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It’s been five weeks two days and eight hours since the demons forced uinn to throw herself into the raging river since Aaron sacrificed himself to save her since his body disappeared without a traceEveryone wants uinn to move on but she can’t not after a spirit appears to her at Aaron's memorial convincing her he’s still aliveWhen a mysterious box materializes on the very spot Aaron disappeared uinn finds she’s at the center of an ancient prophesy of betrayal revenge and sacrifice that takes her to the depths of the underworld to face Lilith—Adam’s first wifeIf uinn can stop Lilith from unleashing the demon horde Eve trapped inside the box during the Battle of Eden millennia ago she will save the human realm and free Aaron from an eternity in tormentAll it will cost is her blood

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    Review posted on The Eater of Books blog Pretty Dark Sacrifice by Heather L ReidBook Two of the Pretty Dark Nothing series Publisher Month9BooksPublication Date July 28 2015Rating 4 starsSource eARC sent by the publisherSummary from GoodreadsIt’s been five weeks two days and eight hours since the demons forced uinn to throw herself into the raging river since Aaron sacrificed himself to save her since his body disappeared without a traceEveryone wants uinn to move on but she can’t not after a spirit appears to her at Aaron's memorial convincing her he’s still aliveWhen a mysterious box materializes on the very spot Aaron disappeared uinn finds she’s at the center of an ancient prophesy of betrayal revenge and sacrifice that takes her to the depths of the underworld to face Lilith—Adam’s first wifeIf uinn can stop Lilith from unleashing the demon horde Eve trapped inside the box during the Battle of Eden millennia ago she will save the human realm and free Aaron from an eternity in tormentAll it will cost is her bloodWhat I LikedIt has been over two years since Pretty Dark Nothing was published That book was one of my favorite books of 2013 It was very uniue ad original and fresh and I loved it from start to finish I remember rereading it a few times and so the book is still one that I remember pretty well Nevertheless while I didn't love this seuel like I did Pretty Dark Nothing I certainly enjoyed it My rating is like 35 stars but not uite 4 starsIt's been over a month since Aaron sacrificed himself in order for uinn to live He saved her from drowning in a river but he himself died The search for his body has been called off Yet uinn does not believe that he is dead She is sure that he exists still And he does which she soon finds out He is in the Underworld held captive by Adam's first wife Lilith Also uinn has Eve's blood and flesh and she is able to fight ad banish demons uinn will stop at nothing to get Aaron back even if it means allowing Lilith to release an army of demons effectively dooming humanity This book felt different from Pretty Dark Nothing Less raw less emotional In the first book uinn was all over the place and her character was a bit shaky By the end she changed greatly and became a strong and deadly girl In this book uinn is desperate to find Aaron with or without the help of her friends or her Sentinel Azrael uinn's desperation makes her impulsive but also very very powerful I am very pleased with uinn's character development in this bookThe story is wrapped around uinn's search for Aaron No one believes her when she says that she knows he is out there Everyone looks at her with hatred because he is the one that died saving her Even uinn's best friend Reese hasn't been speaking to uinn But uinn's friends don't abandon her and Reese Marcus and Caleb a new guy friend of uinn's band together to help her and support her I love Marcus he is a tease and a flirt and a great other half of Reese Caleb is calmer and of a low key flirt but he knows that uinn's heart is elsewhereWe do get bursts of scenes with Aaron's point of view Aaron is in the Underworld captured by Lilith who is trying to find a box that contains her demon army they are trapped kind of like Pandora's box Lilith tortures Aaron in the worst of ways and Aaron learns strange things about himself that he didn't know Things start to click and make sense but Aaron is still trapped I really like Aaron his situation is hopeless yet he never gives up He is a go with the flow guy but he is also an impulsive angry guy when he's provoked I like Aaron a lotThere is romance in this novel and series in general This book is told in third person switching between Aaron and uinn though uinn than Aaron by far Though Aaron is held captive in the Underworld he and uinn do communicate in this book in an inventive way And when they see each other solidly sparks fly like in book one Readers will be very satisfied with the romance of this novel no insta love no love triangle Overall I really enjoyed this seuel There will definitely be a third book given the way this one ended This book was engrossing and engaging and functioned well as a seuel novel The third book looks like it will be the epic showdown and I cannot waitWhat I Did Not LikeThis book didn't have the same feel as Pretty Dark Nothing One of the things that I absolutely loved about book one was the rawness uinn's drama the difficulty of all that she was dealing with This book has significantly less baggage I guess some people might like this though I just wish it were the opposite because the rawness of emotion and pain was one of the things that really drew me inBut still this novel was dark and full of guilt and shame and pain so I really can't complain all that muchWould I Recommend ItGiven the uniueness of this series I would definitely recommend this book and its predecessor Not only is the series uniue but entertaining and uite dark too Borderline creepy and scary though I scare easily The romance is very satisfying The female protagonist is one of those characters that seems like she might be weak but proves her strength over and over Such a great novelRating35 stars rounded up o 4 stars I read this one pretty uickly which is great because it shows that the book wasn't boring I am uite excited to read the third and hopefully final novel I say hopefully because I hate waiting for series to be completed Gimmee the next book now

