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Scorching secrets descending darkness and a chance to reach retributionIt seems as if everything Ryanne does results badly for her or those around her Her last attempt to save someone’s life ended up killing her Now stuck in limbo with no idea how to get back to her body Ryanne is in desperate need of some guidanceA mage who left her life too soon appears to help guide Ryanne back to her destined path Not everything is smooth sailing though Ryanne has a lot of things she has to overcome if she wants to get backWithout his soulmate Colton is lost Everything crashes down around him when he can’t heal Ryanne He watched her die again and now he wants to get revenge on the Gadramick responsible for putting her life in danger in the first placeHowever a new threat looms just around the corner and Dravin may not be the only one they have to worry about Everything is flipped upside down as the prophecy starts unraveling in unforeseen waysA battle will ensue Lives will be lost A prophecy will unfold before their very eyes Retribution is coming whether anyone is prepared or notReaching Retribution is the fourth and final novel in the four part Prophesized Series

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    When I found the first book in this series free on I read the blurb and downloaded it I am on a bit of a fantasy kick at the moment and it sounded right up my alley The series is a YANA urban fantasy The books are full of so much emotion I cried than once over the course of them It is easy to get swept away with the friendships family that is built and with the love between the main characters The characters are a group of mages with some really interesting powers Ryanne's powers develop evolve over throughout the books she gets kickass as it goes on Ryanne feels like such a real person when you read about her her emotions reactions are so easy to relate to she is easy to fall in love with I really loved all the good bad surprises that popped up it was not easy to predict the outcome i loved that There is action excitement in every book and parts of it had me on the edge of my seat I would recommend the series it took me less than 24 to read the four books yes i did sleep at one point I will also read by this author as I really liked her style of writing

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    Read itloved it I love the last book in a series You get closure from seeing the future of the characters Wish it wasn't over though I loved Ryanne and Colton Can't wait to see what the next book she writes is about Definitely a lifelong fan

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    The Prophesized Series by Kaitlyn Hoyt​​This series is what I imagine ambrosia to taste like you know unattainable to mere mortals addictive wonderful magical with upper tones of spice and dashes of sweet something that will burn going down but leave you begging for something so amazing that you will gladly except the fire just to have that silky dreamy feeling spread through your whole body yes like that but so much Ryanne is my freaking hero not because she can be super bad ass but because she's real like prone to mini melt downs like us normal people She's loves super hero's who doesn't right and the Big Bang Theory Omg'sh right it's like taking a peek into your life minus the fact she's got magic then she knows what to do with but that's not going to stop her from trying trying to stop a villain and his followers and protect the family of her heart Colton I wanted to smack him upside the head or give him a stern talking to but Emma had my back on that one and then there is David who doesn't love extended brothers right Then you have even amazing characters like Liam Larken Tom Aunt Claire and I can't leave out our beloved Logan and there is many wonderful characters whom Kaitlyn brings to life that for me lives in my heart and my mind Every book but the last one will end in a CliffHanger but don't freak because all the books are available you lucky lucky readers Lol I had to wait and that was sooooo very hard to do with this series I knew when each book would come out yet I checked every week like it would magically change True Story I am not going to give a single thing away because you all deserve to read this series Let me say I love the characters in these books each book makes you fall deeper and deeper they end up taking up a beloved spot in your mind Except The bad guy ; In the Prophesized Series Ryanne will teach you that this world is not always black and white and that sometimes the grey areas need love too by the end of the series you will go from shock happiness grief anger pain sadness and joy Or at least I did I never regretted buying this series and to date I have read each book a total of eight times yep eight times I have gotten to read my beloved series Ryanne and Colton now there is a epic story Each character has a story within this story each person has a voice that is heard throughout the entire series they are not background noice The Prophesized Series is about Ryanne changing from who she was to who's she becoming to who she will one day be she grows with each book she becomes then Ryanne she turns into the flame and so much If you love paranormal romance then I highly recommend this series Five Stars for sure I was not paid or given a copy of this book for my review this pleasure was all my own doingEnjoyLaura

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    This is my favorite series I have been addicted to it since the first book I love all the romances and the storylines I loved reading about Colton and Ryanne's wedding at the end it was AMAZING The whole series is just magicalreading about the pasts of the characters is very cool I loved going back and being able to picture and imagine their stories or pastsI liked the story of Liam's mom in Reaching Retribution The battles and the problems they had to overcome in each book was great and i like how almost everyone found a family a soulmate or love in the end and how the ones that have died got to move on and we got to see where they all went I loved reading the visions Ryanne hadI like how she was able to do the things she needed to do and still be able to feel everything fall in love and grow with her new familyfriendsand powersI also liked how even though she was given these powers and her world got flipped upside down how strong she was all the time i envy her for being so strong even though it was so hard and she had the weight of the world on her shouldersThe last thing is I loved the change of Adam and how he loved Ryanne and wasn't a completely horrible guyThank you Kaitlyn Hoyt for writing such a great series with such wonderful charactersstorylinesbattlesand so onYou are my favorite author 3

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    This is a review for all four of the books as I read them all one after another in a very close period of time All the characters are so real Ryanne's sense of humor is brilliant especially with David What a great group they all are I loved these books so much and I'm so happy to find out there will be a 5th book in everyone's POV I'm looking forard to Bragden and Larkins POVs and also Liam too everyone loves Liam right? I really recommend reading these books and I recommend reading Redeeming Lainey by Kaiylyn Holt even What a great author

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    What a great ending This series is not lacking in any department You've got romance tons I mean tons of action and humorI laughed hysterically with all the movie uotes and impersonations My favorite is Yodahilarious A good job you did Hoyt HmmmmmmmmmI was saddened by some of the loss too Hoyt did a great job of keeping the reader engaged I look forward to reading from this author

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    This was probably my favorite book in the series because it finally resolved the big conflict in the whole series Throughout the series I thought the conflict and war was kind of avoided but the characters finally had to face it in this final book I don't know how much I liked the ending or the ending of the war though The reason why I didn't like it might have just been because it was the ending and I don't like it when it ends

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    I give it a two stars because it should have been the 3rd and final book not the 4th book and the ending sucked did I not get a chapter? she dies again and then the epilogue has her marrying colton no explanation on how shebeat death something about a new power mentioned but nothing else I should change this to 1star seriously this series was a waste of time TOO REPETITIVE

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    Better than excellentRyanne has had to fight every step of the wsy Her small band of warriors have incredulity necessity and love Colton is her soulmate and has had to witness her dying twice Liam is her protector and has had to endure her disappearing before his eyes Emma David Tom and the entire group would do anything to protect Then He from Dravin and the newest enemy that threatens her very existenceZahtre is a mage who has learned to harness and remove magic from others With Ryanne's fathers help he has done the inexplicable He has experimented on humans and animals he and Gravin Ryanne must stop him even if it means sacrificing herself What happens will fill your heart with love understanding and gratitude for a story worth reading again and again I wasn't thrilled with the story at first but had to continue reading I am glad this series has become a permanent part of my library I love this series the char and what it representsRead on my friends You will enjoy it as much as I did

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    I have found myself losing interest in these characters with each addition to the series As some reviewers have mentioned it is definitely hard at times to figure out who is speaking due to some significant grammatical errors I fell in love with Liam but could not care less about Colton whom I found not to be a strong male lead character Also I think the author used the word soulmate no less than 100 times in the book I mean we get it alreadyI began to not care if any of the characters died and barely had enough interest to power through till the end which in itself was a super confusing way to conclude the story I know that there is a 5th book already released but I will definitely not be reading it