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1959 Key Largo FL The landscape of America is about to change forever Paula Taylor is not only ahead of the curve She is the curve Bold Determined Still stunningly beautiful at thirty nine Every fiber of her being screams to be freeShe finds that freedom in the arms of Kurt Younger Pirate Rogue A six four monument to man in his most primal state Paula knows nothing about him except that he taught her the joys of being a woman for the first time in her life She can't lose thatDoes it matter that she doesn't know where Kurt lives? Or what he does for a living? Would she feel differently about him if she knew of his bloodied past?Paula only knows she has to have him and won't let anybody or anything get in the way Not her overbearing husband Or her battle ax mother in law Or her Pi Kappa son She's secretly emptied the family checking account careful to take only half bought a daring new wardrobe a sexy red '56 T Bird and peeled rubber out of town For good When Paula joins Kurt at his secluded island paradise he neglects to tell her about the two million dollars in stolen emeralds Or the ruthless men who will kill to get them Or his involvement Why? Are these cutthroats really lusting after her than the emeralds? And what havoc will Hurricane Judith wreak on everyone's nefarious passionate schemes?In Paula's uest to have it all she risks losing everything Conseuences? Unthinkable

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    I simply couldn't put this book down It grabbed me from page one and never let me go The setting is very seductive an island off the Florida Keys in 1959 Enter Paula the fascinating woman Bob Rector has conjured up for us with such amazing skill She is faced with very different choices than women have today but she is drawn so clearly and completely that I not only identified with her I found myself wondering how I would have dealt with being a woman in the 1950sRector drops us right into the drama from the beginning There are no wasted words nothing overstated just good solid story telling that leads us directly into such a compelling world of intriguing characters that I couldn't turn the pages fast enough Yes it's that good When we first meet Paula she is on her way to a rendezvous with her lover Kurt She's married he's charming with a uestionable past Paula knows nothing about We see the plot unfold from a very personal perspective inside the minds of each character which builds a level of suspense that reminded me of the best movies of Alfred Hitchcock Except Rector has a intimate way of unfolding his thriller one that was very sexy at times But just when you think you know where he's going with the plot he flips you upside down as easily as Kurt does Paula during their passionate love making scenes This is definitely a book I don't want to give plot points away because I would hate to spoil it for anyone So I'll just say that Paula and Kurt's affair leads us into a riveting world with explosive characters and surprising plot twists This is a thriller on one hand but it's also extremely romantic and unexpectedly heart felt When I was reading it there were times I realized I was holding my breath in anticipation of what would happen to these people I had grown so fond of no it was than that I fell in love with Kurt and Paula What Rector has accomplished here is combining several genres thriller suspense romance into something all his own It is a spellbinding novel with captivating characters HIGHLY RECOMMEND

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    Indescribable Pleasure to ReadBesides all other strong points like great plot unforgettable suspense and action lovely romance convincing characters I want to point out the very style of the author His skill of writing and storytelling is really remarkable captivating and 'mind blowing' What I also enjoyed was the setting descriptions of wildlife and nature which masterfully enhanced and complemented the entire storylineMoreover Bob Rector demonstrates profound knowledge of the human psyche instincts and desires interweaving some original insights into the life of the main characters ie Paula and Kurt; thus rendering this written work a best selling page turnerBy all means this book is multidimensional extremely dynamic and deepA masterpiece you would definitely relish

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    This is a book by a talented author who first made a splash in the world of television and theater in particular with his award winning Letters from the Front shown around the world to raving audiences Now he has turned to novel writing and produced a thriller romance that is not merely an unusual love story but a deep excursion into the psyche of one very tormented woman something of an exploit for a male writer The only other writer who manages to portray a woman's anxieties as brilliantly that I know of is Flaubert But what Bob Rector has done is give us a thoroughly modern version of Madame Bovary His Paula is a fascinating character and eually explosiveThe book is set in the mid twentieth century a pivotal moment in our recent History when women began to liberate themselves from the shackles of male imposed traditional views on marriage That too makes the book unusual and the evocation of the 1950s is perfect down to the smallest detail like cigarette smoking or the make of the car Paula drivesThe plot is well structured a thriller full of fast paced action with unexpected twists and turns The dialogue is lively you can literally see the scenes unfold before your eyes Paula is beautiful and combative She is unhappy in her marriage to a bloated self important man who leaves her no space for herself She is determined to free herself and we the readers find ourselves rooting for her Handsome Kurt her dare devil lover is the perfect counterpoint to her lackluster husband And here the book becomes a touching love story between two mature adults Paula and Kurt who will stop at nothing to win her over Highly recommended Note I received an ARC with the understanding that I was free to review it as I saw fit

