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Five strangers Countless adventuresOne epic way to get lost Four teens across the country have only one thing in common a girl named Leila She crashes into their lives in her absurdly red car at the moment they need someone the most There's Hudson a small town mechanic who is willing to throw away his dreams for true love And Bree a runaway who seizes every Tuesday and a few stolen goods along the way Elliot believes in happy endingsuntil his own life goes off script And Sonia worries that when she lost her boyfriend she also lost the ability to love Hudson Bree Elliot and Sonia find a friend in Leila And when Leila leaves them their lives are forever changed But it is during Leila's own 4268 mile journey that she discovers the most important truth sometimes what you need most is right where you started And maybe the only way to find what you're looking for is to get lost along the way Book Club Common Core aligned materials included in book

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    And predictable And unrealistic for a contemporary Yet it was fast paced and I actually read it in one sittingThere are we can say five short stories inside this book but they are linked to one another thanks to a same character who is present in each of them LeilaLeila is something of a mystery throughout the story She comes out of nowhere the only thing she tries doing is to help people but for Hudson’s case it wasn’t helpful to him at all what she did She’s nice with those characters which all had something on their heart that needed fixing Although the fact that her road trip brought her to those person and that she every time stumbled upon great ones was very unrealisticShe could have been in danger so many times Just the fact of traveling alone in a car without much is alarming in the first placeAs I said there are five different stories and POVsHudson's He repairs cars waiting to finally go to his interview to get his scholarship which will help him study to become a doctor in a good college And then there’s Leila who arrives and makes his world go upside down There is insta love between them and it was so cheesy and eye roll worthyBree's Bree’s mostly on her own having left her sister’s place It’s a bit than that but basically she kissed her fiancé and then left for dead She does illegal things along with Leila who she met randomly needing a ride Things happen and they both end up breaking the law bringing trouble upon themElliot's Oh man this was the cheesiest and clichéd story of them all His best friend is a girl Guess what? You guessed right He’s in love with her but his friend does not think of him in that way When he attempted to kiss her she ran away Then he meets Leila who helps him get the girl Of courseSonia's This one’s predictable as hell Sonia was married before but her husband Sam died Then she not long after meets somebody else who she actually comes to love Except you may think it’s a good thing but she doesn’t feel like it’s right thinking that she may betray her soul mate Sam Who died as I mentioned This time Leila doesn’t try to bring Sonia and her boyfriend who wants space and clarification since Sonia’s not 100% in in their relationship back together but since something else is urgent STILL the turn of events is clear as water No mystery Nothing to discover since we can guess it allLeila's The final part is reserved to Leila’s story In that one we come to know about her and why she’s on the road in the first place This was in fact my favourite story since I really wanted to know about the main character from the very first page The ending is predictable as well and I personally thought disappointing for I wanted this story to have a deeper meaning and not the usual one we can find in any YA contemporary romance bookIn general it wasn’t a bad read but definitely too cheesy and cliché The concept is interesting but it wasn’t executed the right way This will definitely not please everyone and I in fact don’t recommend it for there are so many YA books out there that surpass this one and deserve to be read much

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    When you want a book to escape reality for a few hours Let's Get Lost is what I would hand you A road trip intriguing characters wild adventures and of course a healthy dose of romance this is the perfect beach readI've read a few road trip books and this one is just as much fun yet different in many ways We follow Leila's trip to Alaska but we follow it through others' eyes the story is told using the point of views of the people she gets to meet during her trip I found this very uniue and it allowed us to get to know Leila through different perspectives We start with Hudson who uickly becomes the love interest I can see why some have different reactions towards him he can be frustrating especially at the end of his POV but he came off as a realistic teenage boy who's afraid of going after what he wants While some might consider this romance insta love they had so much chemistry that I could legitimately feel their connection His part also made me instantly click with Leila and her boldness I knew then that she was a character I would really like Then we move on to Bree who coupled with Leila's boldness puts them in trouble but not without first having a blast The third character Elliot takes the hopeless romantic out of Leila when they try to get him his girl And finally Sonia though I felt the least connected with brought us on a fun adventure across the border While meeting all those people we also get the hint that Leila's story is not as simple as she makes it seem There's darkness and sadness hidden behind her carefree persona and when we finally do get to see her POV we learn of the tragic past she's trying to heal from by going on this trip It's emotional and gives the journey that much meaning We also meet characters that help her along in those final chapters that are just as colourful adding even heart and personality to this story Because we only get to see Leila's perspective at the end I do feel as if her character was not exactly underdeveloped I will say kept at arm's length For this reason I don't think I was as emotionally invested as it was intended but I still felt she was genuine and her voice compelling Though it may seem this book has emotional depth and it does it remains a lighthearted read regardless It's well balanced with enough humour joy and just plain recklessness to keep it fun; the emotional stuff gives it substance without weighing it down The ending is maybe a bit too perfect and definitely predictable but those who love HEA endings will appreciate it Entertaining and full of adventures Let's Get Lost will make you laugh and smile and want to take a trip across the country yourself This is the perfect beach read; the perfect rainy Sunday afternoon read; the perfect get out of a reading slump read An advance copy was provided by the publisher for reviewFor of my reviews visit my blog at Xpresso Reads

