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Eliza Monroe has been traveling the United States for three years immersing herself in the towns she visits as she searches for the mother she’s never known She hopes returning to her grandmother’s inn in Sage Springs Mo will provide the break she needs to evaluate her lonely lifeWhat Eliza isn’t expecting is to have two men enter the picture not making her decision to stay or leave any easier One has been her foundation while the other is as comfortable as she is hopping from city to city Throw in a kooky grandmother a cheerful best friend a sarcastic guest a town where residents and spirits interact like neighbors and Eliza has little time to contemplate her futureFriendships grow webs are spun and lies are revealed before Eliza comes to terms with what she wants in life and learns what's really important

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    A copy of this book was kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest reviewI thought Whispers and Wishes by Hollie Westring was a cute entertaining story about a girl in search of her mother Eliza has been traveling the states for three years chasing her illusive mother Eliza basically lives out of her suitcase going where ever her private investigator sends her She finally decides to head home for a month Home is Sage Springs and is a very unusual town A town where people can see and speak to ghosts There is a secret spring somewhere in the town and the original townspeople drank from it and gained these abilities which were then passed down through generationsEliza heads home to her grandmother's house which is also a local bread and breakfast on the decline Once home she comes face to face with an old flame Jake Eliza ran from Jake and from her home the day after Jake professed his love for her While she spends her time avoiding Jake she hangs out with her grandmother and her best friend Lexi The BB is in disrepair and they decide to hire a handy man In comes Gavin hot pierced built handy man GavinWhile I did enjoy the story I found myself interested in the historical aspects of the town and the people in it then I did with Eliza and her two love interests Ivy comes to stay at the inn and she Eliza and Lexi become friends I also found myself enjoying the times they were all together For some reason I didn't really connect with Jake and Eliza and Gavin and Eliza weren't much better but I liked him for some reason I also found Eliza to be stubborn and at the same time flaky Jake admits to something that Eliza is super upset about and rightly so Something that for me would have been a deal breaker Something that should not and would not be tolerated in my opinion But she immediately forgives or claims to understand they whys and whatnot when Jake comes to see her in the dead of night I also found Jake to be kind of wimpy When confrontation occurs and people are being horrible to Eliza he stands by silently I didn't really think he had her back and I didn't like that for a guy that supposedly was in love with her Gavin too does something yucky and bad and she holds him accountable I didn't understand that logic Jake was someone she grew up with someone who should have had her loyalty and trust Gavin was a new guy that she knew nothing about So when his transgression is revealed I would think she would be forgiving or at least as forgiving as she was for Jake I totally understood why she was angry at Gavin What he does is horrible But I don't think they outweigh what Jake does or in my opinion doesn't doObviously she has to make a choice and although I wasn't as interested in them as a couple either of them I did have an opinion of who I wanted her with And I was disappointed in her choice Maybe if I connected with the two of them better it would have made a difference Maybe if she spent time in the book with them individually I would have felt better However I found the story to be of a mystery than a romanceA mystery because Eliza is still trying to decide if she should look for her mother whom she knows nothing about A mystery because Ivy is super secretive A mystery because there are mean people in town that don't want Eliza there and even though it's not clear why it still felt mysterious A mystery because supposedly no one knows where the springs are that give out these unusual abilitiesSo with all that said and I know it might sound like I didn't like the book but I did I think it has really great potential to turn into an amazing series I hope that the story tightens up and I hope it gets a little steamier I really like Ivy and Lexi and I want to see where their stories lead I also hope we get lots background on Sage Springs

