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From infamous serial killers to unusual murder weapons to crime scene investigations a must for everyone interested in true crimeFilled with every conceivable grim fact or fancy about this most despicable of crimes this is a chilling compendium of intriguing obscure and strange facts and trivia about murders and murderers Both reference book and uirky guide this volume can be dipped in to time and time again to reveal something new about the murderers the victims the people who write about crime and the advances in forensics This remarkably engaging little book is essential reading for true crime and crime fiction fans alike

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    'The cases of murder spattered across the pages of history provide a dark mirror for so many aspects of the less seemly world of the past'Written by true crime historian Neil R Storey The Little Book of Murder brings together in one slim hardback volume the details of many chilling horrifying and terrible murderous crimes from history including unusual facts and trivia about some of these cases and about the perpetrators and featuring numerous black and white sketches alongside the text The contents of the book are divided into twelve sections including 'Serial Killers' 'Murder not Proven' 'Infamous Murders' and 'Poisoners Masters of the Silent Killer' The part entitled 'Murderous Britain' is divided into regions with details of crimes given according to where they occurred 'The Black Museum' chapter lists the fascinating and sometimes bizarre items that are held in various crime museums and private collections across the world including the Crime Museum at Scotland Yard from knives and guns to a rolling pin and a tin opener The pages within 'A Date with Murder' allow you to identify crimes with reference to the date they were committedThe author states in his introduction that the book 'is aimed at all those armchair crime buffs who like me occasionally scratch their heads and try to recall the basic facts of some notorious or curious case of murder from the past'It's one of those books which you can very easily dip into intending to read just an excerpt or two but then find yourself reading just a little as it's so gruesomely fascinating There were many that I had heard of through other books I've read the Ratcliffe Highway Murders and the Road Hill House Murder being two examples or through films I've seen such as Fritz Lang's 'M' about the Monster of Duesseldorf and there were many that I hadn't heard of before If this book leaves you wanting the author has included suggestions at the back of the book for further reading and has also listed 'some cinema and TV films based on true murder cases'Even though reading about some of these murders frightens me and I don't recommend reading this book last thing at night or in a dark place alone unless you're of a strong constitution there is a macabre intrigue to these accounts and an ongoing fascination with such notorious crimes It will appeal greatly to curious readers whether crime fiction enthusiasts or true crime fact fans who have a craving for information about crime scenes murderers and their victims unsolved mysteries and detecting criminals

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    Great collection of crime

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    Very interesting reading Sad there are so many murders and 'sick' people around and also sobering to think how many people have been executed over the years for murder Some will have been guilty but a lot may not have been

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    I have been making an effort not to read anything I don't own but books like this one which give the appearance of something uick and easy to breeze through are usually exceptions This one was looking at me luridly from the library shelf on the last couple visits so I decided to give it a shotIt is just what it purports to be a little book about murders and murderers and victims when the perpetrators are absent which can be picked up and cracked to any point for a little gobbet of grisly information The proofreading and editing are TERRIBLE but Storey manages to make all the stories within engaging without becoming salacious and with very little repetitionThe book's divided into loosely arranged sections but pretty much the first half is devoted to short tales of murder mostly British almost entirely before 1960 and with a strange interest in the hangman who executed killers in the UK The second half consists of a datebook of murder dates to remember a must read listing of books about murder particular murderers and crime in general as well as a brief badly compiled list of films inspired to different degrees by actual casesWhile this was a uick and engaging read I found the need for a good editor uite distracting and would have appreciated a little broader focus though a table notes that the top three serial killers in the world are in Latin South America that's the only place they're mentioned and consistency in how the information's presented Not a book for anyone who's well versed in mankind's inhumanity to themselves but a neat little primer for readers with darker tastes

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    Little snippets of information about murder through the years