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    Just a few pages into this story I was sitting going ‘WOW this is amazing’ It’s such an original uniue take on the whole supernatural world So here’s a bit about the story then we’ll get into what I thought The story starts with an intriguing and interesting recap of another person’s tale Major Green It is meant for a guide for Tom Flynn who is being sent to war It tells of how the Germans captured Major Green and tried to convince him during recovery of retrograde Amnesia that he was a German spy in the British camp Tom is in the middle of the war 1944 when he’s killed When he arrives in Britannia a Realm of Purgatory he believes that Germans have set up an elaborate plot to confuse himHowever Tom soon realises that he’s not been captured by the Germans and it isn’t all a ploy With his skills he’s sent to work in the The Transylvania Flying Suad of Detectives a police department located in the Realm of Britannia Transylvania City where the deep dark souls live Vampires werewolves goblins and witches run amok in Transylvania City and Tom is the newest member of the police force thereIntriguing isn’t it? Well it only gets better Because Tom arrives in the middle of a little conundrum Strange things are going on and even the police captain Red doesn’t understand what’s happening Can Tom figure it out?The blurb for this book hints at ‘one of the worst villains throughout all history’ With the title of this book you would assume that this meant Dracula or Vlad the Impaler both of whom are mentioned throughout the story However this isn’t right The villain is much mysterious and of a surprise when you come across their name and historyWhat I loved about this book was that the supernatural aspect while mentioned a lot and the basis for the atmosphere scenery etc was actually the secondary story First and foremost the Transylvania Flying Suad of Detectives is a detective novel and murder mystery It had me engrossed the whole way through never knowing who or what people were of if they were who or what they said they were Overall a fascinating intriguing story In my opinion it was left open for to come and I can’t wait

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    Most fun I ever had reading a book I read this in one sitting and then read it again the next day after coming across some of the comments left here This book is simply the best and I had not heard of it till I accidently came across it here at Goodreads It is so much fun and the only thing I can say negative is that the seuel is not out It actually hurts waiting for itAs for a movie I'm all in pushing for this book to be made into a movie I just don't know who to wish for to star in it Ryan Gosling?Emma Stone?This is simply the most exciting murder mystery ever and the ending is wham bang fun and full of twistsTom Flynn is maybe not as smart as Sherlock Holmes but so much fun to root forAlso the writing in this book is just so smart some of the best descriptions ever I loved the speech the villain gives at the end explaing why he needs a victory against Tom It is some of the superb dialogue in this novel and it's not even the best one I don't wan't to spoil it for you you have just got to read this fantastic stroy

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    Rip roaring YA adventure that appears to be Taylor made for a series I hope Just crying out to be made into a film

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    This book will change your life for the better It is so entertaining and exciting Would make the best movie since Men in Black

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    The following review is for The Transylvania Flying Suad Of Detectives by ML Dunn The copy I read was provided by either the author or the publisher free of charge through the GoodReads FirstReads program I have not been nor will I be compensated in any manner by the publisher author GoodReads or anyone affiliated with any of these people or entities for my reviewSince I like to give good news first let us start with the good points of this book I liked it I really liked it a lot For the most part the story and plot move along swiftly with mostly believable characters most of whom have a good sense of depth to them The book was written in the style I like best just enough description for my imagination to take over without being verbose or flowery or heavens forbid Dickensian in nature The book starts with Tom our leading character dying in WWII and winding up in Britannia Purgatory for his next life He is met by Mr Jordan who is tasked with routing incoming residents to where they can fit in the best and do the work they do the best Tom is a bit of a perplexing person to place as he's from the United States and people from the US normally wind up in the New Amsterdam Realm After a bit of discussion a change of clothes and a last minute impulsive decision on Tom's part Tom decides to go to Transylvania and join their police force there as a detective hence the name The Transylvania Flying Suad of Detectives and no the detectives do not get to fly On the way to Transylvania City Tom meets up with another recruit Mike Horne who also died fighting in WWII and arrived in Britannia that very day as well Tom and Mike get along just fine on the train ride into Transylvania City where things start to get very weird very uickly Once in Transylvania City we meet a decent cast of characters including vampires werewolves rock trolls gremlins goblins witches and the like We even meet who turns out to be the ultimate villain in the book we just don't know it yet The story continues to flow at a decent pace gradually speeding up towards the end where by the last 20 pages or so I had the book grasped tightly in both hands words mere inches from my face so as to see them better and reading just as fast as I could to find out what happened next how Tom got out of each jam he found himself in and he found himself in an almost implausible number of jams to get out of at the endI'll bet you're wondering if I liked the book so much and found it so engrossing especially at the end why did I give such a low star rating The reason for that is two fold First I thought the beginning of the book could have been done better The author spends an entire prologue on this story Tom heard while he was in training about how the Germans tried to turn a captured Allied pilot into a double agent by using the pilot's amnesia to concoct this entire story about how he was really a German spy and had infiltrated the RAF two years earlier This was a good premise and the author freuently had Tom remembering back to the lecture about this pilot but then he only uses it for maybe 2 pages at the beginning of the first chapter He really could have done something with that premise and not had Tom believing Mr Jordan uite so uickly about being in Purgatory But the author didn't He set up this wonderful premise and then he didn't use it to it's fullest extent The other reason I gave such a low star rating was because of the constant errors in the book I hope the copy I received was an uncorrected proof copy because the grammatical errors typos missing words added words sentences that just didn't make any sense misspellings and poor editing plague the book and almost bring it to its knees I would expect in a novel this size for there to be no than one maybe two if I'm feeling generous errors for the whole book Unfortunately there was an average of one to two errors per chapter Errors of this sort really interfere with the enjoyable reading of a book because just as you're really getting into the story I mean really into it disbelief has been suspended you're jarred back into the real word by a sentence that makes no sense a typo a punctuation error that changes the meaning of what you're reading a missing word and extra word or just plain poor grammar Now hopefully my copy is an uncorrected proof copy even though it doesn't say that it is and hopefully these errors are corrected in the copies that are available for sale because The Transylvania Flying Suad of Detectives is a fun read that deserves better than to have its readers turned off by all the lazy errors Those are the two reasons I rated this book so low If someone can prove to me that the errors are corrected in the sale copies I will very happily add a star to my ratingSo basically if you can handle the errors without them disrupting your reading flow too badly you like detectivemystery stories and you like a lot of weird sprinkled around your books The Transylvania Flying Suad of Detectives is for you And maybe you can be the one to tell me why the detectives don't fly if they're a flying suad of detectives5213 ETA I received a nice message from the author today It seems he is working diligently to take care of the grammatical spelling and other technical errors I was complaining of He also hinted at a change near the end that would bring the tale from the beginning full circle and make it relevant to the story Ordinarily I'd wait to see the changes made first before upgrading my rating but honestly I loved the story and I want it to be rated higher than three stars so I've gone ahead and upgraded it to four stars So I'd say get the next edition of the book because once the problems are fixed it's going to be great