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    35 Stars'Pretty Dark Sacrifice' is the second book in a young adult paranormal series that continues to focus on our main character uinn Taylor as she recovers from the incident at the river Armed with the knowledge of who she is and what she's supposed to be able to do uinn begins to finally train with her guardian angel Azrael During all of this Aaron's body still hasn't been found and everyone around uinn has given up hope and accepted that he's dead They try to get uinn to accept it as well and begin to move on with her life but she has the strongest feeling that Aaron is still alive and he needs her help desperately Her beliefs are strengthened at Aaron's memorial service when a spirit tells uinn that's she been right all along that Aaron is alive but barely holding on Without knowing what to do uinn visits the river the spot where both she and Aaron jumped in that fateful night She finds a strange box in the exact spot where Aaron disappeared from and knows that it's no coincidence she found it there She finally discovers the whole truth about herself her powers and her ultimate purpose in the supernatural war that's waging Along with this information uinn learns that Eve has been trapped inside the box since the Battle of Eden If uinn can set Eve free she will be able to save the entire human realm and save Aaron from a horrific eternity as Lilith's toy in the Underworld What does all of this have to do with uinn? How is she supposed to get to the Underworld and free Eve from the box? Will she be able to get there in time to save the human realm and Aaron?This premise of this series is spectacular it could be mind blowing in the best of ways I enjoyed the first book of the series and really hoped that the second book would be written differently with some of the bumps and glitches taken care of Sadly this didn't uite happen for me Don't get me wrong though I did enjoy the book There were just some aspects of the story that got under my skin which has nothing to do with the book but me personally Other readers might not have the same issues as I did while reading it so again it's all just my opinionThe plot itself was once again incredibly fascinating and had tons of potential but like I mentioned I feel like parts of the book didn't uite live up to what it could've been The characters continued to be realistic and we get to see a huge change in uinn's character In the first book I found her a little annoying and whiny; but throughout this book she really transforms into a mature character that can seriously kick some demon butt I love that she grew and changed so much especially in a positive way and I enjoyed watching it happen in the story Aaron's in the book as well and we get to see his character also grow and mature into the person he's meant to be uinn and Aaron's relationship was bumpy and realistic but I loved to watch it grow into something really beautiful I loved trying to figure out what was really happening during the story before uinn learns all of the answers to our uestions It kept me on my toes and eagerly reading each page The paranormal aspects of the story were amazing and I wished that we got to learn about everything The story goes into detail about some of the things that happened and will possibly happen but I wanted to know all that I could about everything paranormal Which would take up a huge amount of space and probably detract from the actual plot so I get why the author had to stop at some point Like I mentioned this book has serious potential and I'm still hoping that the next will come into it's own and have all the kinks worked out so the compelling plot can shine brightly through like it should've been during the first two books The writing itself was well done and had a fast pace that kept me reading and guessing as fast as I could One of the other things that irritated me a bit was the use of descriptions Normally I love detailed descriptions and lots of imagery that allow me to slip inside of the story almost naturally In the case of this book though it felt like the descriptions were too much and a lot of it seemed unnecessary The story and characters are great but at times it felt like the overuse of description which could be kind of cliched took over and everything else was muddled underneath it all There are definitely things left wide open at the end of the book which I'm guessing will lead to a third book if not I like the characters and how they're evolving and the plot line is almost hypnotizing at times because it's so intense so I'm really really hoping that the next book will have ironed out the kinks we saw in the first two books With those pesky little problems out of the way it will be so much easier to dive headfirst into the story and get lost inside of uinn's world I also think that by fixing these issues readers will be able to truly grasp the plot and then be blown away by it Everything that it needs to be a huge hit is in there and with some adjustments it will be able to break free and shine like it's meant to I'll definitely be waiting for the next book I'm not giving up on this series I want to see it through to the very end and I also want it to become the beautiful novel and series it's supposed to beDisclosure I received a free copy of the book in exchange for an honest review

