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Alternate Cover edition of ASIN B0078VIRPEAria De La Vega lived a pretty mundane life until she inherited the houseAfter arriving at the house nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina Aria meets the man of her dreams finds the house is haunted is attacked by a ghost learns about the Native American curse that has plagued the land the house sits on for than 130 years and discovers that she is the key to undoing it all And that is only the first 48 hoursWith help of her two best friends Melissa a formidable attorney out of California and Amy the granddaughter of a Cherokee medicine woman Aria will decipher the curse battle an unseen force bent on destroying her deal with the painful stab of deceit and wager everything to save herself and the man she loves

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    Ok finally have time to come on and type this With a cover so innocuous as to normally be overlooked I wasn't sure what to expect when I picked this up As a matter of fact I had picked this book up weeks ago and completely forgotten I had it until I was asked to review it It looked familiar so I checked and lo and behold I had downloaded it from and it had just been sitting there all this time After reading it however I'm claiming a momentary lapse of sanity for not reading it as soon as I downloaded it Daye does a phenomenal job of hooking you and pulling you into the story from the very tragic beginning With a strong familial relationship and best friends who brave a psychotic ghost to help her it's no wonder you root for Aria from the start Even her co workers and boss adore her You want her to have a HEA with Dominick With enough twists and turns to keep you flipping the pages I kicked myself the entire time for letting it sit on my pc for so long before reading it The House has a little bit for everyone Murder suspense romance and ghosts all wrapped up around a Native American curse The only draw back that I found was sometimes over the top speech between Dominick and Aria Every time I read my love I was thrown back to the first historical romance novel I read 20 years ago and I had to laugh at how ridiculous it all sounded However it didn't dampen my enjoyment of The House If anything I had a hard time putting it down and found myself hoping that although Aria's story was told maybe we'll hear Mel or Amy's stories soon as well I would definitely recommend that people pick this up and give it a try You won't regret it Can't wait to read by this author

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    The House is a delightful romp through all the emotions one hopes to feel while reading a novel Read full review in the 2012 JulyAugust issue of InD’tale Magazine

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    Found this as a free book to read on my kindle and loved it Read in uite uickly for me as I wanted to find out how it ended Definately worth a read

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    This book is the first in The Curse Breaker's Trilogy The writing style is unpretentious and the main female characters are funny and relatable The story moves at a good pace and avoids most issues that plague new authors Unfortunately there are several things that are just too disuietingOn the minor side the book is in desperate need of a good proof reader who can eliminate all the typos and fix the grammatical errors Almost every page has a least one typo or wrong word in example using the word buzzard in place of the word buzzerPlot wise I was willing to suspend reality and believe that Aria the main character could agree to marry someone that she has just met after having tons of sex with them It was extremely odd that she never asked to see his home or meet his friends but I went along to see where this would go When Aria agrees to have sexual relations with this stranger and doesn't consider birth control until she is reminded by a friend to consider it after already well into the relationship I disagreed with it philosophically but decided to hang on a little longer But when the author incorporates rape SEVERAL times into the story and doesn't treat it with the seriousness it reuires I found it very difficult to support this bookTwo female characters in the book are raped by a ghost and do nothing about it They are physically assaulted several times They casually mention it to one another but that's it There are several examples of sex that is non consensual or of sex that is initially against the female partner's will I found this all very disturbing Why would Aria and her friend Melissa stay in a house where she was being physically assaulted? Let's put it this way if they are freaked out about a haunting and call in a ghost hunter why don't they call in other help when they are being raped? It just doesn't make senseAs a plot device I thought it showed the weaknesses in the story line mainly Drake the evil brother His character could have been developed and his abilities amplified to an extent that would not make it necessary to resort to rape to establish his depravity or malevolenceAfter the rape scenes the story just spirals at high speed into the realm of suspended logic The heroine never notifies her family when she gets married or when she ends up pregnant and alone This is very out of character for the close knit family oriented character that is introduced at the beginning of the bookThe plot line involving the Indian curse the blood curse and the final spell reuired to bring back Dominic are each resolved in rather confusing ways This is a shame because there was so much potential hereThe book is a relatively short read but I just can't get past the violence against women That and the fact that almost every man in the book has a name that begins with the letter d

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    This is the first book I have read from this author and I truly couldn't put it down I read it in one day I loved it and gobbled it upAria is a strong main female character with good friends and somewhat of tragic past with me She is gifted a house by her grandfather and finds it to be haunted With the help of her wonderful friends one in person and one on phone calls far away she starts to unravel the mysteries of the houseDominic is a sweet and loving man With a heart of gold and drop dead gorgeous looks Him and Aria have a whirlwind romanceHis brother Drake is aloof and a mean spirited He glares at Aria when she sees him at the property and refuses to speak with herThere is an evilness in the house reaking havoc on Aria and her friend Strange things happen in the house and to the people in itThere is danger and Aria maybe the key to saving themThis was a great read I was taking on a whirlwind of emotions I laughed and I cried This is a very well written book That will not disapoint ghost story fans or true romantics at heart There are some very hot and well written sex scenes too from passionate and heavy to sweet and loving There is definately something for everyone in this book and you don't want to miss itI look forward to reading books from this author

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    This was an interesting concept but the author's disregard of the editing process was horrendous So many errors I don't think than a couple of Pages went past before I came across another mistake And the author used far too many exclamation marks which distracted from the overall reading process Story wise it was a good idea but I felt the women characters glossed over what they were experiencing far too much making it unrealistic to believe they could be assaulted and just carry on with their lives regardless Unfortunately this was a good idea which sadly didn't reach it's full potentialUsually I give a minimum of three stars because I like to acknowledge an author's hard work in writing a book but honestly I could only rate this one at two and a half due to the large amount of unnecessary spelling errors which should have been picked up before the book was published

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    Overall this was a good read The characters were great as well as the story I look forward to reading future booksNow for the negative I was bombarded with improper grammar and spelling mistakes throughout the book Also the use of an exclamation point and slang were overused I realize that this is amateur writing and a first attempt at a large audience but the editing should have been better

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    I really loved the premise of the book I always love when authors create their own spin on the paranormal The depiction of the ghosts with the curse was ingenious The storyline was excellent and the love story was great the only problem and not a big one was that the writting was a little choppy to me I think it could have used compound sentences instead of many short ones I would still recommend this book to anyone who likes haunted house ghost stories

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    Loved loved loved itFor a full review see InD'Tale Magazine JulyAugust issuehttpwwwindtalecomreviewshouse