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Was the author of Pride and Prejudice really a poor uneducated woman with no experience of sex or marriage? A woman who spent most of her life in rural seclusion never meeting any other literary figures and whose only formal education was two years at a basic primary school? This is what biographers of Jane Austen expect us to believe But if this is the case how could she have written those novels which are considered by many discriminating critics the finest in the English language? Nicholas Ennos shows that the real author was a woman who moved in the highest circles of London society was educated in Latin and Greek and spoke fluent French He reveals the author to be Jane Austen’s cousin and sister in law Eliza de Feuillide a married lady of the highest intellect whose ten year course of education was supervised by her famous father a man at the very centre of the intellectual life of London The book traces Eliza’s exciting life from her birth in Calcutta India to the court of Marie Antoinette the execution of her first husband in the French Revolution and her connections to the leading literary figures of England and Germany and reveals why the supposed novels of Jane Austen were so strongly influenced by those of Fanny Burney

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