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Corporal Jacs Glebov is a simple soldier who wants a bunk decent food and the company of other battle hardened men and women who understand the realities of fighting Instead he's stuck patrolling a remote corner of the border with cadets straight out of boot camp They don't understand him and he sure doesn't have an ounce of respect for themAfter a field promotion Earth sends Commander Zeke Waters to the Candiru for some practical experience in a leadership role Instead Zeke falls in lust with the adamantly heterosexual Jacs The way Jacs fights and the way he sees the world draws Zeke closer even if common sense tells him to walk awayEven if they can find a way to reconcile their sexual differences they are both still soldiers The war will eventually take them away from each other unless they can find a way to escape the rules that have defined their lives

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    Rating 45 starsJac short for Jacs because I keep wanting to type ‘Jaues’ is a 38 year old ex front line soldier To say it bluntly his life sucks All he’s known is being a soldier in a war of humanity against the batfaces And it was only one incident of many that caused him to be a gunner for a tin can in space where he is working with the incompetents and newbies aboard the Candiru I believe you have to really like Jac in order to enjoy Turbulence After all the story is told from Jac’s third person POV Personally I love this man He talks like a red neck is not afraid to tell both men and women to fuck off and is never one to lie or bullshit Jac is described as “simple” and even he states he’s not a smart person However he’s far from a meathead – all brawn and no brain I find Jac to be an intelligent person in his own occupation – mainly he knows how to survive He may not be uick on a sarcastic comeback to a conversation but he can look at the crew of the Candiru and just knows they aren’t worth the spit it takes to hydrate them his wording not mineBut despite all the rough in Jac he’s one thing honest He doesn’t run from a fight Even after discovering his sexual identity he didn’t do what many characters I’ve read had done He didn’t go into denial He didn’t avoid the person that made him uestion his sexuality He didn’t try to lose himself in alcohol He did what he always did and charge straight ahead fuck regrets because in war you could be dead in a minute against the batfaces His honesty with himself and with life in general mainly that it sucks and you can’t do much about it when it’s war was so refreshing in a genre full of “Oh woe is me”The book while told from Jac’s perspective also took time in introducing the Candiru’s crew Not so much info that my brain felt overloaded but enough to feel a sense of belonging myself You could feel Jac’s disgust with everyone on the crew with the exception of a few And one of those people is the new commander Zeke Zeke a war hero of sorts the kind of person whose picture is placed on recruitment posters throughout many planets I really like Zeke and his need to want to take on all responsibilities the good and the bad I won’t say much except that Jac is perfect for him because Jac is never one to be shy on telling Zeke that life sucks just because Zeke’s a commander doesn’t mean he can control the bad things that happen What can you ask for if not an honest lover? swoonThe relationship wasn’t insta lustattraction either Both guys got along well at first Jac was suspicious of Zeke’s motives and actions but it wasn’t one of those “he got an erection looking at the dude and didn’t know why” kind of situationsSo Zeke’s introduction to the Candiru Jac’s relationship with Zeke and among other things start things off in this book About 50% into the book is when we start having action that is prevalent in many of these types of space war stories Despite the humor and Jac’s sarcasm and blunt comments I love the way he talks LOL it is easy forget that this is a war story I think it was easy for me to forget about this and was brought back to the cruel reality of things when certain events happen and difficult decisions had to be madeSo I laughed a lot There were moments I also got teary eyed but was glad the book never got to the point of me having to bust out a roll of toilet paper Turbulence had a good balance of emotions without pushing me too far along one end of the scale It was also very thoughtful because we don't always think in the mindset of someone growing up and only knowing warAnd oh can’t forget the sex Two alpha males Jac is 6’5 and is 230 pounds of rock hard muscle and attitude while Zeke isn’t too shabby either in limited space Hmm need I say ?Edit I forgot to add my favorite uoteThe world's going to take a shit on my head anywhere I go but when we're together it's easier to not think about how much it smells Jacs

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    45 starsI don't normally read SciFic MM romances but I love Lyn Gala and the reviews for this one are greatZeke and Jacs have a volatile and passionate relationship that eventually turns to love The sex was smoking hot Before Jacs could figure out what he wanted to do Zeke slammed into him and then they both crashed into the wall His first instinct was to fight to shove back until he made room for himself But then Zeke caught Jacs by the shirtfront fisting it as he pinned Jacs against the wall Zeke’s hot mouth pressed against Jacs’s lips Gotta love the wall slamming sex Oh and zero gravity sex That melted my brainWith SciFi a HEA is not always guaranteed but we get an absolutely perfect one here I loved itHighly recommended