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    StarsDefinitely the best detectivemysterythriller of the yearI would love to see maybe Jake Gyllenhall as Tom Flynn Emma Stone as Rebecca

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    Fun and exciting Would make a great movie

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    I bought this book cause I came across it at Library JournalGlad I did because it it great Highly inventive Lot of fun to read and the ending is top notchhttpreviewslibraryjournalcomimage error

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    Let’s make it clear at the outset that this is a small budget self published affair; its lack of pretension and literary aspiration both of which ualities succeeded so wildly for James Brotherton in Reclaiming the Dead work to its advantage It’s straight ahead pulpy fiction in a simple soft boiled Mike HammerPhilip Marlowe gumshoe style and surprisingly successful The story follows Tom Flynn a World War II soldier killed in action who goes to Purgatory aka Britannia where everything resembles a gothic past “England was about 1922—fashion the trains technology” Within five pages the stoic Flynn is recruited for the Transylvania Flying Suad of detectives As Flynn raps with his new boss on the train to the city he starts getting a load of what’s to come that Transylvania City is not how you say “normal” Somewhat akin to Terry Pratchett’s Discworld all sorts of magical creatures—trolls werewolves witches vampires golems book reviewers—live there which allows Dunn to mash up the detective intrigue with interwar British motifs and otherworldly characters spells potions and whatnot Detectives are tasked with protecting tourists and preventing mischief which includes stopping anybody from using magic to affect things back on Earth Soon though Tom is thrust headlong into a crazy assed situation where he’s trying to head off a hurricane of crap starring Jack the Ripper who’s newly returned from the Dark Realms and dying to get back to Earth to continue his ripping ways Plus fast nonstop action and fun; minus the plot can feel a bit patchy and descriptions are meager VERDICT What can one man do with pen and paper? You’ll be pleasantly surprised as Dunn has churned out a damned good book for the priceFind reviews of books for men at Books for Dudes Books for Dudes the online reader's advisory column for men from Library Journal Copyright Library Journal

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    This book borrows heavily from all the legends we know about witches vampires rock trolls goblins and then pushes them all into a realm we've all heard of And ends up creating a very original story To be truthful I probably would have never picked up this book because of the title but I saw it get glowing reviews in a number of groups I'm in and I'm always looking for something new so I took a chance and picked up a copy and I am so glad I did The author ML Dunn takes a fantastical situation and a dynamic place and weaves a wonderful action adventure that is filled with tense situations great characters and a very enjoyable story line In reading reviews beforehand people kept mentioning again and again how this book would make a really cool movie and I have to say that I couldn't agree From the eerie setting to the wild characters to the crazed action seuences this book has all the parts that would make a great film I know it played out like one in my head as I read it Please take my advice on this one look past the title buy this book and just start reading because I'm pretty sure your going to enjoy it I know I did