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    Please note I am biased as I'm the editor of this book However this book has been an utter pleasure to work on and I can't recommend it enough Watch for it in August 2014

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    Pages Read 21I am by no means the authority on this book and I'm sure plenty of people will love it From what I read and the research I did prior to DNFing I think it's very John Green but the John Green of the novels I didn't much care for Looking for Alaska and Paper Towns If you loved those you probably want Alsaid's debutThat said I bowed out after one chapter of the first perspective WHY?He only allowed himself a uick glance at her knowing as soon as he saw her that she was the kind of girl who could make you think your life was not complete unless she was in it She was a jumble of contradictions short but with long legs fierce green eyes but a kind expression baby faced but wiseHe meant to bury himself in work right away but against instinct he stole another glance How long would the memory of her face haunt him? Days? Weeks?slipping her hands into the back pockets of her shorts which made her posture change in a way Hudson couldn't help but notice The uiet world outside the garage noticed the change in her posture the damp Mississippi air noticed even the various grease stains spread out on the garage floor noticed Weeks he thought to himself I'll be thinking about that face for weeksUsually no matter what distractions there were around he could shut everything out and delve into his work It was the same with studying at the library; friends could come by to tease him cute girls from his class could take a seat and try to engage in conversation but Hudson never let himself be swayedBut there was something about this girl that made him want to hear her opinions on everything hear about her day tell her about his ownThe girl turned to him an eyebrow arched containing a smile by biting her bottom lipWhat had driven him to make such a silly comment he couldn't say nor could he explain why it had felt so good when she called him a dorkShe gave him a smile and then turned to look out the garage her eyes narrowed by the glare of the sun Hudson wondered if he'd ever been so captivated by watching someone stare out into the distance Even with the pretty girls he's halfheartedly pursued Kate and Suzanne and Ella Hudson couldn't remember being so unable to look awayThe girl hadn't just let him ramble on; she'd known exactly what he meant No one not even Hudson's dad had ever understood him so perfectly Months he thought to himself his fingers practically buzzing at the touch of her skin I'll be thinking about her for monthsAll of these uotes happened in the section I read pages 11 to 21 of the ARC Now I get that there are other perspectives and they'll probably better However this guy Hudson goes on for 77 pages SEVENTY SEVEN It was a conscious decision to choose to start with a point of view like this one which puts Leila in the position of being a full on MPDG a term I try not to use very often Leila herself only gets forty pages at the end I don't like what this says about the book Plus I really don't want to spend an hour reading about this guy fawning all over Leila Because blech

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    Buy this book on or buy this book on BookDepository with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIIPPING I received a free hardcover of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review All opinions are my own35 of 5 stars Please read my rating system further below I NEED LEILA TO FIX MY LIFE LIKE NOW AT THIS INSTANT WATCH MY VIDEO REVIEW ON YOUTUBE HERE My rating system I do use half stars5 I do not use the 5 star Not because a book might not be worthy but because a book is never perfect4 I loved it There weren't too many flaws and I had no trouble getting through it A 4 star rating is the highest rating I've ever given a book3 I enjoyed the book but there we're flaws that made me enjoy it less2 I finished the book but there were too many flaws for me to enjoy it1 I could not finish the book and I probably did not finish it