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    Wow Oh wowI didn’t intend to write a review for this book I was just going to link my review to Xing's and call it a dayBut then I read some Here we have Jacs Jacs is unapologetically gruff and honest to a fault He has pretty much alienated everyone around him with his rude behavior and stand offishness I made a new word What makes him so amazing is that he is so incredibly self aware He knows exactly who he is and if no one else likes it well that’s just too bad He will tell you exactly what he thinks without an ounce of guilt And he’s 100% heterosexual Or so he thinksJacs is settled in his life He understands that he’s been placed on the Candiru with no intention of him ever leaving He’s accepted his fate and is content for the most part He doesn’t like change so his current way of life is just fine with himThen he meets Zeke His new commander His new intriguing commander His new sexually arousing commander And everything gets tilted on its headBut does Jacs balk at the idea of being attracted to Zeke? Does he lash out and push him away? Does he run? NO After some careful introspection he does what he normally does whenever something new comes at him He meets it head on He doesn’t back down He actually seeks out Zeke and tells him what he’s feeling He explores his new desires without any fear or trepidationThis book was a breath of fresh air The perfect balance between character driven storyline and actionadventure A fine example of the classic space opera And all the secondary characters were fully fleshed out as well I was sucked into the story from the first word and wasn’t let go until the end of the epilogue I laughed I cried I cringed I even shouted at my screen a time or two And it was all because of Jacs He made this alluring story all the fascinating just by being who he was and having no regrets on how he as well as his life turned out I wish I could meet someone like Jacs in real life Lyn Gala gets top marks from me and now and forever will be an auto buy for me

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    3 weak Stars a sci fi adventure with twists and turns both praise and criticism from me intensely hot and fun in parts but overall a bit boringThe free short sci fi The Only Way Out Is In novella continues directly into this book and represents approximately 40% or up to chapter 16 view spoilerYou don't need to read the shortie if you start to read this full length novel from the beginning This is an extension of the first free book hide spoiler

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    Meh Took me a long time to get into it I wasn't crazy about Jacs though he did grow on me The story took A LOT of time to uantify various sexualities that I found tedious Why does everything have to have a specific and precise label? I did get interested as the story progressed I think essentially it was sci fy than I was anticipating but I can't say I didn't enjoy their ahem physicality eyebrow raise

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    Turbulence came together in an interesting way It started out as Firefly fan fiction when a fantastic someone reuested a story about Joss Whedon’s Firefly crew member Jayne during the Love Has No Boundaries event for the MM Romance Group on Goodreads Lyn Gala took the prompt and turned it into what would become my favorite story of this year’s event The Only Way In Is Out 100 pages get it for free hereMy love for that novella has a lot to do with the fact that I’m a Firefly fangirl Addict Crazy To the extent that my hatred for Fox for canceling the show after only one season knows no boundaries and will be everlasting For those who oddly enough have never heard of or watched Firefly and the conclusive film Serenity you can find a few clues to Jayne’s personality in my review for The Only Way In Is Out To answer your uestion Yes I think it’s necessary to be familiar with Firefly and Jayne’s character to appreciate what Gala did in The Only Way In Is Out Chances are that you won’t get along with our Jayne here otherwise Gala may have renamed him Jacs; he still is a pretty special guyThe novella barely stilled my hunger so imagine my excitement when Gala expanded it into a book of no less than 340 pages As it turns out I still like the original story best Sure Turbulence is well written has a couple of nice alpha on alpha sex scenes and the kind of testosterone fueled wrestling scenes that this author always does so well But overall some of the magic was lost for me in the extended part and I found that I had to really push myself to read onPinpointing what precisely caused this Jacs’ personality as well as that of his love interest Zeke seemed to have changed rather dramatically in the extended part If you like me are delighted when you come across unconventional heroes in your MM chances are that you will be a tad disappointed when the tough and boorish MC who has only just discovered his sexuality changes into a guy with mushy tendencies There’s hand holding there’s thinking about ‘the man he loves’ and both men worry about each other like mother hens I had hoped their fling would take a amusing and interesting direction Don’t tell me sharing a bunk with a Jacs doesn’t have potential than turning it into a butterflies daisies experienceWhat got to me most though was thelack of humor? Firefly is a series that made me cry from laughing so hard not in the last place because of Jayne’s hilarious politically incorrect character He may be a dim witted asshole at least he is incredibly funny because of it Since Turbulence is based on this very series and character making comparisons is unavoidable And unfortunately those aren’t in Turbulence’s favor Without Firefly’s signature humor Jacs simply is too bland a character for me to really enjoy reading aboutStill there’s no doubt that Gala is a fantastic writer who has written a bunch of impressive works for example; have you read Claimings Tails and Other Alien Artifacts yet? You should And although this book didn’t live up to my expectations completely its world will probably make the hearts of science fiction fans beat faster Then there’s of course the Firefly factor If you loved that series I would definitely recommend reading The Only Way In Is Out and if you like what you read see for yourself if Turbulence works for you

