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A young widow houses secrets than the one growing inside her Gisa Jackson lives a uiet predictable life until she undergoes in vitro fertilization Reproductive specialist Dr Rayden Brooks discovers a secret it's not her dead husband's baby nor is it hers When she is targeted for the child she carries Gisa must find the strength and courage to resist evil But is the evil from within or without? Gisa lives a lie she believes shadowed by a man who holds the truth He has the power to destroy lives including that of her unborn child Her only hope for salvation is to aim for the light

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    Moonbow is an edge of your seat thrill ride that is sure to leave your head spinning and your heart full If you love stories filled with suspense mystery and sweet romance then you will love this story The many themes that encompass this story will tug at your heart and set your mind on a path to uncovering harsh truths that need to be faced Gisa is a woman who lives a simple uncomplicated life Even though her husband is dead she is comforted with the fact that she carries his child This thought propels her through each day and gives her the will to go on However all is not as it seems and she uickly finds herself thrust into a deadly game of cat and mouse To add to the madness she is immediately offered help by a man that she barely knows Not having anyone else that she can run to she accepts his help and in return she finds that her life will never be the same againThe issues dealt within this story are some of the hot button topics in society today – cloning when life begins evidence of our faith etc The author deals with these issues in a very straight forward and honest way She portrays the facts in light of the circumstances and then interjects honesty and emotion Since we are creatures of emotion that part of us cannot be cut off from the debate The truth will seep into your heart and ultimately your mind clearing away the doubt and fear that threatens to strangle it The characters pulled me into this journey with them and I was helpful to refuse I was in awe of the depth of their struggles and the heart that they showed in trying to overcome and survive They held nothing back and what they received in the end will astonish you as much as it did me This is definitely one story that is full of surprisesSheila Hollinghead is an author that you will want to keep your eye on Her undeniable talent will take your breath away She has a relaxed yet touching writing style that feels as natural as a refreshing breeze on a summer day I loved this story and I am looking forward to reading from her

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    Good bookThis is a very different book than normal Visa is running from and organization that wants her baby This starts out slow and your not sure where it is going Just keep reading and it will become clear

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    I received a free copy of the book from the author for my honest opinionGisa lost her parents both of her parents at the same time in a car accident After losing both of the parents Gisa never had many friends in high school When she went to college just made a few friends but not many Gisa was the kind of girl who just stayed to herself Then she met David and fell in love Not long after they were married David was sent to Afghanistan He was killed in the war Gisa wanted to have David's baby her one and only connection that she would have of her husband You know something to remember him by and to also have a piece of him with her alwaysGisa had earned her teaching degree and was teaching small children with autism She loved her job and her kids She loved being with them and helping them But she wanted this one last thing from her husband a baby So she is artificially inseminated with David's sperm Then one day one of her Doctors pulls up at her school saying they had to leave and they had to leave now Gisa couldn't just leave some of her kids were still there at the school and she waiting with them on their parents to pick them up No way was she going to just leave those children there standing on the curb by their selves Gisa and Rayden are being chased by these guys who want Gisa's baby Rayden is trying to save her from the men that are after her He is only trying to get her away before they get to her and kidnap her Gisa doesn't know if she can trust him or not but something tells her that it is ok to go with himRayden and Gisa go on the road and travel across several states trying to stay one step ahead of the men that are after her and her baby They finally end up ditching them or so they think Well maybe they did and maybe they didn't even though they didn't see them or think they didn't With so many members in this group of people there are probably someone from this group in every state they come to They are than likely being followed or they actually know where they are the whole time and maybe just playing with them knowing they can catch them anytime they want but they probably need a place where there would not be many witnesses before they take or kill themMoonbow is full of mystery suspense and Christian values Rayden is a Christian and Gisa is an atheist She tells Rayden that her parents were agonistic and she was atheist Rayden is telling her that god will take care of them and keep them safe He is also telling her about people in the bible but Gisa has no idea who or what is talking about Being raised agonistic she has never read them bible But Rayden tells her about the bible God and Jesus he is not only trying to save her life he is also trying to save her soul and get her to turn her life over to GodMoonbow is a great story and I would recommend it to anyone who likes a good mystery with a lot of twist and turns Rayden and Gisa are two very wonderful people that care about other people and will put others first They will put their own lives in danger if that is what it takes to save the lives of others They both come to care about each other so much that they both put their own lives in jeopardy trying to get to the other one to keep them safe when they are torn apart

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    MoonbowHitler? Really?? Wow such a wrong person to clone but then everything is plain wrong about cloning and trying to take God's place to dictate who is chosen to live and who isn't I respect this book on several counts and the Authors for her courage and boldness to deal with these issuesAbortion is plain killing and there is a commandment in the Bible though shell not kill life is given by God and God only God wanted that baby to live otherwise he wouldn't have let it get conceived it doesn't matter how much man tries to prove himself all powerful and in control it is still God using their evil for His Plan and bring good out of bad Man is like a pawn in God's hands being used and God is sitting up there laughing at our silly planning and conniving how truly limiter is our mindShelia Hollinghed takes some critical debates of this world tying them together and putting them in the light of righteousness in this thriller action mystery and a great romance I really liked the balance and truthful approach author took in this book main characters aren't super heroes and their feelings don't blossom out of blue Gisa's confusion and fear and ultimate decision are very real life like Same with Rayden and his desperation to save Gisa from evil men and the baby from her Nothing happens without logic behind it and it made this book very believable and very much movie materialDisclaimer I received a free copy of this book from Publisher through netgalley in exchange for my honest opinion