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    Pretty Dark Sacrifice by Heather L Reid is Book II in the Pretty Dark series but I will do my best to only share my feelings and not include any spoilersPretty Dark Sacrifice picks up where Pretty Dark Nothing left offuinn still hasn’t mastered her powers and I am wondering if she needs a swift kick in the ass and to be told to “man” up At least that is how I felt in the opening pages but she uickly proved me wrong She grew to be stronger both physically and mentallyHer best friend Reese is normally a happy go lucky girl and the kind of best friend we all wish we had but her secrets were driving a wedge between them that she thought could not be avoided Reese deserves a normal life and I want it for herWill uinn fulfill the prophecy? Will she be the savior or the bringer of doom?As Lilith inserts her evil presence the story’s pace increases for me I begin to feel a sense of danger and suspense Just what I’ve been waiting for I was enjoying the story but wanted some of that extra kick You know what I meanHumans demons sentinels immortals and Lilith The box Eve and angelsThe angels make me think of the TV show Supernatural Just because they’re an angel doesn’t make them goodCan you change your destiny? Aren’t we given the power of choice?A love story that lasts for eternityAs the story develops the clash between good and evil threatens the humans very existenceuinn has grown and developed gained confidence and fights doubts determined to accomplish her goal – to save AaronI was given a copy of Pretty Dark Sacrifice by Heather L Reid in return for an honest and unbiased reviewVisit me and see at

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    A copy of this novel was provided by the publisher for reviewI fully intended to re read Pretty Dark Nothing before I started this book but time got away from me and I wasn’t able to I was a bit wary because sometimes second books in a series leave no room for book amnesia and I am left completely floundering if I haven’t been able to re read the first book to get my book memory back Luckily enough Reid wove in the important aspects of Pretty Dark Nothing into this book and I was never left floundering and confusedPretty Dark Sacrifice is incredibly different from its predecessor The demons play a huge role in the book and uinn really comes into herself as a character And a lot of shit goes down Aaron is stuck in the Underworld with the evil Lilith and she’s searching for the apple that Eve bit into way back when so that she can release the second half of her demon army on the human realm uinn is intent on saving him and the worldI was sad that uinn and Aaron weren’t really together in this book because I really loved their reactions in Pretty Dark Nothing They compliment each other really well and I do want them to get a happily ever after at the end of this seriesHowever I think this separation allowed uinn to really come into herself Sure she had her weak moments we all do but she accepted her destiny as Eve recreated pretty well and her determination to get Aaron out of the Underworld – and at any cost – was pretty badass She also doesn’t take shit from anyone and I love that She became a heroine worthy of her storyAaron also came into himself during their separation We learn that he’s half angel don’t worry not a spoiler you find out really early on in the book and turns into a totally hot angel boy with golden wings and everything He’s not just a human and he can do so much than he ever believed Like protect himselfI was a little disappointed and annoyed in uinn’s best friend Reese and I felt like she could have been both stronger and capable She’s a bit stupid to be honest and I wanted from her character I did like however the introduction of Caleb because I think he really added to the story and I liked that he and uinn formed such a steadfast friendship I like platonic relationships between guys and girls in YA – because they CAN happenPretty Dark Sacrifice ended on a HUGE cliffhanger not unlike Pretty Dark Nothing and I hope I don’t have to wait another two years for the next bookAlso LOOK AT THAT COVER DROOLS© 2015 Chiara Books for a Delicate Eternity All rights reserved