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    I have a feeling this is going to be really good

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    35 starsJacs brusue speech and a bristling demeanor get him into trouble than he deserves First impressions are not his friend and silver tongued he's not While you're at it toss out PC plays well with others and gives a shit He truly is a man of action One of these days he had to learn how to schedule trouble for the last day of leave instead of the first Zeke a hero and recruitment poster dream His appearance on the ship is a surprise in a couple different ways and it means change is a blowing Experienced and being vetted for he's seen the front lines of this war and knows how ugly the truth isExperienced is the opposite of the Caridu personnel With a crew so green one can only hope they don't run into anything Compared to everyone else around here she was only averagely incompetent But even in the far reaches of space things happen Life didn’t owe them one minute together and now it looked like life felt a need to remind them all of that fact Cue the hyperspace shift from the uiet complacency of daily ship life to mission orders received There was nice development of the characters before the action intensified Jac's transformation during the story was less of a surprise to him than everyone else Watching him and Zeke battle it out was fun Actually it was pretty darn hot Seeing Jac bite his tongue was funny and the ending was unexpected untraditional and I loved itWhat didn't work was the encyclopedia reuired to reference the various sexual identities in this book I loved that there were so many but crammed into a single book was a bit overload I think it might have worked better to have fewer characters' orientations explained and kept the head spinning to a minimum Recommended to space opera fans and alpha v alpha loversFavorite uote “The world’s going to take a shit on my head anywhere I go but when we’re together it’s easier to not think about how much it smells” A copy was provided to me for a No Glitter Blown reviewReviewed for Hearts On Fire Reviews

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    Overall book rating 45Audio Book NABook Cover 35It’s all be said in a great many wonderful reviews But I have to confirm that taking so long to get around to reading this was a loss on my partI’m happy to say that I rectified that and that I loved every moment of the journeyJacs is something else Not at all your average guy He has a uniue way of thinking and it makes him a real special character Lots of people agree with me that in the beginning he might seem a little ‘slow’ or ‘not that bright’ but he’s anything but Telling about some of my favorite Jacs moments will bring on a bit of a spoiler so I’m not going there but trust me trust he others he is SPECIAL and you will LOVE himZeke Well he’s about the most perfect person to go stumbling onto the ship The perfect person for Jacs Zeke grew up on the other side of life but he gets Jacs like nobody ever has beforeThey are so good to each other There really isn’t much to sayI loved this story I even cried Again in one of my Jacs moments My heart broke for Zeke for Jacs and for the crew of this little outcast shipThese guys are true hero’s They are MY hero’s

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    This is a fun absorbing very accessible SciFi story with enough thought in the setting and world building to be plausible and interesting but not so much that it demands close attention or detracts from the human story The charm of the book is definitely in its POV character Jacs who is unusual memorable and worth spending time withJacs is an experienced soldier a big man and a fighter with a very straightforward world view and attitude He grew up in refugee camps and on a smugglers' ship and somewhere along the way developed an extreme pragmatism He also has a blindspot for bullshit not that he doesn't recognize it when he sees it but that he has no concept of why people feel compelled to spew it or live with it or expect anyone to believe it or go along with it He's not particularly intelligent but he isn't stupid either just simple in perceptions and reactionsWhen Jacs believes something he acts on it This explains his current long assignment in a back waters patrolling ship His habit of acting on it is to punch out the guy who needs punching regardless of what regulations say Jacs makes no allowances for status whether the object of his ire is giving rotten food to starving refugees or grabbing a woman roughly whether she's a whore or no He's been promoted and busted back half a dozen times and just lives with that cycleJacs also has a blindspot he isn't aware of for the variety of human sexual experiences and preferences In this future people register their preferences to avoid misunderstanding Jacs is registered as hetero and his loathing for the gay man on crew whom he knows best seems to reinforce that But a new pan sexual commander who is also a veteran and a fighter begins to tip his perceptions off level And it becomes clear that his background size and belligerent attitude have kept him from figuring out who he really is The new commander Zeke is about to change all thatIn a way this character reminded me slightly of Al in Muscling Through he doesn't have Al's fundamental sweetness and goodness but he has the same clarity of vision that cuts to the heart of a situation without even realizing all the civilized obscuring layers exist Of course once he gets to the heart Jacs is likely to either fight it or fuck it but there is a straightforwardness to him that is admirable to those who see it And Zeke the battle front veteran with an artificial leg who lands on his ship is a man who also can see through the appearance of things to their heartThis was a fast fun read with some hot sex scenes and a MC and his love interest who stand apart and fascinated me I haven't read this author before but I definitely will now Highly recommended