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After the Storm of the Century rips apart New Orleans Adele Le Moyne and her father are among the first to return to the city following the mandatory evacuation Adele wants nothing than for life to return to normal but with the silent city resembling a mold infested war zone a parish wide curfew and mysterious new faces lurking in the abandoned French uarter normal will have to be redefined Events too unnatural – even for New Orleans – lead Adele to an attic that has been sealed for three hundred years and the chaos she unleashes threatens not only her life but everyone she knows Mother Nature couldn’t drain the joie de vivre from the Big Easy but someone or something is draining life from its residentsCaught suddenly in a hurricane of eighteenth century myths and monsters Adele must uickly untangle a web of magic that links the climbing murder rate back to her own ancestors But who can you trust in a city where everyone has a secret and where keeping them can be a matter of life and death – unless that is you’re immortal

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    5 MIND BLOWING STARS You can find the full review and about this book on my blog The Casuette Girls by Alys ArdenBook One of The Casuette Girls seriesPublisher fortheARTofit Publication Date October 31st 2013Rating 5 starsSource ARC sent by the author Firstlook at this coverIt's perfectionjust like the bookI adore this cover so muchbecause it reminds me somehow American Horror Story and I love that tv seriesAnd I don't know why but I kept thinking about that show reading this bookI freaking loved it The Casuette Girls is a paranormal mystery romance YAAnd believe me it is not fluffy romanceI wouldn't have rated this 5 stars if it wasActually I liked the romance hereIt did not become a really big dealand it was fun to read about itI must say when I learned this is also with vampiresI was less intrigued to read itbecause vampires and witches are my least favorite creaturesbut I didn't mind here at all I really liked the way the book is writtenIt is so uniue from othersbecause sometimes you are lostat least I wasI liked all the parts of this bookbecause they completed the story so beautifullyAlso the charactersI liked Adele because she was not the typical female charactersand she reminded me Violet from American Horror Storyso of course I loved her The story takes place in New Orleans after the stormThe main characterAdele who wants to have a normal lifeBut meanwhile she discovers that she faces some strange powers and also there are a series of unusual events that began a long time agoAlso new people come to her life and everything starts to changeWill she complete the jigsaw that has been going on for so long? I highly recommend this book to every readerespecially if you read paranormal YAIt is a perfectionPick it upPictures from the review are not mine I took them mostly from Google images or Tumblr

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    45Thank you Alys for sending me this copy Thank you Casey ann books for pushing me to read this Brilliant book for fall Supernatural New Orleans History I love it Cant wait for book two

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    Guilty pleasure alertI have to admit as I began this book I found my eyes rolling several times at the silliness of it all I wasn't sure it'd be for me But somehow as it went on I found myself continuing to turn the pages enjoying it and It didn't get less silly but I was along for the rideAdele Le Moyne is a high school student whose hometown of New Orleans has been devastated by a terrible hurricane Is it Katrina? I'm not sure there's not mention of Katrina at all and it might be an even worse storm After spending two months in Paris with her rarely seen mother Adele is ready to rejoin her father and start rebuilding her homeThe destruction she encounters is shocking Her school is closed down The streets are empty But some of her old friends are around trying to make the best of a bad situation along with herThere are the teenage things to deal with soon Adele is placed in the upper crust girls' private school where her designer duds from France are her only hope of being socially accepted After school there's the annoying guy from the coffee shop who unfortunately ? starts taking art lessons from her dad And then there are the two drop dead handsome Italian brothers who say they're in town searching for lost family members ooh la laBut stranger things are also in the offing After a bizarre experience at the old convent Adele seems to be developing a talent for telekinesis She has to consult with her new friend down at the local voodoo store who's also a 'cool' girl AND the mayor's daughter about whether she might be a witch and the descendant of old time New Orleans witchesWhen we hop back in time to learn about what happened with those old time witches back when young unmarried girls were sent over from Frances with only the 'caskets' than supposedly contained their dowries light is shed on the supernatural events that Adele has become entangled in back in the present dayGood fun and view spoiler the vampires don't UITE sparkle hide spoiler

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    This review contains spoilers New Orleans based author writes New Orleans based YA paranormal book with serious Originals vibes Adele and her father return to New Orleans after a hurricane not Katrina forced them to leave Adele Isaac and Desire a rag tag team of hot teenagers who don’t fully understand their powers accidentally release an evil on the French uarter—an evil only they can fightIn all seriousness it’s an entertaining read with a love triangle and narcissistic villains The side characters capture the city beautifully and their uest for a return to normalcy in complete ignorance of the paranormal fight going on despite many being knowledgeable in the occult is the perfect juxtaposition for the primary plotThe back story is introduced through a diary which I thought benefited the story because it introduced exposition in a way that educated Adele at the same time as the reader and offered a pacing and tone change to the storyThe big twist came in the end when Adele realized her mom was also a vampire and had to make the difficult decision to lock her in the attic of the conventI look forward to finishing this series Any chance to immerse myself deeper in the city I love is a choice worth making I love how the author didn’t solely rely on landmarks but used street names and gave brief historical contexts of each neighborhoodWell done