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    My copy is actually 359 pages before Reader's guide and book previews45 Stars overall I thinkWarning this review has my fan casting for the book simply because it is fun PThis was a fun book right off the bat the format didn't bother me at all It was fun getting to see Leila through each of the people she met on her journey Each adventure had it's own charm and uirks in turn having me cryinglaughinggiving hugs to everyone Each adventure wrapped itself up nice but I found myself wanting to spend time with these people imagining what happened to them after Leila came like a whirlwind into their lives and then leftLeilaThroughout the story she has this aura about her making her seem older than her years to me a least but her age at the same time You can tell she has her own story to tell through the little glimpses of things and I was semi patiently waiting for her POV ; When her story does come come I don't feel sorry for her exactly not unsympathetic understand but a little sad for her and glad that she was alright but yet wishing I could do sometihng for herMaking any sense? Her motivation for seeking the lights was sweet and I found myself hooping alongside her that she would get what she came for The scenes at the campsite were fun and sweet in turn specially with Dee and her familyIt all ended on a lovely note I was glad for what happened yet sad to turn the last page on this magical journey It makes me want to take a roadtrip to the Northern Lights someday now dangit Leila ; Hudson I've decided that my trip to see the Northern Lights will be a treasure hunt I'm going to steal your idea to look at the world as if it's always hiding something of value I hope that's okay Northern LightsGorgeous hmm?Fancast for my favoritesHudsonBreeAlexisElliotstill unsure here any suggestions??JeremiahSoniaagain only my opinion and the ages might be off but a girl can dreamOverall this was a really great read and I would recommend it happy reading waves

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    People hurt each other Leila said without much inflection in her voice It happens to everyone Intentionally unintentionally regretfully or not It's part of what we do as people The beauty is that we have the ability to heal and forgive The plotLeila is on a roadtrip to Alaska to see the Northern Lights I won't tell you guys why since that will spoil the story On her way there Leila met four people Each of them have problems and even if these people are strangers to Leila she tried to help them in her own little way Leila felt lost and she wants to find herself but maybe some lost things are not meant to be foundThis was such a delightful and heartwarming debut I love the adventures and the feeling of anticipating what's next I feel sad that I didn't know how to drive yet yeah ew but when the time comes that I know how already I will absolutely have a roadtrip of my ownThe charactersEach characters in the book are different They are flawed and complicated They made excuses but Leila doesn't put up with them She pushes them to live life to continue even though it's better to give up and to always seize the dayI really connected with the people in this story I cared about them and kudos to the author for making me feel that way because it's hard to do Sometimes when I read I couldn't care less what happened to the people in the storyThe only problem I have is that I wished these characters were explored Their encounter with Leila is good but it feels short to me The endingI know some people will react badly at that ending but not me I kind of liked it After everything that happened to Leila she deserved her happy endingI look forward to reading of this author's works Definitely recommendedFinal Rating 355 stars ARC provided by publisherauthor in exchanged for a honest review

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    See reviews at YA Midnight ReadsIt's moments like these when I need to take a minute and check my temperature to make sure there's nothing wrong with me Because looking at this high average Goodreads rating I'm pretty shocked Like really shocked I had high hopes for Let's Get Lost it's said to be a fun road trip book about finding yourself finding love finding hope and just getting lost for a while It definitely has that though very basically Throw in a moral throw in a logically incorrect and not so intriguing adventure and there's all that this book has There's no depth in the characters there's instant loveattraction and the story line is oh so boringMore or less this book is a series of 5 short stories bound together as one by a spine The only thing that truly connects them is the same reoccuring character Leila And I think that's where this book went wrong for me Because this book was basically just 5 short stories only 70 pages long for each story and each one was told in a different POV; I couldn't connect with the characters and their situations Each time I felt like I was thrown into a random person's life and was told a bunch of information about the person then taken on a little uninteresting adventure when they meet Leila It just didn't work I couldn't care less about what was happening to them because there was no establishment of a connection between us and the charactersThere is a romance in this novel And it was a terrible one So basically this romance occurs in the first story which is told in Hudson's point of view The second he sets his eyes on Leila he cannot stop talking about her beauty and her face and her face and her faceyou get the point There is instant attraction I don't hate instant attraction so this wasn't a huge problem until they both start making out a few hours later What The Hell And they call this love guys Hudson literally meets beautiful stranger who has been road tripping then takes her on a tour around the town and then his house because she could totally not be a axe murderer face palm And only hours after meeting they start making outMy sole reason for not DNFing this novel was because I liked the themes the author was trying to say and portray; showing us the different statuses of love and hope these characters held or lack thereof and how through meeting a girl and going on a spontaneous adventure they began to change While I found these character developments very weak or just not very believable in my opinion all kudos to the author for thinking of a brilliant idea to show these morals and themesAlso I didn't like how each time Leila met someone they just so happened to be in a crisis or huge milestone in their life and were happy to just let a stranger know everything about their life While the concept of this novel was good it was far fetched I mean you'd need at least 70 pages to get to know the person and their situation but in this case 70 pages and the short story is already finished and the next one is startingAll in all I'm rather shocked that I didn't like this and how disappointing it turned out to be The hype and campaigning for this novel has been huge but I just don't see how it stands out Thank you Harleuin Australia for sending me this copy

