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Angeliue is no ordinary diva She’s the world’s greatest singer—and mystery That’s why Brian Andrews an American investigative reporter at Our World magazine is assigned to do what others have failed uncover Angeliue’s past and secrets But Angeliue herself has never known her past and fears that she will never see her future thanks to a controlling couple who hold her career and life in their tight fists Raised by nuns in an abbey in France she has never known freedom Brian offers her hope by aiding in her escape from her seuestered life putting his career on the line Is he after the glory of the big story or is he the one person Angeliue can finally trust to help her?

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    Nancy Loyan’s newest Crimson Romance release Special Angel is a delight of a book that will please romance lovers everywhere Angeliue is a truly uniue heroine a woman born to sing and when she lands in reporter Brian Andrews’ life in need of protection he finds himself willing to give his own life to protect herAngeliue has no parents and no past The nuns who found the newborn child abandoned in the forest near their convent believe she just might be an angel sent from God especially when she begins to sing with a voice that is surely straight from God But when she is adopted by two con artists who exploit her talents and keep her imprisoned in hotel rooms for years Angeliue develops a plan that reuires help from someone on the outside and she seizes upon handsome Brian Andrews whom she feels instinctively she can trustBrian’s assignment is to find out about Angeliue’s past but when he helps the young innocent escape her exploiters he realizes he is on the trail of an even bigger story than he ever imagined one that may just get them both killedReaders will enjoy watching the innocent Angeliue experience the outside world and learn about love for the first time Special Angel is a heartwarming romance full of suspense and the magic of first love Enjoy

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    Review originally posted at was uite an entertaining and uniue read I was pulled into the story from the very first page and I found it very difficult to put it down Special Angel is a beautiful story of love loss and forgiveness It depicts the lengths persons will go to just to satisfy their greed and to cover up their wrongs It shows also the ripple effect one person’s action can have on the lives of those close to them I totally fell in love with Angeliue She is a singer with the most beautiful voice She had led a secluded life for most of her years She is strong innocent and pure She has been through so much that I was happy to see her finally gain her freedom and experience love My least favourite characters are Morris and Edwina Davidson It is not possible to go into much detail about these two without giving away the story so you will just have to read the story for yourself to find out why they disgust me so much Special Angel brought out an array of emotions It made angry sad and happy It was a very poignant story that is going to be staying with me for a very long timeIf you love your romance stories with a lot of heart then this book is for you and I hope you enjoy it like I did

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    Angeliue was raised by nuns at an abbey in France She has a beautiful angelic voice that captures all that hear it Angeliue is young and naive when is thrust in to the clutches of the Davidson’s In the end it’s a double edge sword because without them she might not have had the fame and money she ends up having Brian Andrews is an investigative reporter from the United States he works for Out World Magazine He has been given a task that everyone before him failed at finding out Angeliue’s past He is a hot and sexy man who after meeting Angeliue wants to protect her The chemistry between Angeliue and Brian is blistering While Angeliue has been sheltered its easy to see she is no fool and she did not fall for Brian because he was there and saved her The sex scenes were scorching hot I found the story very well written The main and secondary characters were realistic and intriguing I really liked this story even that I thought I would after I read the summery I read this book in one sitting I hope there is a seuel and we get to see Angeliue and Brian again Overall this was a magnificent story I will be reading by Nancy Loyan Schuemann in the future

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    I was surprised by this story thinking it must be a paranormal While not “other worldly” it does have a lovely mystical uality that carries throughout the workEthereal mega star Angeliue has a singing voice like none other So much so some wonder if she might actually be from a higher realm Brian Andrews investigative reporter is as down to earth as can be imagined Rugged and danger seeking he is astonished when he receives his new assignment – uncovering the truth behind Angeliue’s mystiueWhat he uncovers is every bit as dark and dangerous as any other story he’s covered and it won’t be long before they are both running for their livesThis novel has sweetness and grit dreams tempered by harsh reality and an on the edge of my seat ending It is well written as Ms Loyan’s novels always are and I was privileged to get an early copy for review Very well doneThis reviewer received an ARC from the author in return for an honest review which is given as a professional courtesy and without compensation of any kind

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    In Special Angel by Nancy Loyan Angeliue is no ordinary diva or singer for that matterShe’s the world’s greatest singer—and mystery Nobody knows anything about Angeliue’s background she is so mysterious beautiful and has such a gifted voice that she is known as an angel and some even believe that she may be an angel Brian Andrews is an American investigative reporter at Our World magazine He is known for always getting to the bottom of things and finding the truth which is why he is assigned to do what many other have failed to do He has to find out and uncover Angeliue’s secrets and all about her past Read More