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    I wanted to like this than I did I really do The blurb sounds amazing and intriguing enough for me to pick this book up I wonder why MC's and romance have to fuck everything up for me I don't know if it's just me but the romance department of some of the YA books I've read lately annoys the shit out of me It's just so frustrating and disappointing I felt very tiny like a pawn in a life size game of chess where the stakes were real How many wrong moves have I made unaware that I was even a player? I have no idea what this story is about when I started reading it I was pleasantly charmed and intrigued with the setting of the book but aside from the characters and romance that pretty much put me off I also didn't appreciate how the story is so eventful but still make the story somehow drags A storm has almost swept the New Orleans apart The damaged was bad so bad that the government turns a blind eye on what's happening of the place and when the initial news and excitement has died down it's like people of New Orleans was left to fend of themselves which I find utterly ridiculous The place is just starting to get on their feet after the nasty storm if it isn't bad enough dead bodies after dead bodies are found in the streets drained with blood and the government and even the media has decided to let them deal with their problem Its like New Orleans was temporarily removed of the map to conveniently cater the story There goes your world building But to its credit the book made a very good job at advertising New Orleans because it got me really intrigued I fell inlove with New Orleans and the introduction of the Casuette girls I think that it's amazing and uniue I even started looking through google images what New Orleans look like and to know information about the Casuette girls and the writing was great That's pretty much the reason why I stick with the story all other thing was a turn off for meThe story started out so great then the MC suddenly met 2 mysteriously sibling hot guys and another 1 in a cafe the story started to freaking dragged i struggled not to actually start reading backwards to just know what will eventually happen I also think that this book is uite a hypocrite I mean it is so strongly against to the idea of sparkling vampires which is ridiculous but have no problem making the vampire blush and have flickered heartbeat in this book Well I guess if the author wants their vampires to blush sparkle or have a heartbeat who am I to judge?This book had a great potential and superb writing If unnecessary romance doesn't annoy you then by all means don't let my review scare you away from reading this book

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    I just finished this book and oh gosh My dad’s at home right now so he probably thinks I’m all hopped up on drugsOkay I’m going to try to make this review review like than a crazy fan girl I think I’m going to die rant I don’t know if that’s possible I’m still reeling in from this DEEP BREATH The first time is always unforgettable and get your minds out of the gutter that’s not what I’m talking about Have you ever wondered what it would be like to re watch a favourite movie again for the first time? The magic of the first time is kind of ruined when you can anticipate everything that happens The Casuette Girls by Alys Arden is one of those books you finish and close wishing that there was a way for you to read it again for the first time So the book is divided in three different parts and I’m going to try reiterating my thoughts on the story without any spoilers Part I You’ve cracked open the book and you’re read to just dive in because you’re dying to learn what the mysterious blurb on the back is referring to Seven girls tied by timeFive powers that bindOne curse to lock the horror awayOne attic to keep the monsters at bay But Arden teases you she dangles that golden carrot in your face while leading you into the water We don’t know right away what this curse is or who these seven girls are let alone what monsters are being locked away in said attic Instead we’re introduced to Adele Le Moyne possibly one of my favourite YA character ever She takes us on a tour around New Orleans after the storm and we get pulled into the city because it’s impossible not to love the city with how she describes it There are freak and random incidents that happen throughout this part but you kind of brush it off because well it’s a city trying to repair itself no duh there’ll be stuff happening around that wouldn’t normally occurHA As if anything in this story is accidental – Arden lures you with that golden carrot so far into the water you’re already dead before you know you’re drowning You don’t know it just yet but the story has begun So we begin part IIPart IIOh my carrots I can’t even tell you how much I adored this part – I loved reading the diary entries This might earn me a slap in the face but I think I liked Adeline so than Adele in this part because every time we were brought back to the present I kept thinking ‘oh my gosh what else happened to Adeline?’ But it wasn’t only Adeline that caught my attention in the diary the “Ette” triplets as I called them in my head Cosette Lisette and Minette were as captivating as Adeline described I don’t know if Arden made Cosette the way she did on purpose but as a reader I was drawn to her so than the other two sisters view spoilerso it totally killed me when I reached the part where Cosette ended up being the only “survivor” of the triplets because Lise had to kill Minette to well stay immortal Oh the feels hide spoiler