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    25 starsThere's plenty of cringe inducing elements in Adi Alsaid's Harleuin Teen road trip novel Let's Get Lost Certainly leading the cringe parade is the 17 year old road tripper Leila a Manic Pixie Dream Girl in a zig zag northerly uest to view the Northern Lights who randomly arrives at various parts of the US Vicksburg MS; Kansas; Minneapolis MN Seattle WA just in time to sprinkle fairy dust on fellow teens enchanting boys and girls alike with either insta love or omniscient life lessons as she herself as it is slowly revealed is similarly in need of the advice and life lessons she dispenses Also the males Leila encounter on her trip are so darn miluetoast y they exist in some kind of wimp vacuum of Alsaid's design Case in point boy gets jilted at prom boy goes up on stage with the band and sings Ace of Base's All That She Wants Is Another Baby Really Then my parental hackles are repeatedly raised by all the unrepentant alcohol consumption by the teens in this book Case in point wimpy prom jiltee above is first met by MPDG Leila as she clips him with her car as he staggers out into the street shit faced drunk Also the parents in this book are so ineffectual and faux involved in their kids lives it's almost scaryYet I'm still giving this almost three stars because I'm thirty years removed from Alsaid's target audience Despite the cringe inducing I think I would've somewhat enjoyed this light and frothy road trip novel when I was the same age as its protagonists

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    This review has also been posted on The Social Potato Actual Rating 35Let’s Get Lost was a book I was looking forward to reading and I am really glad I wasn’t let down I wouldn’t say it blew my mind away but I definitely had the feels I think the best way to think of this book is to allude it to one of those you read when you’re not having a great day It’s far from perfect as when I look back I can think of so many things that could have been better but in spite of this I'm not even tempted to lower the rating because I still remember this book with fondness although it hasn’t been all that long since I’ve read itThis won’t be for everyone though There are an awful lot of conveniences and problems that are solved uite easily but if you like me love happy endings then this book is  for you If you get warm cuddly feelings when everything works out for someone then you’ll love this Just like I didAnd no saying that isn’t really a spoiler This book consists of 5 short stories and personally I think it was a very interesting way to develop the plot We get the stories of each of the 4 people whose lives Leila has made a difference and then we finally get hersLeila is a very interesting character She seems to be this happy go lucky kind of person in everyone else’s story but when you get to hers you realize there is so much to her She has her own problems but in the one day she gets to know each of the other characters in this story she manages to have a huge impact in their livesHudson was a likeable character as far as I am concerned but at the same time the insta love like feels between him and Leila were a little off putting and did take away some from my enjoyment His story is nothing out of the ordinary but at the same time it's something many people experience and while I wish the ending to his story hadn't been that vague we did end up getting closure so there was thatBree’s story was my favorite though which is surprising because I was completely frustrated by her character at first but it turns out her childishness and immaturity were important to the story and her conclusion left me with tons of warm happy feelingsElliot's story was adorable He is in love with his best friend but she turned him down and so he and Leila spend the whole night trying to win her back It does have that romantic comedy like feel to it and is slightly unbelievable considering all of that happened in a night but at the end of the day I enjoyed his storySonia’s story was perhaps my least favorite because it was pretty heart breaking for me Sonia’s ex boyfriend died a year ago and she’s been seeing this other person for a while and loves him too but she’s too afraid to really do something about it because she constantly feels like she is cheating on her ex who she loved too The adventure she and Leila share was pretty unbelievable and although it did make the story a lot less gloomy I had a lot of uestion mark moments when I wondered how that was even possible no spoilersI do think that each of their stories could have benefited from being longer so that the characters could have had  depth but I don’t have a lot of ualms when it comes to this storyAlsaid tells each of their stories in such a manner that you cannot help but be swept along in each of their stories and hope that they all get an HEAIt was Leila’s story that surprised me the most though especially when we finally get to her POV and realize there is so much to her  She is the character who you really want to cuddle with and I think her story is one of the most realistic in this ‘collection’I wish I could say but I don’t want to spoil these stories and am trying to keep this as vague as possible so that you can experience all of these characters journeys for yourselfThis is a beautifully written book and I’d definitely recommend it to anyone who doesn’t mind a slow pace and stories that aren’t all about something big happening It’s a perfect summer read and I had a lot of fun reading this