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제1편 어둠의 발소리 서序 1장 서희 2장 한밤의 추적 3장 골짜기의 초롱불 4장 수수께끼 5장 장날 6장 마을 아낙들 7장 상민 윤보와 중인 문 의원 8장 오광대 9장 별당아씨 소식 10장 주막에서 만난 강 포수 11장 개명 양반 12장 꿈 속의 수미산 13장 괴로운 환희 14장 악당과 마녀 15장 첫 논쟁 16장 살아있는 전설 17장 상처입은 울음 18장 악마의 유혹 19장 사자使者 제2편 추적과 음모 1장 사라진 여자 2장 윤씨부인의 비밀 3장 실패 4장 나는 아무렇지도 않다

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    Park Kyungni is my most favorite Korean writer When I had read 'the Daughters of Pharmacist Kim' in my youth for the first time out of her works I liked her novel a lot Since then I read most of her books whenever available but I had no chance to read twenty volumes of 'Land' because I came to the US before the books were published It's said that it took 25 years for Park to complete 20 volumesWhen I visited my mother in Korea this year in October2018 I found there were 20 complete volumes Land at nearby library of my mother's house I was very excited when I borrowed books with my nephew's library card I was very tired after taking care of my mother who has a severe dementia but I kept reading instead of resting while she was sleeping The volume 1 starts with novelist Jisoo Choi's family living in countryside in the early 20th century just before Korea was ruled by Japan Japan is preparing colonization of Korea; Japanese grants land to Japanese settlers For those who want to know about the books 'Land' I copied the book introduction at com and I attached below since I cannot write better than that and I found nobody wrote a book review of 'Land' it possesses both the formal dimensions and the high seriousness of epic is set in a period during which Japan held strong sway over Korea regulating its business and industry and making arbitrary land grants to Japanese settlers At the heart of the novel is a series of conflicts between Korean conservatives too enervated to oppose Japan's acuisitive energies and radical native insurgents Their resistance culminated in the Dong Hak rebellion a watershed historical event that casts long shadows over the intricately interwoven fates of Kyong ni's vividly drawn characters most especially Choi Chisoo an arrogant wealthy landowner hated and envied by his neighbors and servants and at continual odds with his embittered wife whose ``failure'' to bear him a son provokes Choi's bitter displeasure and sets in motion a chain of events leading to his downfall The author employs a kind of Upstairs Downstairs structure in which nondescript villagers and assorted second class citizens observe comment on and in some ways parallel the lives of their ``betters'' Among the most memorable are Pyongsan an impoverished landowner waiting patiently through half a lifetime to be revenged on the avaricious Choi; the handsome villager Yongi; and the scheming Guinyo the ambitious housemaid whose plan to rise above her station precipitates chaos losses and death and drives the story to its stunning tragic conclusion The energy of melodrama surges through this big novel yet as a portrait of a culture and a knowing psychological tale of the social and personal conseuences of rigidly enforced class differences it's a work of high literary distinction as well A much beloved work in Korea where it was made into an eually popular television series that should find many grateful admirers in America as well Copyright ©1996 Kirkus Associates LP All rights reserved