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    Moonbow is one of those books that I found thought provoking because of the uestions it raised when it came to ethics morality and faith and there were times when I found myself wondering if my reaction would be the same if I ever found myself in situation similar to Gisa But beyond that I thought was very well written I was drawn in to the story from Chapter One and the flow of the book was just right with suspense throughout the bookAs far as the charactersI took an instant liking to Dr Rayden Brooks or Rayden when he was introduced As the male lead he was the type of man who would do whatever he could to protect Gisa even when the situation seemed hopeless What I liked most about both of them is that when they needed to be they were tough and I found myself saying “wow” a few times when I read the situations that they found themselves in on a number of occasions throughout the book Overall I loved the suspense aspects of this book and I thought it was very well written There are a few uestions that are left unanswered and I think there could be room for a seuel if one was written If there is I'm interested enough that I'd definitely read it I recommend Moonbow to anyone who likes Christian fiction with a little edge to it I'd also recommend it to those who enjoy suspense and thrillers

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    Picking this book up to read by the cover it was definitely not what I expected it to be and for that reason I didn't enjoy it as much as I would never had read this type of book So readers don't judge this book by it's cover It has nothing to do with Westerns and Cowboys as I had this whole Texas Ranger think Killer Women TV show image in my mind and then I opened and was introduced to a whole new genre and storyline The book starts off with Gisa waiting in a hospital room and there is a guy also in the waiting room and it looks like he was sent to assassinate her but he can't as there is something about her that appeals to him The story then jumps to Gisa being picked up at her job by DrBrooks and then we discovered that this book is in fact a science fiction type novel and started to remind me of the movie Children of Men with Clive Owen As Gisa has been currently going through IVF treatments to have a baby and now she is finally pregnant but it turns out her baby is in fact a clone and get ready for the clincher a clone of Hitler Are you confused and weirded out now as I was ? Now Gisa must run away with DrBrooks in order to save herself and her baby from a German Organisation called The Chosen who believe that Gisa must be killed as her baby will become the next feared EvilIf you like Sci Fi's then this is the read for you

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    I had a hard time getting into this book The pacing was a little slow at times and I often found my mind wandering It had so much potential to be a fast paced thrill a minute read but it kind of fell flat The story was very intriguing and uite suspenseful and I enjoyed piecing together each clue as it was given but by the end of the book I still felt out of the loop I didn't uite get what the whole cloning thing was for and I wished there had been clarity So much was put into what Die Auserwahlten were doing but the main result the big WHY was just out of grasp Another thing that kept me feeling disconnected from this story was the unbelievable acts that sometimes occured I know this is fiction and I've never been pregnant before however some of Gisa's actions just seemed impossible I'm not sure how she coped at nine months doing some of the daring thing she did and it just didn't feel real Having said all that I still enjoyed this book to some degree The plot was interesting the characters were well developed and showed a lot of strength throughout the story so much so that I was their biggest cheerleader Unfortunately this book was just missing that special something that draws me in completely and doesn't let go until the very end

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    This was a different story for me but it seemed very intriguing so I couldn't pass up the chance to read it It was a different twist and I was really anxious to read what it was aboutThe beginning was a bit slower for me to get into I was a bit confused but one the story did pick up and the main characters wereon the run it was a non stop action filled ride This story was action packed from the beginning but once you got into detail with the lives of these characters and the story that was unraveling right before everyone it was an awesome rideI love that Gisa and Rayden obviously felt the same about each other but were too afraid to admit it You know in the end its going to end up very happy David was a big surprise to me and I will leave it at thatThe whole idea of a genetic clone and the link to Eva Braun and Hitler was a interesting twist although very odd but the idea of it is uite scary That is a man no one wants to ever deal with again I love how the true idea of the clone was never fully figured out I guess you would say The faith based in the novel is very beautiful and really helps bring the characters around full circleI very much enjoyed this book it was an interesting ride a different twist and I fully enjoyed reading it

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    This started out with a bang What a great tension packed beginning Then I thought it would continue building but it fell a bit flat I got heavily bogged down switching back and forth between Gisa and Raydon Great premise but it didn't follow through to the endThe prologue is unnecessary It does not add to the flow of the story nor does it create anything but a deceptive understanding of what the storyline will beCharacter development is okay The split between the two protagonists creates a story flow jam No tension builds because the reader is yanked from one character's story to another every few pagesI'm not a fan of this style of story plotting The dialogue is a bit stilted and doesn't seem natural in places as if the author is trying to make characters do and say something that is just a a bit out of character for themOtherwise the pace is pretty good and the writing is pretty good It would be good for a fast afternoon read I give it 2 of 5 stars

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    Gisa was pregnant at last with her dead husband’s child She was happy with the way things were going in her life When all of a sudden Rayden Brooks an associate to the fertility doctor who had helped her shows up and says she is in danger That her baby is a clone She thinks he is crazy at first then slowly things start happening and the truth starts falling into place The web of intrigue surrounding the Die Auserwahlten Gisa and her unborn child is almost than can be untangled by Dr Brooks alone Gisa in the meantime is slowly being tormented with the thoughts that a clone is evil or is it just a baby? This was an extremely interesting book Well written and kept me at the edge of my seat The mark of a good story is always trying to somehow jump in and help hollering at the characters and the like Yup I did it all with this book I will recommend this book to my friends who like suspense and intrigue as it has plenty of both Altogether well worth reading