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In a war between the humans and the inhabitants of the sea humans will lose Xanthus Dimitriou the most lethal Dagonian to rise from the ocean is on a mission to save mankind from annihilation But first there's one small thing he needs to do kill a beautiful young woman in a wheelchair Killing her doesn't start out as part of his plan He entrenches himself deep in the human world Aligning with his enemies he prepares to send them to Triton to face their punishment Then Sara Taylor rolls onto the scene Xanthus knows at once she's a criminal And her crime? Being born She's a humanDagonian half breed an abomination Killing her should be an easy job All he has to do is break into her apartment slit her throat and feed her body to the sharks Simple right? Wrong If only she weren't so beautiful so innocent so sweet Saving the world may have to wait It appears Xanthus has a woman to save But protecting her may cost him his own life

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    I LOVED this book Of course I may be biased I'm the author

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    Such a beautiful and gentle love story full of mystery mythology and a touch of attitude Sara is a vulnerable yet tough MC complimented perfectly by her love interest Xanthus a conflicted hero Loved this book Well done Holly Kelly

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    For Full Review go to out of 5 starsThis book was amazing it was one of my favorite Mermaid books

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    I have never read a book about creatures that lurked under the sea So naturally I found this book fascinating I found myself staying up late at night just to find out what happens next This book is a real page turner The cool creatures I read and learned about in this story were awesome This book is told in the POV of two different characters Xanthus Dimitriou is a powerful Dagonian in the sea A Dagonian isn't considered a mermaidmerman even if they are similar in certain ways only the children of Triton are considered mermaidsmerman's In this book Xanthus is on a mission to save mankind from annihilation Their are some of his people who see humans as a threat who need to be destroyed but Xanthus isn't too sure To prevent a war between the Dagonian and the humans he goes to the surface and blends in as a human to seek out those responsible for the crimes the Dagonian's accuse humans of doing and then he sends them to Triton to face their punishment But before he can achieve his mission he needs to do something first Kill a seemly innocent woman in a wheelchair named Sara Taylor What's her crime you ask? Being born She’s a humanDagonian half breed an abomination where he comes from He knows that he should kill her buthe can't seem to make herself commit the act She seems so sweet so innocent so very beautiful He knows what he should do but what his head is telling him is going against what his heart is telling him Before he knows it he is protecting the human But that just might cost him his life Sara Taylor is one of my favorite characters in this book Despite being in a wheelchair she tries to remain independent She deeply cared for other people And I believe she was a perfect main character She was sweet and kind but at the same time brave and loyal She has a good head on her shoulders and she is intelligent She fought for the people she loved which I admired I felt for Sara when she felt embarrassed about her 'Anomaly' I wanted her to be confident in who she was To know that she was beautiful and that nothing was wrong with her and eventually she did see that She grew as a character which is amazing as a reader to read about I feel like I connected with Sara's character and really enjoyed reading about her Okay now Xanthus has to be one of my favorite characters of all time He was awesome He was just the right amounts of confident and aggressive He never treated Sara bad or tried to control her He accepted her independence and respected her for that He was protective don't get me wrong but he wasn't overbearing I hate male characters that act like the female needs to be rescued all the time and I'm so glad Xanthus wasn't like that He wasperfect Makes me want to go into the sea to see if I can find a guy like him LOL But not only was he brave confident and powerful he was sweet and caring He wasn't afraid to show Sara affection and treated her like she was the most treasured thing in all the world Love his character I love this book Seriously I could read it over and over again It's a book that you will never get bored with no matter how many times you read it Come to think of itI want to read it again I loved the main characters but I also liked the minor characters like Triton and Nicole I found their characters so interesting and funny as heck I hope there is a second book coming out soon I need This is one of the best books I ever read and one of the best books I've read this year I look forward to reading from this author I recommend this book to everyone It's brilliant Some of my favorite parts “Before I give you any command you will answer me this one uestion Are you courageous or stupid?”He would kill for her He would even die for her“Do Dagonian’s ever wear makeup?” “You can tell I’m wearing makeup?” Xanthus gaped at her“What? No You?” Xanthus laughed and Sara relaxed scowling at her own naivety“I’ve never met a unusual woman” He smiled “She is like being caught in a whirlpool She’s moody unreasonable childish overprotective and by the gods I’m beginning to like her

