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A collection of short fantasy science fiction and horror stories and novellas by authors appearing at GenCon 2013 Authors featured are CE Rocco CS Marks Chris A Jackson Anne L McMillen Jackson Craig Comer Douglas Rudder JT Hartke Jeremy Jaynes Jonathan Rudder Kimber Grey Maxwell Alexander Drake Paul Lell Richard Wayne Waterman Tracy Chowdhury and Brian Pettera

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    Like volumes 1 3 in this series I enjoyed this collection because it allowed me to explore new authors and revisit some old favorites I was pleasantly surprised to find two stories about the sea in this edition both uite good Blood of the Hydra by Chris A Jackson is a well crafted pirate story and The Song of Jaelyn is a nice twist on the Charybdis tale with some good character development The first few pages of The Observer by Douglas Rudder really annoyed me because there were several things that seemed not to make sense but things eventually fall into place and by the end I really liked it A Hunter's Trial by JT Hartke was a very well done short tale with a good surprise ending Jeremy Jaynes author of The Golden Kingdom Blue Day and Paul Lell author of Jumah's World could both use better editors They need to be careful with word choice and sentence structure Even worse in his introduction to his story Lell uotes scifi Grand Master Robert Heinlein but cannot spell Heinlein correctly that's criminal if you are setting yourself up as a writer in the genre On the plus side Jaynes does a nice job on the interaction between Blue and the little girl and the world he has created is fascinating Two of the best stories in the collection are Ponderous Paradox by Kimber Grey and The End of Days by Richard Wayne Waterman Paradox is a delight right from its beginning with the main character calmly contemplating his imminent death Add in lots of humor and some of the best time travel scenes ever and you have a very successful story Waterman begins his story with a beautiful one paragraph character sketch and develops that into a tight clever scifi tinged mystery story I would read by both these authors but can find very little to purchase online may have to see if they show up at GenCon 2014 The collection ends with a novella by Brian Pettera The Wizard's Box I liked the concept of having two RPG gamers from GenCon accidentally travel to an alternate universe where magic and wizards are real while several real orcs show up at GenCon I think the continued adventures of Rock and Pirate Ted should be included in all subseuent volumes of Missing Pieces