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    Amazing I couldn’t put this book down I read this in one day I swear I love Eliza and Jake Gavin Ivy and Lexi this group of characters excellent Smooth sailing all the way through never felt like anything was missing The entire story held me captive from the first chapter and I had to know what was going on and what would happenEliza grew up with her grandmother Aggie and her dad; he raised her She never knew her mom only that she left right after Eliza was born She was told the road called to her mother and that she never stayed in one place too long So when Eliza was 18 she set out on a journey to find her mother she needed to know why she left and what type of person she is She was on the road for two years searching with the help of a private investigator Tom but she was never lucky enough to catch up with her Now she was heading home to see her grandma every year she would visit but not stay long a week maybe this time though she was staying for at least a month she knew her grandma needed her help around the Inn that she ran The Fall Fest was coming and this was the time of the year that is their busy season Upon arriving at the airport she sees Jakehe wasn't suppose to pick her up Lexi was she is nervous the last time she saw Jake she left within 24 hours of him telling her he loved her now she didn't know where they stood with each other Awkward would be the word I would use for this moment Jake a handsome guy who has been in love with Eliza for as long as he could remember When he told her he loved her he knew she would be leaving to search for her mother but he always knew she would return He is delighted she is back and this time he is determined to SHOW her how he feels for her Grams she is just awesome I love this character LOVE her She runs the Cedar Inn it’s her home that she turned into an Inn Then we have Lexi she is very perkylol But I do adore her personality in this story Ivy now here is a twist she comes to town to stay for who knows how long seems a little standoffish at first Then we get to know her and I love her just as much as the other characters in this story Gavin Gavin is the smoking hot guy that comes to apply for the handyman position did I say smoking? Because this character is definitely smoking So back to my reviewYes he is the sexy stranger that Eliza would love to get to know betterEliza is now between two men She is so afraid of hurting Jake she is attracted to him and she knows how he feels for her she does feel something for him as well Then we have Gavin now he is trouble and she knows it but he is damn attractive she really wants to explore things with him What will Eliza decide? Will she choose Jake or Gavin? Who is Gavin? Where did he come from? Will Eliza ever find her mother? I am not telling you You must read thisWait till you are introduced to Bianca yeah she is a total bih I have laughed out loud while reading this I have teared up too I really enjoyed this story very much I am looking forward to reading Lexi's story next There are a few twists to this story and I swear one I never saw coming I know you will love this story

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    LOVED it What an awesome story Loved the characters except for Bianca no one can like Bianca but she was a well written villain The love triangle in the story worked but I have to admit I was super torn about who to pick for Eliza because both Gavin and Jake were perfect In the end I know she picked the right guy but I still feel sad about the other one because he was perfect too The story made me laugh many times Gram was a very funny character The friendships were incredibly well written I loved Lexy and Ivy and cannot wait to read their stories The town was awesome I have to say I would love to live in a town full of ghosts specially when everyone there sees them and they pretty much live together in harmony They are nice ghosts not the scary kind just your regular folks that died in the town and stayed around Oliver of course was the best ghost and he was pretty funny too I also loved that the story is very clean I like stories like this and I will give it to my 14 year old daughter to read because I am sure she will love it Love the author's writing style and will definitely be reading Spirits and Spells probably tomorrow Recommended if you like a good fun story with a bit of paranormal elements

