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Zoe is an interior designer with a uniue sense of style But even uncanny is her sense of what's going on under the surface the secrets a house can hold At the moment though Zoe isn't concerned about a client's space She's worried about what's going on in her own house in Whispering Springs Arizona where she lives with her new husband private investigator Ethan Truax After a whirlwind courtship and a dangerous adventure they've gambled on commitment hoping that their powerful attraction can help them learn to live together despite their utterly opposite personalities But newlywed life is suddenly interrupted when a shadowy figure from Zoe's past shows up in Whispering Springs and her closest friend is put at terrible risk For Zoe and Arcadia Ames share a shocking secret And as they seek to protect the truth they must join together and with Ethan's help accept a very dangerous dare

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    Sigh Three women with tragic pasts three men ready to protect them A darling senior citizen PI Bad guys abound My kind of book

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    Review of audiobook narrated by Joyce BeanThis novel is Book 2 of the Whispering Springs duology It does not stand alone You need to read Book 1 Light in Shadow first If you have not read that book this review will be a spoiler for itThe story picks up immediately after the events of Book 1 which is only a few weeks after the opening events of Book 1 and occurs in the same place Whispering Springs Arizona It is a fictional small city which is a typical artsy craftsy New Agey tourist destination similar in spirit to nearby Sedona Zoe Luce is now Zoe Truax In Book 1 she married Ethan Truax in Las Vegas when he suggested marriage as a protection against her in laws having legal power to force her to return to the Candle Lake Manor Psychiatric Hospital an evil insane asylum that she escaped from a year before During Book 1 Zoe and Ethan triumphed over the villains running the asylum bringing about its utter destruction and they discovered that the person who murdered Zoe's husband Preston Cleland was not the in law Zoe had suspected the CEO of the Cleland family's corporation but instead his deranged wifeArcadia is still using an assumed identity and hiding from her on the lam criminal husband who has vowed to murder her but since Zoe no longer has to worry that her evil in laws can ever imprison her again she has been able to regain her true identity In the pursuit of her career as an interior decorator Zoe experiences some weird scary spider web type vibrations emanating from a room she is decorating She also experiences the same unsettling sensations in Arcadia's office at her store which is a shop that sells expensive handmade jewelry and silver hand cast knickknacks to tourists Zoe is afraid to mention this situation to Ethan because she can't figure out any reason for the feelings There doesn't seem to be any evildoer that she can discover who might be responsible for these disturbing psychic vibes This causes Zoe to fear that she might after all be going crazy rather than having a true psychic gift She loves Ethan too much to saddle him with a crazy wife but if she has to give him up she will be devastated Meanwhile strange events occurring in Whispering Springs lead Zoe Arcadia Ethan and two other important male subcharacters from Book 1 Harry and Singleton to believe that Arcadia's murderous husband has somehow managed to track down Arcadia and is sneaking into town to murder herEthan Truax continues to be a strong sympathetic romance hero and Zoe continues to be an eually strong sympathetic romance heroine Arcadia and her love interest Harry a bodyguard and fixer by trade who is described as a human skeleton because he is so thin are fun characters individually with a uniue uirky romanceEthan's sister in law Bonnie and his adorably precocious nephews aged six and eight continue to be a lively part of the story and Bonnie and Singleton a hulking bald computer whiz who runs a rare bookstore are another cute coupleAs in Book 1 there are multiple villains in this book because as always JAK has both a main suspense plot and several complementary suspense subplots The suspense plots are well done but what I most enjoyed are the main romance between Ethan and Zoe and the colorfully eccentric secondary romances I have read this particular book in Kindle format in the past and this past week I experienced it a second time in audiobook format The narrator Joyce Bean has also recorded many other JAK novels Unfortunately Ms Bean is only a 3 star narrator by my preferences She does children and all ages of women's voices well but she is merely adeuate when voicing male characters because she cannot effectively deepen her voiceI rate this book as followsHeroine 4 starsHero 4 starsSubcharacters 4 starsSetting 3 starsRomance Plot 4 starsSuspense Plot 4 starsSuspense Subplots 4 starsWriting 4 starsAudiobook Narrator 3 starsOverall 4 stars

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    Jayne Ann Krentz does a very good job with Truth or Dare the seuel of Light in Shadow It pursues the story of PI Ehan Truax and interior designer Zoe Luce I didn’t expect to enjoy the continuation as much for I assumed the potential for a good plot was limited since most issues were already resolved I was wrong Jayne Ann Krentz builds a very interesting and creative plot that is as much about Ethan and Zoe but also about Arcadia Zoe’s best friend from Candle Lake as her past finally comes to catch with them Harry Singleton and Bonnie and her boys along with smaller but important supporting characters help form a very cohesive story We get some suspense although this book is as maybe about relationships not a classic thriller suspense story I enjoyed the maturing of attachments formed on Light in Shadow mainly Ethan and Zoe’sI recommend it especially if you are looking for a few hours of entartainment with a good book

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    Zoe uses psychic energy to solve mysteries Not interested? It's OK This is one of those that you either love or you're just ho hum about I keep inheriting books from this series from a family friend who is an avid reader of everything but mostly of compact hand held paperback romance novels This one was a little light on the romance since the MCs are already married rimshot but there were several mysteries going on at the same time beefing up the action which frankly needed it #3 may not ever happen for me but if a psychic interior decorator who escaped from a mental institution to begin a new life as the wife of an old school private investigator sounds like your cup of tea then by all means stir and sip

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    35 Truth or Dare was an enjoyable seuel to Light in Shadow The ending was satisfying but liked that Krentz didn't try to tie up every issue or subplot in a neat little bow So often in romance novels we don't get any in depth look at the leading couple from a previous book so it was especially gratifying to me to get a second book that still has significant focus on just such a pair I like Ethan and Zoe and was happy to spend time with themAs I've noticed before Krentz rarely lets the tension build overmuch If a reader prefers dark gritty suspense these books will likely seem somewhat tame On the other hand if a reader is in the mood relax with a mystery these should do well

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    Now that's a satisfying ending I still have a bit of a problem with how Krentz does her wrap up dialogue it feels a little silly But it fits with this duology there was uite a bit of dry wit that I appreciatedI find I enjoy a duology like this suspense drama romance humor Not enough books to get soap opera ish but than just one book that tends to leave you wanting just a bit I'd be interested in reading like this

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    I really enjoyed both Whispering Springs books which should be read in order JAK is at her best with a large cast of colourful characters She really captures their differences and vulnerabilities She also paints a vivid picture of life in a small town in a wonderful desert location Add a splash of kind hearted humour some amusing thoughts about decorators and the art of fussing One gets the impression JAK isn’t into meditation though That scene in the second book was a hoot

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    Still interesting but not as much as the previous one I'd sayThe biggest conflict was solved very uickly and was very anti climatic to be honest especially after all the problems caused in both books

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    Loved it Great seuel to Light in Shadow I only wish there were books about Ethan and Zoe lol

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    Three sisters hold secrets of their father’s death Amen they have not talked about it Two were in shock ? and one left town The bolder one has married Ethan big town PI He does not know about her secret ability She picks up on the negativity of a house The walls scream at her The owner says he painted it white but isn’t happy after his wife left him The walls tell a different story Story Ethan picks up on one he intends to look into This book gives you a lot of background I felt it did not grab you like her other books She spent time almost in a daze we couldn’t touch It had slow areas but it got better It just was not the thriller I expected and I was disappointed 3 stars