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Eighteen year old Julia Carter is from a small town with a small population Everyone knows each other making secrets hard to keep But for Julia keeping secrets isn't the hard part deciding between them is Robert Stark is Julia's closest friend His carefree attitude and sharp sense of humor are the foundation to their friendship until feelings get involved Patrick Stark is Robert's serious older brother and also happens to be a teacher at the local high school When they both vie for Julia's attention she is left to figure it out all on her own

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    Loved this book It will get you hooked from the first chapter It's relatable and gets you invested in the story and the characters It has a different feel than most YA novels that seem to be written by people who clearly don't remember being a teenager The author nails young emotions and what it really feels like to be in high school perfectly

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    I received this book for free from the authorpublisher in response for an honest review of the book I have not had the opportunity to read this book at this time I will add my review of this book once I have read the book Thank k you for allowing me the optometrist review your work I look forward to reading this book