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    Eliza Monroe left the tiny town of Sage Springs Missouri three years ago in an attempt to see a little bit of the world while trying to track down the mother who abandoned her at birth She returns home every September to help her grandmother who took care of her after her father died of a heart attack run Cedar Inn the family’s aging bed and breakfast But living out of a suitcase for the past few years has taken its toll on Eliza“A long white clump of fluff caught my attention I was that cloud I watched as it floated all by itself all the while surrounded by other puffy masses Never joining Always drifting along on its own”—ElizaShe flits from city to city hot on the heels of her ever evasive mother following each new lead provided by the private investigator she hired Weary from her the consistent moving she decides that this time when she returns home she will stay longer than normal maybe even forever“Still no closer to finding my mother or finding myself I needed some time to assess I felt listless as I bounced from town to town seeing people with their friends and families and there I was—serving these happy people at cafes and restaurants No friends or family around for hundreds of miles”—ElizaShe returns home and helps her grandma begin the preparations for the upcoming Fall season which is their busiest time of year In doing so she must face not only her archenemy Bianca Sutherland whose family wants to buy Cedar Inn but also the man she walked away from the day after he confessed his love for her Jake Brown was a best friend to her most of her life and seeing him brings back memories and feelings she isn’t sure she is ready to deal with He is such a great patient man and throughout the whole book I kept wanting her to just give in already Even after the mysterious Gavin comes to stay at the Inn working as a handyman But he definitely seems to have a thing for the lovely Eliza And she can’t help but utter embarrassing innuendo practically every time she opens her mouth around himThere are a ton of delightful characters in this book from her best friend Lexi to the new guest at the inn Ivy who owns her own candle company with one of the best business names I have ever heard I could tell you but I will let you find out for yourself The grandma is hilarious and uite the opposite of what you might expect seeing as how she had recently been arrested after a naked albeit spiritual romp in the woods That’s another thing this Sage Springs isn’t your ordinary small town either“I accepted Sage Springs for what it was which was pretty much a town full of people and spirits A good portion of us could see and speak with ghosts Those of us who came from the old families anyway”—ElizaAnd they are everywhere including at the inn There is a resident ghost Oliver who was killed in the place back in the days when it used to be a brothel Oh but he’s a friendly ghost and definitely comes in handyThe paranormal aspect wasn’t overpowering I really liked the added touch of having ghosts like Oliver involved in conversations and scenes during the book especially since it didn’t distract from the rest of the plotFor someone who was feeling lonely on the road Eliza soon finds herself torn between to seemingly genuine men having fun with new and old friends and that her grandmother may need her than she lets on I felt for Eliza and her inner struggle still hoping to someday find her mom but at the same time trying to decide if she is ready to give up her ghost and settle back down in Sage SpringsThis was a sweet story with a few twists and turns towards the end but no cliffhanger I really enjoyed it and will definitely be reading the second in the series “Spirits and Spells” which will be based on a different character from this bookReviewed by Lea for Lives and Breathes Book Blog and posted

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    The New Adult genre is full of a mixed variety of reads There isn’t really a firm line for what would ualify in this market so for most it’s a hit and miss with what you might get This read is perfect for those 13 It has a great mixture of supernatural and new adult themes yet the paranormal twist isn’t too heavy as to drown out the plot line I loved it and found it very refreshing While looking over my notes the one word or rather image that kept popping up is the smiley face I even remember messaging the author saying “I’m only 3% in and I can’t stop smiling” This was a breath of fresh air No angst no undue drama Just an easy escape that had a great flow and was consistent as the plot unfolded Eliza is our female main character and she is just adorable She is charming and spunky and very easy to connect to Eliza’s family is rather uirky as her grandmother has a tendency to practice spells in the nude and likes to talk to her cat How can you not laugh out loud to those kinds of antics? The supernatural theme comes into play with the deep history within the town and the family which I will not go into as I feel as though it will ruin some of the magic of the story I will say that the folk lore that goes along with this tale is interesting and I hope that we get to know about it as the series continues There is a slight love triangle that has some rather wicked twists and turns A few that left me with my jaw on the floor By the end of the read I wanted to hunt down the one love interest that I had been rooting for throughout the story I did not at all expect or even have a slight notion as to the major bombshell that was dropped For that I give Ms Westring a huge KUDOS The world building exceptionally well done I could picture this small town of Sage Springs easily It might be because I am from a small town myself but I found myself at home within this book The friendships are solid and the under lying message of family ties is strong Outside of the supernatural which keeps the story light and fun this is really a journey of self discovery for Eliza She is a girl who is in search of herself She spends a good bit of time away from home searching for her mother which really just leads to her uestioning herself and what she really wants and needs out of life Throughout the story Eliza battles within herself as to if she is really ready to settle down and tame her spirit This was an easy and fun escape I will definitely be following this series and this author

