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A romantic fairy tale from Mark Miller Yes the words romantic and Mark Miller appeared in the same sentence Miller uses vivid imagery and his sense of humor to create a story of role reversals Most fairy tales have a damsel in distress This one has a man sel in distress Kelan the only son of the youngest son of the chief is subjugated to a life of servitude with the village Sage He loses his fiery tempered best friend Brietta at a young age because she bears the mark of the Dragon’s KissAn actual dragon attack on their village sets the stage for a uest of romantic proportions

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    I had the opportunity to read a pre release copy There's so much to like in this book From touching prose Of course love always wins What kind of fairytale would this be if it did not? It is not always the stoic man that champions his woman however Sometimes it is the other way aroundto laugh out loud Kelan grew up in the village ofwell the name of the village is not too important After all it is going to be destroyed soon AND A book of Common Spells for the Common ColdThis story offers a lot for fans of fantasy and especially fairytale

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    Dragon's Kiss turned out to be something different than what I was expectingand in a wonderful wayDuring his childhood the kind hearted Kelan discovers Brietta Bri is a strong willed little girl with a big heart who saves Kelan from being bullied Together in their childhood adventures they find a baby fox in a basket trap Not wanting to see their new found pet be destroyed they assure Kelan's father there's nothing of interest in the basket regarding the chickens being stolen They name their new furry friend Uros Uros brings the smiles and added bits of fantasy that make this story perfect But soon the conflict sets in At such a young age Kelan does not realize just how he feels about Bir until she is taken from him because she bares the symbol of a dragon's kissAfter several years Kelan witnesses a band of warriors riding by and believes one of them is Bri The story takes some rapid twists and turns and brings the reader to wanting of this slightly different fairy tale Thoroughly entertaining this short shows the ability of author Mark Miller to create tremendous mental visuals from words Scenes and settings are made easy to envision by the author's amazing crafting of this fairy tale presentation You find yourself in the action The sights the smells the soundsthey're all there for the reader to imagine and expand upon The reader will journey through a not so easy childhood then smoothly transition you into adulthood with a tasteful hint of long lost love romance in a delightful way I am looking forward to of this story It's my kind of escape from such hectic days and brings inspiration to us all Kudos to the author for sharing his vivid imagination with those of us who have been blessed to discover this fine work

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    I so much enjoyed the tale and story of A Dragon’s Kiss that I couldn’t put it down It is interesting and entertaining It certainly transports you from your world into one of fantasy and dreams I found A Dragon’s Kiss to be clean and wholesome It has dragons and magic just the right amount to make it a great storyKelan is seven years old and being bullied by another kid in the tribe because he is a peaceful and loving kid He loves animals and cares for them A combination that bullies love for their victims Another problem he has is that he isn’t destined to greatness and his family and tribe people treat him as sucha no oneBrietta is a new comer and Kelan feels a great connection to her especially when she tells the bullies to get lost They enjoy a few years in which they become inseparable and their friendship blossom until one day when the elders in the tribe discover that Brietta has the kiss of the dragon That is the last time Kelan will see heror is it?A Dragon’s Kiss is a great book for children and pre teens It will make a very good addition to any library It reads like a narrative than anything else but this does not take away from the good tale nor does slow it down It is short and sweet and many will enjoy this introduction to the series The Empyrical Tales which seems to be a young adult romance series

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    It may be the child in me but I just love fairy tales And I also love to be taken on adventurous journeys through the wilderness Mark Miller has combined these elements in this exciting story At a young age Kelan was saved from a bully by a stunning young girl named Brietta A strong friendship develops until after a couple of years it is discovered that Brietta has a ‘dragon’s kiss’ She is taken away from the village and Kelan knew he would never see her again But then years later they will meet again and they go on an unexpected journey—chasing a dragon through the wilderness I’m sure readers will just love this story of adventure dragons magic miracles and yes romance

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    Kelan and Brietta meet as pre teens and form a bond of friendship Torn away from each other by circumstance or fate they meet again some years later Kelan has discovered his ability as a magician Brietta is now a dragon hunterAs they travel together new thoughts emotions and capabilities spring up between themWorking with each other will they be able to defeat the dragons who are destroying their land?