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    This book was amazing It was one of my favorite Mermaid books it was mature then most I have read and that I could relate based on where I am in my life It was not mature in that it had sexual content or profanity it was very clean It was just that the characters were a little bit older and that there were struggles in their lives and violent situations that people living in poor neighborhoods or someone out at night alone might deal withI loved the complexity of the characters in that they were multifaceted Some of the characters struggle with themselves and are neither good nor bad I love the romance and mythology that Holly Kelly has created in her story The different races of underwater life was a great twist and it not just being Mermaids was a wonderful addition to the bookThe book starts with a woman giving birth to a baby that has deformation with her legs and they are fused together There is also a war under water brewing as the waters have been polluted by the humans and the race called Dagonian's want to make them pay for killing some of them and ruining their homes But Xanthus believes that these humans can be reasoned with and goes to the god of the under water and the last of the Mer people and asks him if he can live among the humans He promises to make those how have caused the pollution pay to Triton and to see if he can then seek peace but Triton only gives him a year to do this When Xanthus is in Hawaii he notices a young women and he senses that something is different about her and immediately he knows that he shouldn't be drawn to her but he is He knows that she should be killed for if she is discovered it could mean bad things for their kind and her living here is against the law Xanthus decides to get close to her to try to find out her story who is she why is she here? He soon starts to uestion everything he has been trained to believe and uestions his mission He soon realizes that he would risk everything to be with herI love this book it is one of the best books I have read It was well written imaginative not vulgar or to sexual it was romantic and so full of fantasy and action This was a great book for a man or a woman Definitely a 5 out of 5 stars

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    I thoroughly enjoyed The Rising I've always had a weak spot in my heart for mythology Holly Kelly does a great job of incorporating the mythology into a believable world an underwater world just beneath the proverbial surface of the world we all know A world inhabited by Dagonians seven foot creatures that closely resemble MermaidsOne of the things I appreciated about this book was that despite the main character's beauty she wasn't the typical main character She wasn't a super warrior She didn't have tons of hidden talents that works like a Dues Ex Machina helping her repeatedly escape from bad situations The times when trouble arises Holly did a great job establishing the escape routes literally half the book before It made for a complex storyline with surprising twists and turns and many times where I paused and shook my head wondering why I didn't think of that ahead of timeWhile I think the truth about the main character is a little telegraphed it doesn't detract from the great story I'm really looking forward to the next book in this series

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    I reuested a review copy of this okay I begged and was granted it and then I read it all in one sitting and am waiting until I can re read it again This book releases in 2 days and you too will be able to enjoy Xanthus Sara The prologue opens with a woman giving birth and not one but two nurses fainting dead away when they see the baby And then chapter one opens twenty years laterSara is in a wheelchair thanks to her disfigurement her legswhich of course are not legs but a tail Xanthus is on a mission from King Triton to find and punish those polluting the oceans and killing off sea creatures and Dagonians alike Imagine Xanthus's surprise to find one of his own on landThe chemistry between Xanthus and Sara is immediate He is an overwhelming presence and Sara knows not what to make of him I loved how Xanthus has this protective attitude that he just can't seem to help and sets about making sure Sara is safe Sara's BFF is so happy for her; it was so sweet to see a friendship between women that wasn't catty I was livid at Xanthus's mother enad of his sister ecstatic of Sara's parentage and disgusted by the evilness that is Xanthus's brother Gael and his father Just pure maliciousness poisoning the waters there The ending is incredibly satisfying and after much turmoil a HEA I love mermaid tales paranormal fantasies romances and books with action a woman who doesn't melt into her lover's demandsopinions and a man who adores and takes care of his woman This has it all By far the best mermaid tale I've read yet I want this to be a series A long series exploring different characters with Xanthus Sara popping in and out This is from Clean Teen Publishing and the romance is just that clean But you knowI was not expecting it to steamy The sexual chemistry and tension was nearly palpable Oh and the epilogue OMG MS KELLY I know this is releasing in 2 days but PLEASE tell me you have written in this world? Pretty please?