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    When I read a book I hope that I'm taken away to a place far from my own When I read I book I hope that I cry scream gasp laugh and all that good stuff When I started The Casuette girls I had no idea what to expect I was hoping I would feel all of those things and boy did INew Orleans in this novel is a place of Magic history mystery romance and destruction Adele Le Moyne has returned from staying with her mother in Paris while attending Notre Dame university Adele fled with her father before the terrible storm hit New Orleans that created the most heartbreaking destruction She's back in New Orleans with her father and its time to start again However things are some what different now she is back and not just because of the destruction the storm had left in its wake When she is caught up in a spell that wasn't hers to begin with When she meets two mysterious brothers who are hiding a big secret when she finds a diary that will change her life forever and when all else fails its time the coven band together to fight evilAdele is one of my favourite heroines of all time She wasn't at all two dimensional I could picture her sitting on my bed and having a conversation with me she's badass doesn't take no for an answer and is one brave chick You can definitely tell that Alys Arden is from the French uarter of New Orleans because of the amount of detail and eeriness that she brought to this book So much so that I am now going to New Orleans next year it has to happen There are some shocking revelations in this book Im not going to spoil it for you people but lets just say it wasn't wedding dresses in those Casuettes it was something much sinister and excitingAly has created word images so vivid that it is almost like watching a movie She takes you for a romp through beautiful New Orleans with an action packed suspenseful event that had my heart facing and had me excited from beginning to end Don't open the attic door guys Its locked for a reason READ THIS BOOK

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    Let's review this D5 witchy starsI said it once and I'll say it again this book was freaking amazing The book tells the story of Adele Le Moyne Her and her father are forced to evacuate their homes when a huge storm referred to as The Storm rips through New Orleans leaving death and destruction everywhere Washed up houses broken families nothing is left untouched Soon after their return strange unnatural things start happening to Adele new mysterious faces join the french uarter and dead bodies start turning up deaths unrelated to The StormCaught suddenly in a hurricane of eighteenth century myths and monsters Adele must uickly untangle a web of magic that links the climbing murder rate back to her own ancestors But who can you trust in a city where everyone has a secret and where keeping them can be a matter of life and death – unless that is you’re immortal Well Has the book piued your interest yet? The book was interesting this was my first witch centered novel I think and I loved every bit of it I was so fascinated by all the stories even if they were made up of New Orleans the history the integration of the casuette girls which in fact were a real thing and also the paranormal aspect of the bookThe build up in the beginning was slow Adele's character she was very annoying in the beginning due to her denial Ugh she went back and forth believing she had powers to thinking she was crazy But after she accepted what she was the story finally kicked off After about a uarter of the way I found it so hard to put the book down I just wanted to keep flicking the pages to find out what happens next Alys Arden does a great job at foreshadowing hints to add to the mystery surrounding Adele and The StormThe characters were all very likeable there is a love triangle in the book I didn't really mind it since it was done well I really liked Nicco and Isaac And Gabe And Sebestien and every other freaking character in the book Each had their own personalities and were different Even the bad guys were kind of likeable It was such a perfect set of characters for the book I don't know what else to say there were a lot of twists a lot of secrets get uncovered and shit gets crazy by the end of the book I should also mention that this book is sort of told in two POVs one being Adele in present time and the other being Adeline Adele's ancestorIf you love YA paranormal books with witches heaps of mystery great characters and plotline then read this READ IT

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    Putting this aside at 11% It seems like there is potential here but it's not keeping my interest enough to want to continue right now Besides reading funk and all just means it would be worse if I tried to keep forcing myselfPrevious postFree with Kindle Unlimited or 199 on September 17 2017 I saw the word vampires and I was sold

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    This review was originally submitted to Author AllianceI admit I don't read a lot of YA Why not? Well because so many times the teenage characters have so much angst that I just can't get through it That said the description of The Casuette Girls really spoke to me and I decided to take a chance Wow I am so glad I did The Casuette Girls is technically a YA Paranormal Romance The main characters are all sixteen to eighteen years old If you're looking for a book suitable for teens this is a good candidate There's no sex no swearing and only limited violence That said there's a whole lot else going for it that will keep you engaged even if you're well north of thirty I wish I could summarize the story for you I want to But there's just so much to it that any description I could possibly make would pale in comparison to what the book was near perfection First of all the book takes place in New Orleans right after Katrina The author does a fantastic job of capturing the horrors of post storm life while not delving deeply into some of the political aspects of the issues that happened in Louisiana You'll feel for the characters who had to return to storm ravaged life and you'll learn how the city's undefeatable spirit kept it going when it seemed like all was lost Next the vampire narrative is incredibly well done The story bounces back and forth between Adele's ancestor Adeline's diary and present day and it does so nearly seamlessly All too often these flashbacks can be too drawn out and slow but in The Casuette Girls they are incredibly important and very well done Just as you're wondering why we need to read all this history the author shows you exactly why you're reading There were parts of the climax that took me completely by surprise and that is rare The author left me wanting but not a lot I don't want another book well unless there's another threat to neutralize but I'd love to read an epilogue or check in with these characters five years in the future to see what happened after all of thedrama Superbly written and edited this is a book that will hold your interest from the first page to the last Each character is important Each is well defined and well crafted The ending is thrilling and nearly perfect This is definitely one of the top books I've read in 2014