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    Bob Rector's Unthinkable Conseuences is a classic film noir in full blown hurricane technicolour Bob has created uite simply a breath taking masterpiece of the basic human emotions and revved them to maximum overdrive in a 1956 T Bird The two main characters the neglected housewife Paula and the dangerous stranger Kurt are instantly blended like cheap coffee in a sleazy motel Set in Key Largo Florida 1959 and like the original film oozes sex appeal and raw animalistic traits But unlike the original film Bob has taken the lead characters to new heights or depths depending on the situation at hand And oh boy do those situations change uicker than a whore on a Saturday night at the docks The sex is sizzling like bare feet on hot sand the dangerous criminals lurking in the background are as vicious as scorpions in a frying pan and the tension could be sliced with a chainsawIf you like your thrillers hot sweaty visceral plain down and dirty then this FIVE STAR Bogartesue slice of nostalgia is right up your alley with a slug of gin and a slug to the jaw for good measure And this reader does know how to whistle and here's looking at you kidHIGHLY RECOMMENDED

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    Unthinkable Conseuences by Robert Rector is a well written noir thriller with a great deal of action suspense character depth and developmentSet in 1959 middle aged Paula has started an extra marital affair with Kurt a muscular hunk that fulfils all of her physical needs When he proposes they run away together she is surprised at his feelings for her and only reluctantly agrees Her own life is empty since she is no longer feels loved or needed but she is not yet ready to let go of her old life for an unknown new oneKurt is involved in some dubious criminal activities with some detestable ‘business partners’ and is scheming to get away from it all together with Paula Unfortunately for him his plans are not working out uite as he has hoped both with Paula and with the con he is planningThe story has a lot of erotic scenes since the basic attraction between Paula and Kurt is sexual However they both get to evaluate their lives and their feelings new which are portrayed in slow motion as the lovers undergo their individual paths and personal development Written with great insight into the human mind and psyche Rector gives his characters a lot of room in the story deviating from a straight forward romance or thriller format and giving Paula and Kurt time to explore their desires and needsPaula’s mother falls ill and needs care while Paula’s husband and his mother start to show their true colours towards the woman in crisis Kurt also needs to reassess his plans so that the lovers can be together on the right termsThe book has all the ingredients for a best seller Action plot romance sex and believable and interesting characters and all in the right measure to cater for the fans of each genre The writing flows easily and makes this a worthwhile and entertaining read

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    I feel a little odd reviewing my own book but I understand that it is expected so here goes I gave it 5 stars because that's what the vast majority of the reviews are both here and on Unthinkable Conseuences is a work of entertainment in which the characters do not always behave logically or in their own best interests much like Scarlet O'Hara and Madame Bovary to which my lead character Paula has been compared by than one reviewer Why? Because logical characters in logical story lines are boringPaula and Kurt are driven by their passion for each other and their dissatisfaction with their current lives This is accentuated by the time period the story takes place 1959 and the setting S Florida from Palm Beach to Key Largo They both feel trapped and are ready to take desperate measures to escape That their pasts catch up to them with deadly force is the unthinkable conseuences they must not only overcome but surviveThis is a very sexy story no punches pulled there but we're all big boys and girls and I haven't heard any complaints yet Unthinkable Conseuences has been called a noir thriller and that was my intention from the git go Even the cover art painted by the very talented Richard Harrison was done in a style popular in the 50s even to the point of using gouache as the medium popular with the illustrators of the timeI have been gratified by how the readers men as well as women have fallen in love with Paula She is independent spirited and determined but also loving funny and giving All she wants is what was unthinkable for women in 1959 America to live her own life her own way This book is about her uest to do just that

