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A Novella on Which Too Little Too late is BasedMaria was the secret no one in the family talked about her existence a constant reminder of his dead father’s shameful deviance Yet ironically from the first moment his mother set eyes on Maria she wanted the child for her very own – and was willing to go to any lengths to make that happen And for the next nine years Leo Bauer was able to successfully push Maria’s existence to the back of his mind until unexpected circumstances finally forced a meeting between him and the girl Despite Leo’s resolve to remain detached he found himself drawn to Maria’s innocence and was smitten by her delicate blonde beauty He knew she was off limits to him and yet he couldn’t resist And so began their forbidden affairuntil disaster struck forcing his family to cut Maria loose The day Maria walked out of his life was the day Leo ceased to existYears have now passed and Maria abruptly reappears at Leo’s door almost unrecognizable in her ragged clothing as she spouts a litany of barely coherent gibberish Despite his initial shock Leo tries to coax her into his house but Maria runs away in fright In her flight she drops a worn photograph and when Leo sees it he realizes that Maria coming back poses a threat to all of them He must make a choicefollow his heart or eliminate the threat to the family he despises Either way he must find Maria firstIn this sweeping murder mystery past mistakes are pitted against bittersweet revenge and family secrets as old as Hollywood and Hitler threaten to destroy one family tainted by a poisonous legacy none of them can ever hope to escape

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    35★sLeo Bauer was his father’s son – the voice of his dead father was constantly in his head and when Maria unexpectedly appeared on Leo’s doorstep after years of not knowing her whereabouts he knew he had to entice her into his house But she was frightened; raggedly dressed unable to be understood – when she rushed away in her terror Leo knew he’d lost her again He also knew he had to find her – Maria was a threat to him to his brother and his mother – he had no choice but to discover where she was hiding and eliminate herKate Stanton had much in her past she wanted to forget but the shock of learning someone from that past was insidiously making their way into her life once again almost caused her to collapse When a necklace was found under circumstances that were bizarre and her friend Liz discovered connections no one could fathom Kate knew she needed answers The shocking secrets were rising to the surface and there would be no happy ending for anyone Forbidden by Marta Tandoori is a short dark psychological thriller leading up to Too Little Too Late Depravity surrounds one of the horrible characters – at one stage the violence was too graphic if I hadn’t been near the end I would have been unable to finish Chilling and filled with poison Forbidden is a gripping story of revenge and hate murder and long held secrets Recommended to mysterythriller lovers

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    WARING THIS NOVELLA SHOULD BE READ BY ADULTS ONLYI have never read anything by this author I heard about this book after reading a blurb on Goodreads After doing a little research on the Kate Stanton Mystery series I found that many readers were having problemsuestions regarding characters and stories I decided to read this first I'm glad I did It will put eventssituations into perspective thus making sense in the following storiesThis is a very intense story not for the faint hearted people thus my warning above The pace is very adaptable throughout the story The creative imagery by this author was outstanding The story captivated my emotions and feelings I found myself loathing disgusted and saddened by the actions of others but was relieved and justified that some conseuences were paid in fullThe characters were very believable Some were strong though repulsive due to their actions Others pulled their weight in storyline which made it believable It contains many facets murder incest rape betrayal and suspenseThe title of book is right on the money The cover is adeuate and has an eye catching feature This story is a brief detailed introduction into the life of Karl Bauer and family members Due to his actions his family partake willingly and unwillingly into events and conseuences just for the sake of money and power But everybody knows Payback is a btchI would recommend this book to those readers who aren't faint hearted This is a very compelling read This should be read first before any Kate Stanton Mystery books to have a clear understanding Happy Reading Cheers

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    I was really not expecting such a graphic story but I couldn't stop reading it either I started reading the 4th book and decided I better start at the beginning I'm still just shocked I can't believe what an awful incestuous family Kate Stanton came from She is the only survivor left from the war in Germany as her father ditched her family and left for America Her father was a Nazi Monster and could care less about anyone but himself He became a big Hollywood producer and married Sigourney Weaver Johnson Bauer She already had a son from a previous marriage Irving Johnson Karl Bauer Kate's dad and Sigourney's husband was sexually perverted and he passed his sins down to Kate's stepbrother Leo Bauer One night Kate came disguised as a waitress to confront her father about what happened to her mother and sister Lilly Leo had followed Karl and Irving into the library and hid Unfortunately he witnessed his father and step brother having sexual relations and then when Kate came they raped her as well Kate became pregnant with Sonja The family started to worry about people finding the skeletons in their closets and tried to keep Kate uiet Sigi Leo's Mom decided She loved Sonja even though she was autistic and in the mental hospital She schemed and turned Sonja into Maria Weaver Kate thought Sonja died in an explosion Years later Maria is living on the streets and shows up at Leo's house He then gets upset and tries to find her In the chase all the skeletons come out and all of the family are truly reveled for who they really are Do the sins of the father get passed down? I don't knowI really think that the children were left to struggle and suffer on their own and the parents abused them instead of keeping them safe All in the spirit of one true perfect race

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    It was an interesting read A lot of information in a short book Definitely not a book for someone who likes their book to be all butterflies and rainbows

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    Not sure I got it Confused with plot

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    I am binge reading Marta Tandori's books so I will write a review when I finish the next one