in this book the best