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Wren Cooke has everything she’s ever wanted—a thriving career as one of LA’s top interior designers and a home she loves Business trips mockups and her demanding clientele keep her busy almost too busy to notice Ethan Cooke Security’s gorgeous Close Protection Agent Tucker CampbellJaded by love and relationships in general Wren wants nothing to do with the hazel eyed stunner and his heart stopping grins but Tucker is always in her way When Wren suddenly finds herself bombarded by a mysterious man’s unwanted affections she’s forced to turn to Tucker for helpAs Wren’s case turns from disturbing to deadly Tucker whisks her away to his mountain home in Utah Haunted by memories and long ago tragedies Tucker soon realizes his past and Wren’s present are colliding With a killer on the loose and time running out Tucker must discover a madman’s motives before Wren becomes his next victim

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    First up totally called itNow that that's out of the way Book five of the series I feel like suspense factor gets turned up with each book which is great Except I need to stop reading them at nightMy favorite thing is that Tucker calls her Cooke Even in the heat of the moment I absolutely love itview spoilerOne of the things that totally creeped me out was that the Park City murderer knew all the alarm codes So he revealed that at the end I'm still a little curious on why Ms Hayes had the young girl's code And I'm wondering if they ever told Ms Hayes that the crazy was in her home and helping himself to her stuff hide spoiler

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    I like how the cover has individual evidence markers for each bra cup But this should be titled Waiting for Wren to Make the Right Decision Have you ever read a book where the main character made the wrong choice every single time? That is Wren Wren did that Fucking hated it I don't think the sex or the mystery was enough to justify the rating this book has so I'm just gonna assume a whole lot of you are terrible at relationships and at being adults if this is what you find entertainingNow I've moved on from judging books to judging other readers by what they like Way to be a bitch Lyndi

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    As soon as Tucker heard the rustles in the woods I knew what was coming and I am so POed The mystery has begun and I wonder where Ethan Security comes inRight from the getgo we have plenty of danger sexual tension and verbal foreplay My anticipation is at a foot tapping sitting on the edge of my seat levelWren is independent No wonder her parents might as well have been nonexistent for the attention they paid her She wasn’t used to being afraid having a babysitter and she could do a lot worse than TuckerWren only has one suspect but I have several I think I’ve figured it out and if I have he is truly evil watching and reveling in her suffering I wonder if he steps away and laughs At least Tucker and Ethan her brother have not ruled out anyone but I don’t think they see himor do they?Lots of stuff going on and it is torture as I wait for HIM to make his move on her and Wren to let Tucker inHE is jealous determined on the attack I hope she doesn’t do the usual and go off without Tucker She does get the hell out of Dodge but it is with Tucker as he takes her to the only safe place he can think of Park City and the bad memories from his past“At some point during the drive from Salt Lake City Rico Suave vanished and Broody Bummer Man appeared She wanted Rico back”It’s Cate Beauman’s writing that keeps me coming back for I love some humor with my suspenseand romance We all know it’s coming butso farit’s hands off for both of them though the dance has begun How long can she hold out because one move from her and he’ll be putty in her hands She can deny the pull as much as she wants but I know it will win outTucker has his own problemsI love multiple plots and wonderare they related? Will they come together in the end? Will the mystery that’s haunted Tucker finally be solved and Wren set free at the same time? When’s it coming? I’m waitingI love that Cate Beauman makes me waitDragging out the suspense on every page I think doom is coming This ominous feeling hangs on every word on every page and I am at 50% on pins and needlesI can only imagine what evil Cate is bringing my wayI loved when Wren finally ‘manned up’ and told Laura off I could picture Wren stomping around the room cussing her out in ItalianIs she a spitfire or a fireball?It’s too soon to make life changing plans Wren needs to stay in Limbo for now and I didn’t like this part at 52%HE’s getting and angry Stalking is no longer enough It is time to up the anteI do hate that at 77% Wren is still running from Tucker but that is the nature of the romantic suspense beast Gotta keep that sense of anticipation and fear for the characters at a high level and Cate Beauman does that in a superb fashionI wonder what she has on the table for me next rubbing my hands together in eager anticipation I voluntarily reviewed a free copy of Waiting For Wren by Cate BeaumanTo see visit fundinmental