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    I'm speeeechless I don't know what to say The story not only got me hooked in the first chapter but it got better awesome and mind blowing I didn't read the synopsis but the tag line got me and I wanted to know as the cover to tagline captured my attentionThe story is just WoW I'm having this big grin on my face just thinking about the whole adventure and mysteryIt has POV's of different characters just to give slight glimpse to some clues and have you glued to the storyXanthus Aaaahhh OMG He is just awesomest awesome and my new book boyfriend Just thinking about has me grinning He is so freaking sweet and in love with Sara which is adorable In beginning he triedthought to kill her but he couldn't Of course he couldn't Sagana po parant poli mi landana patdrép ma? It's in Atlantis language which you will find out once you read it said by Xanthus to Sara I first disliked Sara's mother for being so rude but after getting to know her I can understand Sara saying she loved her mother but couldn't live with herlol I like her nowSara Elizabeth Taylor don't listen to that fish in the mud A morning swim is good for youShe made me laugh and her antics are sometimes funnyI've not started second book I'd have but I would have mixed somethings from the second part in this review otherwise I'd have just started after I finished reading RisingI'm looking forward to know about Nicole and Triton Sara's parentsin Descending if I'm guessing correct This is definitely a must read

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    Good mermaid stories tend to be difficult to find With the Dagonians and Triton filling the synopsis this book either had the potential to rock or bomb It seemed obvious it would be a variation of a mermaid story with Greek and possibly Roman mythology I didn't know whether I'd like all of that mixed but after finishing this book I'm completely in love with this story I think Xanthus is one of my new favorite book heroes Gorgeous strong powerful honorable and the perfect image of an epic warrior what's not to like? Balancing out this herculean Dagonian is the sweet little Sara While she's got heart and spirit she is so incredibly beautiful kind sweet and vulnerable you just want to hug her and make her some cookies Together they make a perfectly balanced couple who take readers on an incredible adventure Along with the fascinating match between Xanthus and Sara this is a story full of danger complications action and a lot of fish Holly Kelly's writing is hilarious and incredibly talented She is able to be jovial and humorous then glide seamlessly into action and suspenseful events with writing that flows beautifully She is a writer who could easily be both an inspiration to other writers and a favorite author by any reader If you haven't guessed I loved this book inside and out I'd recommend this to anyone but especially fans of love stories merpeople mythology and suspenseful adventureI was given an eCopy of this book from the author's publisher Clean Teen Publishing to read in exchange for an honest review

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    The book cover alone sucked me in easier to see detail on click the cover But I'm glad it did The hero Xanthus is a Dagonian similar to a merman but a different subspecies of sorts Who wouldn't like a gorgeous nearly seven feet tall finned hunk who is called the nightmare of the deep? The sea god Triton gives him legs and sends him onto land to discover and stop some major polluters of the ocean who have killed thousands of their kind While there Xanthus meets the heroine Sara wheelchair bound Her ‘deformity’ is always blanket covered but his attention is caught by her uniue yet oddly familiar scent I liked the characters both good and creepy bad the unfolding twists and turns and the overall world building although we see less of the underwater world than I would have liked The rules and relationships of the Dagonians added important dimensions to the plot and side issues Best of all this book precedes the next in the series “Descending” where we have of Xanthus and Sara but also another great hero and heroine The Dagonians the humans and the mer people physically similar to Dagonians but not allies all play roles I can happily recommend both books and look forward to in the series