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    To see my full review and Wishes is a sweet tale of love and redemption as Eliza Monroe learns what’s really important in life Having spent the better part of the last three years on the road looking for the mother she’s never known leaving behind a potential love relationship and the ghosts that peacefully haunt Sage Springs Eliza is finally home for a short reprieve Her grandmother’s inn is in danger of closing and Eliza can’t help but feel that this is where she belongs but at what cost?Westring has a created a cute and interesting story that revolves around the choices that we must make and how we know when enough is enough With the revelation that Jake the boy she left so long ago still loves her and the attentions of the gorgeous and mysterious drifting handy man Gavin Eliza isn’t sure what to do but one thing is clear she has to make a choice Pulled in both directions Eliza must decide where her loyalties lie and as events come to a head and Eliza finds that not everyone is who they say they are and that not everything is what is seems everything Eliza’s been working toward these last few years begins to crumble But with great friends and a strong home base Eliza is ready to face her fears the truth and loveIf you’re looking for a charming story and a uick read that will leave you with a smile on your face and a renewed belief in the goodness of people then this is the book for you

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    I received an ARC in exchange for an Honest ReviewWe meet Eliza who is coming back to Sage Springs to her Grandmother's Inn I love her Nanomg she is Fab I didn't jump into it straight away i trotted along nicely but when i got going it was a really sweet read with not one but two potential Love interestsnot a lot of Hot action but that doesn't bother me as i have a perfectly good imagination ; The friendships are fabulous good old fashioned Girl Code and Boy Code with Jake Her Love interest Best Friendahhhh I was routing for him until Gavin came along and then I am sorry but ooooo all bets were offhe was HOT and Jake was out of the window history or notI loved the Magical and Supernatural elements to this it wasn't heavy it was whimsical Oliver made me laugh he was such a sweetheart The Cat I needed of the Cat I wanted the cat to bite certain people or scratch them when the twists and the Btche Bianca came aroundI liked it a lot a sweet story with a Few twists which had me floored a couple of hot men Some great friends and some Great chemistry I am looking forward to the next book in the series where we concentrate on one of the other characters but as we spend a lot of time with them all in this book it will be great to carry on with them and their story in the next in the series

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    Love this book Hollie Westring is awesomeI couldn't stop reading this book The Grandma in this book reminded me of my own Whispers and Wishes was an excellent story about Eliza who is in search of her mother and throw in a Grandma a best friend and many other characters What I mostly loved about this book is how there was a touch of paranormal without it becoming to much It was a non stop drop A girl learns what is most important to her after spending three years searching for her illusive mother What I liked about this was the trilogy friendship which begins where Ivy comes to the inn and meets Eliza and Lexi I looked forward to these specific parts With all this non stop adventure what will happen when Eliza is leaving Will she be able to leave with her Grandmas problems and a few love interests including an old flame Jake? Read to find outBest Read of 2014

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    So many things to love in this book and series I enjoyed meeting Eliza and her family and friends especially her grandmother Her story of constantly moving around following her mom is heartbreaking but I can see why she might have wanted to do so Most people wouldn't have been able to do that so it was an interesting story lineI really liked the mix of things going on in this book especially the closeness of the main characters Hollie Westring gives readers a good dose of small town USA with the values that go along with that with the addition of the spirits that most towns don't see It's a fun mix that kept me interested form the beginning When I finished this book I immediately bought the second book Spirits and Spells and I'm anxiously awaiting book 3 Try this series I think you'll be glad you did

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    Whispers and Wishes Sage Springs Series Book 1 by Hollie Westring Eliza Monroe has been traveling the United States for three years looking for her mother that she never knew She decides to come home to Sage Springs Missouri to visit her grandmother She finds that her Grandmothers Inn is not doing so wellShe decides to stay for a while to help her grandmother out She is reconnected with her friends makes some new ones faces her child hood enemy and has two young men showering her with affection She has a major decision to make as family secrets are revealedA light romantic story with a paranormal undertone I was able to relate to Eliza and her personal issues The story was original the characters were believable and likable some not as much as other I recommend to those who love romance drama and a bit or paranormal