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    Bob Rector’s review“Unthinkable Conseuences” by Robert Rector takes place in 1959 Southern Florida where Rector’s creative storytelling talent takes us on a roller coaster ride of genres from erotic to hard hitting actionPaula’s extra marital affair with Kurt fulfills the missing elements of her stale marriage but forces her to deal with the guilt of her actions En route to a secluded beach Paula fights the internal battle between her physical desires and her attached feelings of guilt As usual the anticipation of fulfillment with her muscular paramour won the day but today was different Kurt denied her the physical fulfillment she craved and delivered an ‘only me or nothing at all’ ultimatum His demand changed their relationship and exposed flaws they now had to deal with Certain Paula would decline; Kurt neglected to tell her of his mercenary involvement in a jewel heist involving a Columbian drug lord and the inevitable danger Paula struggled with the dilemma and came to terms with her husband’s lack of interest and his mother’s total dislike of her Her carnal desires won the day and led them to a wild ride through lust to love and a surprise violent encounter with ‘bad mercs’Rector’s vivid writing forces you to turn the pages to the very end A great story told well and a highly recommended read

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    I am wiping the sweat from my brow as I finish this spectacular bookWhat can you need Delicious lovers wild sex fab jewels thrilling adventure islands in the sun good guys bad guys and crazy actionWhat a brilliant concept as the unloved wife leaps into this wild affair and even wilder adventure Very atmospheric descriptions that left me feeling as though Florida in the late fifties was certainly the place where all the action happensI really enjoyed the character development Paula really worked for me A woman taking charge of her life after being ignored frustrated and under the thumb for far too long is always a good read but the author really pulled out all the stops with this book The thrilling adventure with a fabulously sexy man she knows nothing about makes this plot feel almost dangerously temptingThe action sex is hot and sweaty so you might not want to read this book while you are sat on a crowded train The steam pouring out of your ears and the hot flushes may give your blown away emotions a public airingA great read and what will surely be an even fantastic film

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    A Great CliffhangerAt first glance Bob Rector’s “Unthinkable Conseuences” appears to be about a sexy affair with Paula and Kurt two inflamed lovers meeting at night to continue their passionate atmospheric tryst Instantly seduced by the clandestine situation and lovely descriptions such as ”listened to the cacophony of night soundstree frogs were locked in a grating rusty harmony accompanied by the frenzied buzzing of insects” I became totally immersed in this fast paced page turning Machiavellian story where the cast of characters––two ruthless ex military con artists a neglectful husband a secretive mother in law a faithful caretaker a spoiled college student a hopeful employee and a smart game playing mascot––all sent me down paths that didn’t turn out the way I thought they wouldYet in the midst of all of this duplicity was something a little unexpected for me a very touching portrayal of two people not just enjoying each other physically but enjoying true love for the first time in their lives a love where acceptance protectiveness in sync bantering and joy was very well portrayed So well done in fact that towards the end of the book as the dramatic denouement was drawing near I found myself thoroughly rooting for this duo recognizing full well having read the pattern of this extremely well thought out cliffhanger that things just might not turn out ‘perfect’ in the endAll I can say is I actually looked forward to sitting in a government office possibly for hours just so I could finish this book Now how many times can you said THAT? Highly recommended? You betcha

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    Bob Rector has written a tome that is full of lush scenery mystery and the lives of beautiful woman Well one particular beautiful woman but I digressPaula is simply amazing Rector allows us inside her head We know this woman Men want this woman And Paula likes it that wayKurt is the man of Paula's dreams sort of He's not exactly a nice guy but then Paula's husband Bill isn't nice eitherI don't want to give away too much of the story but keep in mind that the story is set in 1959 I had to remind myself of that now and then over little thungs like wondering why Paula didn't use her cell phone But this isn't to say anything against the author Rather I think it is just that his characterization was so vivid you'll feel like you know Paula and the others which made an interesting space time continuum in my mindThis is an old fashioned in a good way thriller At times I was reminded of Dashiell Hammett Cudos to Bob Rector