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does it work Graham asked his fellow inmate inuisitively? Solomon's simple answer that back home in Ghana we think so is all that Graham needed Maybe the Dolls will help him a judgement of sorts But he wouldn't be able to do this all on his own He was stuck here and 'they ' were out there in their pretty farmhouse playing happy families Mark would have to help to get the things that he needed Then it would be down to him how he used them The debut Novel by SB Mann is set in Gloucestershire in 2012 The story follows Graham Morgan and the Marchant family as they follow their seemingly different lives separated by prison walls but joined by a collective history and Africa's Secret Power

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    I really enjoyed reading this book which was given to me by a friend It was easy to read and I finished it in only a few days The Author managed to give a real feel for Prison life and the contrast with the Family interactions was particularly interesting The reversal of popular conception was also thought provokingIf you like reading something a bit different try this