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    I love this series Each book is a fast pace thrill ride with a touch of romanceWren Cooke was being stalked by a really sick man He would kill cats and leave them for her to find Wren's brother Ethan was away on a vacation He owned a security company While he was away he assigned Tucker to watch over his sister Tucker and Wren had instant attraction They just didn't trust easily Wren trusted Tucker to keep her safe but didn't trust him with her heart I did like the fact that this story was different than most Wren was the love um and leave um and she didn't believe in marriage or happy ever after Tucker on the other side wanted a deeper comment He knew there was something special between him and Wren He just had to keep her alive so he could have the time to convince her that she too loved him This story did give me the creeps than once The stalker was able to bypass the alarm system gaining entrance into the house Tucker took Wren to keep her safe He watched Tucker and Wren sleep and left them a present to find the next morning It was all a game to the stalker He got pleasure from watching Wren get scared In this book I was a little disappointed that I didn't connect to the hero and heroine like I did in the previous books I never figured out why Tucker called Wren by her last name She was not military The series is a great series as a whole This was a good book but was my least favorite out of this series If you want to read a book in this series start with the first or second book I did enjoy the fact that we got to see some of the characters from the previous books

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    I read a book from this collection in between my SciFiFantasy collection I loved Moran's Hunter and Waiting for Wren the most out of the first 5 books I have read in the Bodyguards of LA series Tucker and Wren have this hot tension from the start Tucker is such a great man You just love him from the beginning The love scenes are steamy Overall a great book with a mystery story line and a sexy and sweet romance

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    A few uick things about this book I pretty much figured out who the murderer was very early on however I give Ms Beauman credit for the twists that had me uestioning my pick than once The big reveal wasn't as climatic as I would have liked But then again I had already figured things out at that point I loved the slow burn between Tucker and Wren I found myself pretty much falling in love with Tucker Although the argument near the end made Wren come off as petty I think she went a bit overboard by claiming Tucker lied to her when he told her he wanted to get some facts straight before he told her his theory I understand that the drama had to be there though I didn't like that there wasn't any mention of safe sex in this book In fact other than in book #4 most of the Bodyguard books don't put much emphasis on safe sex I was a bit frustrated with the typos Names were interchanged a few times and it seems that there is some confusion over the difference between your and you're These are things I'd expect a published author would pick up on Finally again no epilogue This is the case with all of the Bodyguard books but I still find it disappointing

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    Wren's terrorTucker Campbell liked Wren from when he first saw her and wanted her trouble is so did did some one else Tucker's a good guy with a few issues haven't we all? Wren is Ethan's brother and if you've read his and Sarah's story so have the Cooke siblings This is another great story from the pen of Care Beauman I found one of her books and I think I've now brought them all except for the first two that the author sends you if you contact her They are all really good all different all written well with great characters and I've found can be read in any orderThis story is Wren and Tuckers and indeed he has waited for Wren I was surprised at Tucker's back story and you could empathize with how he handled Wren's stalking issues even though she couldn'tThe story is a bit gruesome there are lots of twists violence and naturally misunderstandings All in all great stuff Well done author

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    This is the story of Ethan's sister Wren and Tucker They met at the hospital when Sarah was hurt in book two Wren is strong and sassy and a successful business woman Until a stalker targets her and starts leaving her flowers and then dead cats on her porch Tucker must protect his boss's sister Wren and find the stalker except he has had the hots for her since the first met I received this book as an arc for a honest review

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    Great continuation I liked the book and I almost gave it 4 stars because the mc wren drove me crazy with her emotional non commitment issues but then I thought if this is driving me to think this then it is a very good book I liked the first few books much better but still this was a good book

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    Great read Intriguing storyline Suspense romance and mystery