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Jay Watson is in a post college rut Stuck in a dead end job he is dumped by his girlfriend for a TV celebrity and is broke after blowing through his trust fund Now his parents want him to settle down join the family business and give them grandkids in short to say goodbye to his independence Things couldn't get worse for a twenty something male right? Wrong He is displaced from his design job at The Grundselton Weekly Review by the boss's niece a hot young student intern and Jay is faced with a choice become a reporter for the paper or find a new job Traumatized by interviewing at a snooty ad agency Jay gamely gives reporting a shot covering school board meetings and fender benders But when the sleepy little college town is rocked by the gruesome murder of a vampire fanged coed Jay finds himself the prime suspect and is forced to investigate the college's vampire subculture to clear his name prove his worth to his family and protect the girl he desires Harassed by the killer stalked by a horny spinster haunted by a past lover taunted by a rival and bullied by a vengeful cop Jay is about to find out how much life really can bite

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    I loved George's first book The imagery in his writing is exactly matched to my brain I can picture everything Life Bites did exactly that for meFirst I love light mysteries that don't get bogged down He kept the story moving without getting deeply involved in sideline and background info that was irrelevantSecond and most important to me I love wit and humor interspersed I got it all I could literally picture all characters without him spending entire chapters on them as other authors can do I could TOTALLY see this transformed to a movieI can't wait to see what Jay will get into next