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    Actual rating 35 stars Note I received a free digital e ARC for review purposes thanks to Chapter by Chapter the publisher This does not affect my opinion of the bookThe seuel to Pretty Dark Nothing was just as gripping uniue and full of twists as its predecessor Pretty Dark Nothing Unfortunately I did find the main character to be uite annoying unlike in Pretty Dark Nothingwhere I was able to sympathize and understand the protagonist However I did come to accept her by the end of the book and that's one of the main reasons I rated this book closer to 4 stars The plot and writing were also greatPlotI really liked the plot it was uniue and I would say I liked it even than that of Pretty Dark Nothing By just a little bit though One of the things I liked that I usually like in all seuels is the fact that I was already introduced to the characters and the book was able to start off immediately in the middle of action There was no need to start off slowly after all But what I liked most about the plot was the storyline The whole thing with Lilith and the demons I've read several books with demons in them but both this and Pretty Dark Nothing provided me with a different take on them which I enjoyed reading about in this book These demons they fed on negativity and the way this was portrayed was so interestingWhere she went the demons followed Already they invaded the ever widening cracks in her mental barrier She could feel their insidious claws digging into her memories searching out her painPretty Dark Sacrifice ARC Chapter 1CharactersI will say right off the bat that uinn was difficult to enjoy in this book In the first book she made a lot of mistakes but for the most part I was able to understand why and sympathize which was the main reason I was okay with her But in this one it was different because while I understood why she did the things she did I couldn't exactly sympathize or approve Okay so she's in love with Aaron and feels guilty because he sacrificed himself for her but that doesn't mean it's alright to be reckless and risk everything to save him when it meant that the whole human was at stake I did understand why though; she was desperate and guilty and I guess when you're in love that's what happens? I don't know but I was annoyed with her attitude for most of the first part of the book However I did come to like her soon enough I did admire her bravery and determination not to mention strength in facing Lilith and her demons I also really liked the lack of love triangle in this one if there had been one it wouldn't have made sense and it would've just been bothersome uinn came off as annoying and weak at the start but by the end I actually did come to really care for herAaron we don't get to see much of in this book but I did like him Probably even than I liked uinn I really liked his dedication and love for uinn although I would say he deserves better He was also very determined and never gave up on finding a way to escape and defeat Lilith As for the other characters I think they kind of fell flat but they were still good nonetheless I liked Marcus Aaron's best friend he was a comic relief and very sweet Reese uinn's best friend I wasn't that impressed but she was alright There was a good cast of characters that were essential to the story and relatively interesting to read aboutWriting StyleThe writing style was great I really liked the mood Heather L Reid was able to create with her writing; dark and mysterious There were also a lot of descriptive passages which were great because they weren't overdone and were useful in visualizing the world It kept me interested in the book and I flew through the pages as a resultOverallI liked this book I would say I liked it around the same as the first book although I would say I liked the plot for this a bit better I found the main character to be annoying in the first part of the book but I did warm up to her as I continued the story and by the end of the story although I didn't love her she was a good character The other characters were interesting too What I liked most about this book was its storyline I definitely recommend giving this series a try if you're looking for a refreshing take on demons or like paranormal romance From what I read in the ending it seems like this will be a trilogy and I'll be looking forward to reading the last book This review will soon be posted on my blog

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    For lack of a better saying holy hell This book was the epitome of Awesome I absolutely adored book 1 and I couldn't wait to jump into book 2 While reading the story you're thrust into this world that's stuck in between the balance of good and evil Every little nuance of each side was done impeccably I loved reading the continuation of uinn's story and learning about AaronKaemon The back story between the crew and their past lives was so spectacularI also found a lot of satisfaction in uinn finally opening up to other people It was great to see Reese finally being there for her best friend with no secrets between them In this book were introduced to some new characters and given a better glimpse into some of the older characters We meet a character named Caleb who has a small ability similar but not as strong as uinn's Is definitely a character I look forward to reading about in the next book because I have some suspicions of him its just a little too coincidental that he has a small ability to see as she does But don't worry I'm not suspicious in a bad way so feel free to fall in love with himIt was also really fun to see uinn step out of her damsel in distress role and dive headlong into the kick ass character we all knew she could be I also loved that Marcus played an even bigger role than he did in the previous book A big supporter of uinn when people just thought she was insaneI definitely feel that the back story was developed a lot in this book that it was in the previous Book one you're introduced to these characters and just giving a slight glimpse into the terror that is their world But in this book you get this fleshed out story that's holds you what made it the way it is why they're dealing with what they're dealingNow the first book was a little dark but not exactly the kind of give you nightmares book that one would expect with Shadow Demon figures This one definitely has the massive creep factor making it seem of a young adult horror novel then a paranormal fantasy This author has an amazing way of writing scenes and characters that make them almost real There was a bit of predictability but only because you've grown to know these characters so well that you kind of know where they're going so its not as irksome as other booksThis book doesn't pick up exactly where book 1 ended there's some weeks in between the final scenes of book one and this one's beginning but I feel like it gave uinn room for growth You don't have to deal with those uncertain moments that would have inevitably made her week and unlikable You're introduced to uinn 20 or rather 15 You get to see her still uncertain and holding onto a grasp of that lost girl from book 1 but she's in the process of this metamorphosis into the new are better when you get at the end of book 25 uillsThis series is a perfect mixture of Supernatural meets Pandora's box with lots of twists and turns and unforgettable characters I don't think I can stress how amazing I found this book or how much I love the series It's really good and pretty easy to follow It's written with a clear story arc and a pretty easy to follow line from point A to point B But you're also given all these crazy and action filled crescendos I just absolutely adored the premise of the story and the execution I cannot wait for the next book in the series as I'm sure it's going to be even better than this one

