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Many leadership books present models for thinking and speaking but very few address the role of the body in leading effectively Yet a great deal of the effect we have on others is carried by our physical presence Our body postures hold the key to lowering emotional reactivity while increasing our power resilience and flexibility Leadership Embodiment delivers a practical user's guide for effective embodied leadership enabling practitioners to 
 Project a powerful open and expansive leadership presence Create an inclusive atmosphere for collaboration and team work Receive feedback and listen from a place of open curiosity and Stand their ground and speak the truth in the face of pressure Leadership Embodiment techniues are based on principles from the non aggressive martial art of Aikido mindfulness practices and posture awareness They are designed to mitigate the impact of the stress and intensity inherent in leadership and daily life like getting through a traffic jam a promotion a wedding the loss of a job winning a competition making a production deadline rallying a team after a loss or making a product pitch All leaders be they CEOs line supervisors parents consultants care givers administrators teachers coaches can use these simple practices to learn to act with power skill and compassion In part one of the book Wendy Palmer offers simple postural practices that broaden our perspective enhance interconnection and build confidence accompanied by illustrations by Jen Mahoney In part two Janet Crawford pulls from cutting edge research in neuroscience and evolutionary biology to offer a biological explanation for the efficacy of the Leadership Embodiment techniues

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    The book has two parts the first one written by Wendy Palmer explains different body exercises to gain confidence and radiate presence The ideas are powerful but they're shallowly covered It looks like a brochure to get people enroll to her courses The second part is written by Janet Crawford She gives the scientific evidence behind Palmer's proposal It's very illuminating and for me the best part of the bookSumming up it presents a new approach to communication much in the line of Amy Cuddy's Presence Bringing Your Boldest Self to Your Biggest Challenges but with a new twist from an Aikido life long practitioner It's a good reference although somehow incomplete It mentions once and again their courses and gives too few information to be really useful It reads like a promotion brochure than an autonomous book

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    Interesting in terms of ideas but doesn't look very practical It is of a description introduction to a training the author doesBut still can be useful as an introduction to how working with body can override fight or flight patternsAuthor says that her work is based on Aikido principles and she has lengthy book so probably this one is not the best to start exploring her work

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    The best of Wendy Palmer to date

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    A great balance of eastern philosophy practice toola and scientific supportThis book is a great balance of science practice tools and Eastern philosophy that will help anyone be a holistic person and in control of their lives

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    Very useful book on the somatic experience of leadership with specific exercises to develop leadership presence