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Librarian note alternative cover edition of 9780986950230Promises is the second book in the Drifters series following A Song For JoshJessie Wheeler's past catches up with her in Promises as an old nemesis settles in Vancouver threatening to destroy any chance at the singer's newfound happiness But Jessie is an old hat at acting at disappearing inside herself and creating characters to help herself survive Backed into a corner by Deuce McCall she relies on a tougher version of herself to get her through the dark days while she seeks a solution to free herself of Deuce's clutches As she tries to gain a foothold in her struggle one thing becomes clear she may have to risk everything she has found friendships love a successful career as a singer songwriter and actor in order to save the one thing she loves the mostLove is a promise love is a souvenir once given never forgotten never let it disappear John Lennon

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    This book was so much than the first book If you read the first you may have left feeling that this authors writing style was a little different from the rest of the pack I know I had a hard time adjusting in the first book A Song for Josh but damn This book had my guts in knots the whole time I felt so bad for Jessie and the choices that she felt she had to make to not repeat the horror she lived thru years earlier My heart was broken for Josh who it appeared was finally going to get the love he deservedand then that damn psycopath went and ruined it all I don't know if I can stomache the wait to see where this goes Once again the writing in this book is superband the emotions are so easily felt by the reader that you will feel as if you know and love these characters I for one hope for the HEA but if it comes it will be hard faught and at a price I am sure

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    I was able to get an ARR of A Song For Josh and had to see how the story progressed I'm so glad that books are coming out to find out what happens to our heroine Jessie I'm holding out hope for a happy ending Susan has such a wonderful talent for descriptive writing and again wrote a wonderful novel

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    Loved it Even better than A Song For Josh

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    I loved the story progression in this one Better than the first book Song for Josh

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    An absolute readexcellent book Well wrote and could not put it down Great job Susancannot wait to read the next one in this series

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    Read my review in the December January release of InD'Tale's magazine

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    Love this author and series On to book 3 Great summer reads And an Island Author You will be hooked 3

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    So dramaticWhat a read This is the best I will continue to read the books What courage and strength in one person To leave it all

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    Promises is the second book in the Drifters series and is a continuation on from the first book A Song For Josh and you need to have read that before diving into this oneWe catch up with Jessie and her friends and once again Josh Their relationship ended on a sad note in A Song for Josh and thankfully they pick things up once again and all seems happy and the future is looking bright Until an old enemy from Jessie's past appears and turns her happy world upside downJessie who is a famous pop staractress is a likeable character until this old enemy makes a reappearance is her life and then she becomes a shell of herself and does everything she can to protect those whom she loves even if it means hurting them and herself in the process I found myself willing this girl to toughen up and seek help as after the life she's been through she deserves happinessThis is a very emotional read and what Jessie goes through and has gone through in her past is uite distressing It's told from the 3rd person for most of the story with the occasional 1st person view inserted here and there It's well written and is clear albeit the pace being slow for the first half of the book After this the pace picks up and kept me enthralledThe story is left open at the end but does feel finished for now with a sense that Jessie is free and a burden has been lifted But we also know there is much to comeIntense and emotional read3 stars Thank you to the author for providing me with a copy of this book

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    OMG this book was even better then A Song For Josh the first in this series It was faster paced and much character development I love that we got to feel like we know what each character is feeling and thinking During one part of the book I won't spoil anything I lost my love for Jessie those who read it will know why at the end I am glad the last chapter wrapped up her motives and feelings for me Now I want and can't wait to read the next book Unfortunately I have to wait to get paid to read the next one but I will be reading it and highly recommend this book Loved loved it Couldn't put this one down If you are reading the first book stick with it it's worth it This book blew me away