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    Review to come after blog tour 25 StarsUpdateFor the life of me I just could not connect with this book at all I thought that after reading Book 1 that it would only get better – because I somewhat liked the direction the story seemed to be heading This one didn’t even scratch the surface of being as likable as the first Second book syndrome at it’s finest Well in my opinionLet’s start with our heroine uinn I liked her character in this book She wasn’t as whiny and bchy here which is a good thing considering She followed those gut instincts of hers and was able to focus her powers on finding Aaron and possibly saving the people as well uinn’s and Aaron’s connection was realistic in this book As they say “You don’t miss the water until the well runs dry” After that jump in the last book and his immediate disappearance everything shifted uinn just knew that he wasn’t dead and I’m glad that she got her head out of her axx She was too focused on herself in the first book to fully appreciate his character until the endNow the paranormal aspects in this book could have been I really didn’t get half of what it all means There was no direct connection for me and that’s a deal breaker I need answers than uestions I’m not sure why this bothered me so much but I think it all could have been explained than it was It’s like the author just decided to muddy it all up and let the reader make up what was actually happening characterization wasn’t the problem it’s the world building Give me than info dumps I need to be able to visualize the scenes taking place Show not tell There are too many mystical beings in this world to not have them all outlined to fit the flow of the story Angels demons watchers godsgoddesses etcI was keen on keeping up with the antagonist Lilith than all of the other stuff going on At least her plan was firm even if she is an evil bh The underworld could have definitely been touched upon some I’m not sure on the rec front for this series Okay so there is some good with this I won’t lie But if you are looking for everything to be tied up tight then I’m not sure if this is the book for you It has so much potential though so it’s hard to say if I will even read the next book I want to so badly But my opinion is only that an opinion Don’t just take my word for it because I’m really debating on whether to see this through because it’s not a bad series I just think that it could be than what it is

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    It has been a long time since I read the first book Pretty Dark Nothing and I admit that I forgot a lot of the finer details But I remembered enough to know that I truly enjoyed it and I was hoping that enjoyment would last through book 2 And it did Whew uinn as a character has grown in leaps and bounds She is determined to save Aaron who is believed to be dead from the Underworld She is fierce in this book so than the first She is strong and capable Maybe a little bit reckless but it is understandable She doesn't care what anyone says thinks about her or does Her goal is to save Aaron and she will stop at nothing or for no one Aaron is another great character and I really enjoyed his POV He is MORE than he was in the first book and it was interesting watching him grow as a character As far as characters go from the MC's to the secondaries Heather Reid knows how to make personalities distinct She knows how to give us characters that we can root for and care about and that is one of the best things about this series by far Pretty Dark Sacrifice is fast paced and intense and there were certain parts of the story that had me so wrapped up and engrossed the world around me faded There were some slow spots and certain things that weren't perfect but honestly? I just didn't care All in all I truly enjoyed this book I am enjoying this series The author definitely knows how to write a great book and I look forward to from her in the near future Thanks to Month9Books for letting me read an ARC of this book

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    Kindle Copy WinIt’s been over a month since Aaron has sacrificed his life for uinn’s life His body has yet to be found as demons have forced her to be thrown into the raging river uinn believes he is still alive despite people telling her to move onA sudden appearance of a mysterious box appears at the location where Aaron disappears begins the prophecy to life An ancient prophesy that includes betrayal revenge and sacrifice that will take her to the depths of the underworld where she must face Lilith—Adam’s first wife who holds on to AaronIn order to free Aaron she must sacrifice her blood but doing so it will allow Lilith to unleash the demon horde Eve who is trapped inside the box during the Battle of Eden millennia ago Can she save the human realm or save Aaron what will she choose or can she be able to save everything?What are we willing to sacrifice for love? An interesting read of what people willing to do for the one we love

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    I received this book in exchange for an honest review Pretty Dark Sacrifice is the second book to Pretty Dark Nothing I found it intriguing than the first novel It was very well written and the characters were developed This book had a lot action and suspense compared to the first book I give this book 4 stars